Her New Family

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Chapter 8πŸ–€

2 hours later we are still walking but the light is much closer now. I can almost make out the outline of a building. As long as we can rest, I don't care if it's full of animals at this point.

"Oh my god, we are almost there" Yells Courtney over the thunder and rain.

"I see let's hurry" I shout back as the rains hit down on my face hard, raising my hand to wipe the hair out my face to see better.

We start to walk faster to the light, almost tripping in the muddy holes in the ground.

I have no clue how long we have been walking for but it seems like hours, I hope this place has somewhere dry because I just need to nap for a bit I'm so tired.

We get closer to the building and I see it's a big white farmhouse, thank Jesus. That means somewhere warm and dry, that means people and that means a phone to call for help for Kara.

"Come on Court," I tell her when I feel her and Kara being tugged back from me when Court stops walking.

"Wait" she whispers and stares at the house.

We don't have time for this. We need help for Kara and we need to get dry and rest. We are going to end up getting very sick from being out in all this rain and chilly wind for hours.

"We can't wait Kara" I snap at her, my head still pounding and I can't stop sneezing. My feet are like ice and I know hers and Kara's are the same. We don't have time to just wait.

"What if this isn't safe, though?" She whispers, trying to tug us back.

I tug us forward.

"Courtney we don't have time for this" I scream over the wind and the rain, the rains picking up her making it hard for us to walk.

"What if they are bad people, though, Izzy? Think about this?" She snaps back at me.

"This is the only light we have seen for miles Courtney, where else do you want us to walk to while your best friend is possibly bleeding to death?" I yell.

This is ridiculous. We just spent all that time walking through, flooded muddy fields and now she is doing this.

"Come on" I snap jerking Kara's body with me, leaving Courtney no other option but to follow with me.

We started to rush to the house, Courtney's bad leg almost gave out but she caught her fall with her free hand stopping me and Kara from following her back down.

"We are almost there. Look! I see lights on in the house" I yell

We start running towards the house until we finally start to climb up the porch steps.

We both fall to our knees with relief when we don't feel the rain hitting us anymore.

"Thank god" whispers Courtney.

"Hmm, mm" I hear Kara mumble

Oh god.

"Kara? Kara? Can you hear me? Wake up" I softly pat her face trying to get a response out of her, but she doesn't say anything else.

I quickly unwrap my arm from her body and lean her against Courtney before I jump to my feet and rush to the door and start knocking loudly.

"Anyone home?" I yell over the howling of the wind, looking around I see the branches of the trees swaying roughly

"Hello," I scream and pound on the door again.

"Please help us. My friends hurt" I knock and knock and knock before finally the door swings open.

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