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Mommy, Take Me Back Home! 2

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In this next thriller chapter you will discover Mala's family's secrets. All of there terrifying secrets will unfold.

Thriller / Mystery
Ciara Webb
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Mommy, Take Me Back Home! 2

As you know in the last previous chapter, Mala invites Chris to their Christmas dinner, but her parents is not fond of her being with him. They feel and know for sure he is a troubled boy and he will always be troubled. Their saying is "A troubled soul will remain a troubled soul unless they seek some form of religion." They know Chris is not fit for Mala, and some therapy session will not cut it. They only supported Mala and believed in Mala for seeking help and getting better. When some men who has done a wrongful sin such as rape, attempted rape, abusive, violent, or a murderer. Those men think seeking therapy afterwards will not help them. Sinful Men needs more help than therapy the Agarwal parents always felt. They believe that sinful men will only change their actions is either through incarceration of punishment or convert himself into a religious unity, and they feel Chris needs some spiritual guidance if he wants to be with their daughter. The Agarwals are feeling so uncomfortable with him being in their home sitting at their dinner table filled with Chinese food. Chris feels uncomfortable as well, and all of a sudden before they start eating their Chinese dinner, Chris gets up and leaves the Agarwal's house.
"CHRIS WHERE ARE YOU GOING?" Mala said, leaping up quickly from her seat in shock.
"I can't be in a relationship with a girl who's family won't accept me, I just can't," he said, while shutting the door on the way out.
"BUT NOOO, DON'T LEAVE, I LOVE YOU CHRIS," Mala shouts out loud so her family can hear her say those words, and she runs after him, and cries also. She chased him all the way out to his motorcycle. "CHRIS? WHAT HAS GOTTEN INTO YOU, LET'S GO BACK IN THERE AND EAT OUR CHRISTMAS DINNER, DON'T WORRY ABOUT WHAT MY PARENTS SAY, I believe in you Chris," her voice volumes from high to low.
"I just can't go back in there. You know I love you to death, I care so much about you, and they don't see how I care about you. I would die for you, if you jump off a building, I will jump too, that's how much I care about you Mala," he said..
"Umm, please don't say that, that's talking foolish, I would never jump off a building," she said.
"I'm just saying, I care and love you so much babe, but I know if I go on like this, your family won't accept me for me. I love you, and they don't see it. I think we need some time apart for me to clear my thoughts," he said.
"What are saying? You wanna break up with me?" She asked, folding her arms.
"I don't know but... If a family can't accept me with the most beautiful girl, than I don't know if it's meant for us to be. I always wanted a family, a stable family not a dysfunctional family. I don't even live with both of my parents, they live in separate places, but they supports through my therapy sessions, but all I want is closeness, a real family to bond with. Sadly your family won't give it to me. I gotta go Mala," he said leaping onto his motorcycle and drives off swiftly with force.
"Chris wait, CHRIS?" She said, blurting. She realizes that it is no use to keep constantly calling out his name. Sooner or later he will come to his senses and get back to her. She turns around and goes back inside.

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