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Becoming The Other Wife

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On a sunny afternoon I decided to take my cockatoo out to the park. I slipped his leash over his wings and we started our day. Little did I know there was a man watching me. He waits till I start to leave before he shoves something over my face and brings me to his home, the last thing I remember is Burritos angry sqawks before I pass out only to wake up and have that man calling me his Second Wife.

Thriller / Mystery
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Chapter 1

Burritos loud squawking wakes me up from a deep sleep, raising my hands to my eyes I slowly rub the tiredness out of them before climbing out of the bed. Who needs an alarm clock when I have my loud mouthed Cockatoo? My grandpa brought me Burrito about 4 years ago before he passed away. When I finished college, he said I needed a companion and instead of bringing me back a dog he bought a dang bird.

He wasn't the easiest bird to deal with either, my grandpa had got him from a petstore and he was fearful of humans. The little pain in my ass had bit me several times than I could keep up with.

I can't complain too much though, my grandpa passed away two years ago so my charming Burrito means more to me now than ever. My grandpa had left me a note before he died, I guess he knew. He has in fact been fighting cancer for years and I didn't know but I understood why he chose a bird now. He wanted to give me something that would last a long time and the life span of a Cockatoo is 40-60 years.

I'm walking out of my bedroom and I can hear him start to get louder, he can hear my foot steps and knows I'm coming to him. I make certain I greet him first every morning and let him out of his cage.

Sure enough, when I round the doorway into my living, I see Burrito stretching his wings out loudly screeching "Momma Momma"

"Good morning, my big boy" I whisper softly as I open his cage and he flies out landing on my shoulder.

"Goodmorningggggg" He screeches again and starts to lightly peck at my mouth. "Kisses,"

"You want good morning kisses?" I laugh softly, and kiss his beak.

"Thank you" He screams, flapping his wings out and bops his head up and down fast.

I head into the kitchen and Burrito flies off my shoulder landing on the perch I keep on the kitchen island.

"You want a banana?" I ask Burrito, as I head to the microwave, grabbing me a banana.

"BANANA BANANA," Burrito repeats over and over while banging his head walking back and forth on the counter now.

"Okay, okay, buddy, I heard you murmur. It's still too early for this, I haven't even had coffee and my bird keeps shouting at me. Goodness.

"Okay, okay" He repeats after me again as I begin to cut up pieces of banana to give to Burrito as part of his breakfast.

I place several pieces on the counter and finally I get some peace. Burrito is too busy munching down on his bananas while giving me some peace and quiet. Walking over to the counter, I put the coffee pot going and sit down on the chair in front of the counter and pet the top of his head slowly.

My parents live a few states away, I moved here after college to be with my grandfather and didn't and still don't have it in me to give up his home. I call my mom and dad a few times a week and tell them I'll visit soon. I work at a local petstore and I'm able to bring Burrito to work with me. It's amazing. He gets more fun during the day while I'm working and making money to buy him toys just for him to destroy the same day.

I should be working at a lawyer firm, but I would have to leave Burrito for long hours in the day and my sweet baby would be completely devastated so until I can find an actual bird sitter for him I'm working at the petstore.

"Want to go flying?" I ask Burrito, after we both finish our bananas.

"Yes, yes, yes . Burrito starts to fly around the kitchen counter playfully nipping at my hair when he flies close.

"Let's go" I laugh, grabbing his leash off the table. It's a normal dog leash that's rolled up and allows Burrito to fly a little bit around me and I don't have to worry about him escaping.

I slip the leash over his wings and he quickly lands on my shoulder. Grabbing my purse off the counter, we head towards the front door and I double check to make sure it's locked.

We start walking slowly, making our way to the park. His the only pet bird around here but he likes to talk to the little kids. They keep him well entertained and, of course, my beautiful boys get a lot of head scratches.

A few minutes later we make it to the park and I quickly wrap my fingers tightly around the leash knowing full well his fixing to fly off. Just as my fingers tighten he does just that, takes off as high as the leash lets him as he starts to fly high around my head squawking loudly and happily.

I sit next to a tree root and wrap his leash around it, letting Burrito perk on a tree branch as the kids start running towards him holding up crackers for him to grab.

Smiling at the kids and I pull out my book, going to chapter 15 and starting to read under the shade of the tree.

We stay there for about 2 hours before I feel the sun coming up higher in the sky and it's starting to get too hot.

"Say goodbye, Burrito" I smile and unwrap his leash and wrap it around my hand once again.

"Goodbye," He squawks before flying off the street and landing on my shoulder. He knows it's time to go home.

"You had a good time, baby?" I cooed up at him, and scratched his stretched wings.

"Yes, yes" He squawks loudly, making me laugh. My boy likes getting out the house but like me he'd rather be at home.

I start walking back towards our home as the sun shines bright in the sky.

"You think I didn't see the note that's waiting for us to get back, huh, Burrito? MR. Nelson left us once again. Probably complaining about you being too loud, I laugh softly. Mr. Nelson is an old grump, always complaining about something Burritos does.

We are almost home and I see a black car driving by, not thinking much of it I continue walking while giving Burrito head pats but I suddenly feel something being pressed against my mouth as my vision starts to blur. I let go of Burritos leash and dig my nails into the stranger's skin thing to pull whatever he has on my mouth away.

Burritos loud, confused cries feel the air around me as I struggle against the stranger but I feel my eyes getting heavy, the last thing I see is Burrito flying towards Mr. Nelson's house squawking loudly and my eyes go black and my body drops against the man.

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