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"Hey, let's talk, we can surely sort it out." "I don't think we can dear. Not after what happened." A soft smile that she always knew and which had saved her from all the school pressures and that motivated her, will be the last thing the victim would remember before her death, that slowly turned into the most horrifying smile that she had ever seen. So this was what all the victims saw before they passed on. "You know being a killer is such a thriller. I love this and I would not leave it even if I had to choose between this and life, but being honest when you choose to be one you have already made the decision... You know you are my bestie, I love you but now you are too dangerous for me to let you live." Hey there, Author here, thank you very much for clicking on this story, this story is about Mishel, befitting her name to the outside world she was like a bright ray of light, obedient, clever, intelligent, and kind, and to everyone, she was a beauty and no doubt, a good student. But sometimes, not all is as it seems for even light needs darkness to shine. So, let's go through this short story to see what darkness shrouds Mishel.

Thriller / Mystery
Age Rating:

Chapter 1-Lights on!

Mishel was going home from her school, after taking another sidepath after bidding goodbye to her best friend yule. Mishel started waiting for a bus at her school’s local bus stop, waiting and waiting. she was feeling lonely and also it was getting very dark so she started to walk towards her home as none of the buses came to the stop.

After walking for some time, Mishel saw a man coming towards her. As she noticed, the man was very very handsome, he seemed very kind and as they passed each other their eyes met. Mishel quickly withdrew her sight and ran. The man started to call for Mishel, Mishel finally looked back and noticed that the man had a key in his hand and was near a store.

The man said, “Hey girl, where are you going? It’s getting dark. There might be bad people out there. You need to be careful. Do you want me to leave you at your house?

Looking at the sky and the streets around her which she was oblivious towards just some moments ago. A chill ran down her spine.

Mishel, “Ummm, can you help me then.

The man said, “Okay, just wait outside my store. I’ll get my car out.

Mishel, “Ariga....

**Oh no I nearly let out my otaku self, that was close.**

Mishel, “Thank you for your help.

The man said, “No prob, I can’t let a girl go roaming on such a dark street you know.

Mishel, “But I wonder how.

The man said, “Hummmm??

Mishel, “If I remember correctly my school ends at around 5, what time is it right now

The man said, "It’s nearly 9 right now. Hey, how are you so late?

Mishel, “I don’t have a clue, how long did I wait for that bus anyway. OO NO I NEED TO HURRY UP MY MOM MUST BE WORRIED SICK BY NOW!!

The man, “Then I think I should hurry up too. Ahahahahaha

Mishel with an embarrassed look on her face, “So sorry for the trouble.

The man, “OO yeah you better come to my store tomorrow

Mishel getting nervous, "Ww... why??

The man gets closer to Mishel’s face and says, “Don’t you wanna see my anime figurines and other anime collections...

Mishel with sparkly eyes, “YOU HAVE THEM!!!

Mishel with a serious, “Wait I mean what are those.........(as the man keeps on smiling at her)... Okay okay, I admit I am an otaku.

The man, “Hah, got you. I knew it right away after I heard you nearly saying arigato. HI, there the name is Sabert nice to meet you

Mishel with a surprise, “Oh, look at my manners, I am Mishel Gold, you can call me Mishel

Sabert with a smile on his face, “Okay you get in the car and where’s your home??

Mishel, “It’s near the bostc church.

Sabert shockingly, “Wow that’s a remote location. Bostc!

Mishel getting attentive, “You think so.

Sabert, “Yah, there are a lot of rumors about those locations you know, they say it’s full of thieves and gangsters.”

Mishel, a bit sad and annoyed, “Then the rumors you heard are totally false. Yes, it’s remote but it is a friendly area. Plus it’s more of a farming zone. Well, the only thing that looks anything like gangs are the people but it is easily explainable why they look like that if you stay in that place for some time.

Sabert, “Well tell me the reason then, you seem to know a lot about that place, and also buckle up your seatbelts cuz here we go.

Mishel, scared of the speed the car is running at, “WOOOOOOOO, SLOW DOWN DUDE............

Sabert while having fun looking at the scared Mishel, “HAHAHA GET SOME AIR AND DO TELL ME ABOUT YOUR LOCALITY.

Mishel, "First slow down a little...

Sabert getting bored, “Ok I’ll slow down, so what’s your locality like?

Mishel taking heavy breaths, “well… hooh just a moment… okay well my house is near the Bostc Church, it is not heavily populated and most of the people do agriculture and animal husbandry. There are a lot of animals there, wild animals, they keep on attacking the houses, fortunately, my house doesn’t get attacked cuz it is near the church. People get hurt very often there and they can’t even afford the hospital. Well, I guess I am getting dark here. Let’s make the environment lighter.

Sabert, “Yah, that sounds nice, so well let me introduce myself to you then. I am Sabert and I don’t have a surname, I was an orphan raised in an orphanage far away from here. I have lots of brothers and sisters there and I have some little brothers here too but they are always busy with their work, I just get to meet them in the evenings and nights.

Mishel, concerned, “Are they in good health, they seem to do very tough work. It can be strenuous to their body.

Sabert, “Yah, I won’t call it a strenuous work, rather its a bit of a rough work, they need to be a bit hard and don’t worry I might look like a stick but I have pretty good body muscles, my brothers are serious muscle masses they feel like mountains in front of normal people.

Mishel, “Wowe, then they must be huge. I will look like an ant in front of them I guess.

Sabert, “Well not an ant but more like a stick insect, you’re too thin.

Mishel, full of pride in herself, “Hah, I might look weak but I am very agile and swift, that’s the advantage of being in a gymnastic and sports club. It was so hard to cheat with the teachers to join both the clubs but now the teachers also support it though we need to be equally attentive on both though.”

Sabert with a smirk, “Oh is that so, you must be good at it then. With that kind of attitude, you’ll be famous.

Sabert then hears the sound of sirens coming closer and suddenly stops the car.......


Sabert seriously, “Please once stay quiet, there seems to be a lot of police vans coming this way, I might get arrested.”

Mishel sees the road ahead of them and notices the cars coming towards them, "Yes, seem to be around 5 cop cars. HEY, AND WHY WILL YOU BE ARRESTED!!

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