Her New Family

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Chapter 7πŸ–€

About 45 minutes later we are still walking and it's still pouring down rain. The thunder and lightning are just getting worse, a few times the lighten crashed into the ground not very far from us.

Forget the Creeper and Texas chainsaw this lighten will be what kills us soon if we don't find cover.

Suddenly up ahead I see a light. Oh god. Thank you I send a prayer up. A light must mean something, a house. Something... Anything... I'll even take a shed at this point.

It looks like it's way out in the field though, I'm not sure if I want to get off the road and travel through the fields at night but we don't have any choice.

We need to get Kara somewhere dry at least.

"Court look," I tell her and jerk my head up. Our eyes have adjusted to the darkness a bit so we can see each other only a tiny bit but enough for her to see me nod my head.

She looks up at where my head pointed and squints her eyes.

"No Izzy," she says, shaking her head fast.

"I don't think we have a choice here, Court," I tell her gently

"We don't even know how far that light is.. our eyes could be playing tricks on us...It could be miles away" she cries

I know she is tired and her legs hurt her but my head kills me and I still need to puke.. Maybe we can just rest for a bit until the rain stops at least.

"We can rest a bit, Court, and maybe get dry. We need to get out of this rain before we all get sick with pneumonia" I tell her while starting to walk us into the grass on the side of the road.

"I guess your right" She signs loudly and starts to follow me, making my walking much easier now that I'm not dragging her.

We start walking into the field and I feel my feet getting soaked as we step into water puddles.. Yeah if the light doesn't kill us then we will get sick after this.

"I'm so tired" Court whines out

"So am I," I tell her. Why do I always have to be the one to think straight. It's exhausting.

I'd love to just be able to whine and cry about this situation too, but I don't instead, I need to keep a level head and try to find Kara so type of help.

"How bad is she hurt?" Court asks

"I'm not sure it's dark, I couldn't exactly see" I explain, and I really couldn't, I saw the blood on my hands from the moonlight, but it was too dark to see anymore deeper injuries on Kara without undressing her.

"I hope she doesn't die, she is my best friend" she starts to cry again

Rolling my eyes, I don't say anything, just keep walking us along the empty wet field and tripping on the tall grass as we go. I'm your friend too. I want to scream out.. The one that helped you graduate from school, but that counts for nothing, I guess. I'm not the one I can party with or pick up hot guys with.

"The lights getting closer I think Courtney, let's just keep walking we should be there soon"

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