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Star-Crossed Lovers

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The star-crossed lovers never meant to be together, remained lovers for a short period and parted their ways in a most heart wrenching ‘Goodbyes.’ The hot and happening “University of college” in town was chosen for Sam's higher studies. But stars had different plans other than studies. Not so beautiful girl from countryside faced challenges and was abandoned of love her entire life, by her own family until she met Jo. Little did she know Jo would love her to the extent that would cost her to sacrifice her love himself. The menacing yet hot Jo had it all. He never had faith in love until the universe fetched Sam into his life turned everything upside down. Confused, Jo started a journey to find out whether it was love or a mere attraction towards Sam, was betrayed and forcefully pulled into the trap of twisted minds.

Thriller / Romance
Seuhi B
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Significant Declaration

Dear readers please know that this is my FIRST EVER STORY WRITING. I’m still learning how to improve further. I’m not really a good writer but I’m trying my all the best to give this story a better shape. I hope you all would understand and give this a chance to read and give me a feedback on my not so good grammars and writing style to improve my writing further. I’m just a reader like all of you but thought of giving it a shot on writing this story. I love to read and have read so many stories with different genres and my favorites of all the genres is Werewolf and Romantic stories. Then I realized why not write my own story buy bringing in my imaginary characters in this story. Trying to unleash the writer in me. So yeah, here I am with my story.

So please please please guys I need your patience and love to my story. I would more than appreciate your feedback on improving my writing skills. Give me more and more love by reading and encouraging my story.

This story has some violent scenes and mature content. If you are not comfortable with this, just go with the flow! Hehehe! But seriously guys I hope you all will like it.


This story contains violent, sadistic, inappropriate, and mature content. If you are not comfortable with it and unused to reading sexual and sadistic contents, then I would advise that don’t read this story. Try at your own risk! So, you wouldn’t blame me that this story is severe and brutal cause it’s the way that the story goes. So, if you still want to proceed then I am glad and thank you very much and WELCOME to my different shades of love story.


This story of mine really needs an editing. As you can read from the few chapters there might be lots of mistakes and errors that I need to edit and fix but hopefully you would understand and ignore my innocence and mistake. As soon as I finish this story, I would take in all the feedback on a positive note and try to implement them in my further stories that I’ll be writing. Please have more patience as you read this story. Also, kindly vote and give a genuine review if you like my story! Thank you very much in advance for your patience and love.

You all have been warned! But still praying and hoping that you all like this story and encourage my writing by sharing your love.

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