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Sweet Girl

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A short story

Thriller / Horror
miss beep
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Sweet Girl

She looked at the mirror and smiled at her own reflection. Her smile revealed almost all her teeth and she smiled a little more. She liked what she saw.

Her pretty blonde hair neatly braided and placed on either side of her face, her eyes shining a bright silver with an excitement she had never really forgotten. She had worn her beautiful white dress for Billy, white tulle moving ever so gently in the breeze that came in through the slightly ajar window. He had told her she looked ravishing, and she told him he looked just as much.

She giggled at the thought. She looked at her beautiful silver shoes that matched her eyes. She had wanted to wear something that she could easily walk around in...or run. She smiled some more, if that was at all possible, her excitement bubbled up inside her and she giggled again. Only it didn't stop there. Soon it turned into an uncontrollable fit of hysterical laughter which had her doubling over.

Clamping her hand over her mouth, she tried to compose herself. Her parents were asleep downstairs and she didn't want to wake them up.

Oh no! The last time they found her laughing, they had moved the very next day. Didn't want the neighbours finding out they said. That their little David had come to her little tree house and they had played a little game. A game of solving the puzzle...only she didn't tell them where little David's head was.

Looking into the mirror again, she slowly raised Billy's hand and stroked her face with it, she loved it when he did that. She grinned at the thought of keeping the little souvenir. They could keep the rest of him if they wanted...if they could find him.

She really did love the touch of bright colour on her white dress. Because red was her favourite by far.
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