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A World Left Behind

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This world, is taken by a deadly Virus known as the NrZ Virus. It started out as a normal flu, or so we thought it did. The Nrz Virus mutated, and mutated. It adapts and destroys. No one could have predicted the future, as devastating as it is. A world that rejected us so easily—so quickly. We failed as humanity, and this Virus will take us out. That is, what I had thought. When the dead rose, hell was literally on earth. The sight of my parents shuffling through the streets chilled me to the bone, I couldn't stay here. Not when the two people I loved most in the world were after me for food. Expect the unexpected. Someone who I never saw surviving has made their presence known. After days of silence. Just as the Virus mutated and adapted to us, the Dead also began to adapt and mutate. Life was a waking nightmare of a constant battle to survive even when you no longer want to.

Thriller / Horror
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Chapter 1 | Virus

Surely, a planet so unstable couldn’t handle humanity any longer.

School wasn't the same. With the amount of students who no longer can come to school—not with the lockdown. We were stuck in an endless loop of being sick.

The schools refused to shut down despite the large numbers of protests demanding their closure until the NrZ becomes non existent.

I stared out the school window, watching another class play in the yard. Unafraid of consequence. Humanity, at what cost do we heed our greed.

They don’t care, why would they. No one cared until it was them, sitting in the hospital bed, begging and clinging to life that no longer wanted you. Nothing here wanted us any longer—it wanted us gone.

Between the mutations of the virus and the healthy becoming extremely sick, it had no remorse for anyone. This virus was on a destructive path to kill us all. NrZ took a hold of the immune system, weakening it before crushing what was left. Believe it or not, it started out as normal flu symptoms. Fever, chills, vomiting. Then blood, lots of blood leaking from the eyes and nose.

The virus turned the immune system into a pile of black mush that was no longer survivalable. The spread rate was slow compared to the death rate, as bad as it is.

The tree’s in the field danced as the light summer breeze brushed through the green healthy leaves. I leaned forward in my seat and dropped my head into the palm of my hand.

“Are we paying attention, Miss Casey?” My homeroom teacher asked. Her stern, frail voice irked my soul.

“Yes, Ma’am.” I replied hastily.

There were only five of us in class, forced to continue our education when our classmates die at home. It’s spread many times throughout the school, luckily, none of us managed to catch it—yet.

I glanced forward, peering at the board that Mrs. Finley had written out questions for us to answer. An assignment, ugh.

What I wouldn’t give to be at home, dealing with the virus first hand. School wasn’t made for me, I resented the entire creation of schools. It was a way to torture the young before they work to death for the rest of their lives.

Or so, that’s just how I feel. Especially now.

I heaved a sigh and rolled my shoulders from the uncomfortable posture I’ve obtained recently. At this point in life, I’d much rather the virus to take me out.

“Mrs. Finley. Has the news said anything about this Virus going away?” My classmate, Kelly asked.

I glanced in her direction. She was sitting straight up, with her hand waving annoyingly in the air. Mrs. Finely stared at her blankly, clearly wanting to give up on life like the rest of us.

“Well,” The teacher began. “Let’s prepare for the worst. It doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.”

I slumped into my seat with a groan, as did the others.

Considering this Virus attacks healthy people as well, It’s safe to say we will not be making it out alive. That’s for sure. There is no possible way, this could get any worse for us—it was already hell on earth.

The school bell rang, indicating that class was over and I didn’t need to do the assignment anymore. I tossed my work into my school bag and stood with a stretch.

I observed Kelly nearly run from the classroom. She was worried, as expected. I slowly made my way down the hall and peered at the exit. I didn’t hear Kelly leave, even if she was running, she would need to check out with the office.

I turned the corner, and stalked into the office. None of the staff were here—must be home. I signed my name on the neon yellow slip and turned on my heel, nearly bumping into another one of my classmates, Teddy. He was double masked, as he slipped past me. His dirty blonde hair was combed down, causing a fluff on his forehead.

Without another second to waste, I finally was able to go home and throw my feet up while eating my favourite junk food; chips.

I threw the school doors open, and barreled outside. The humidity was sitting at a whopping eighty percent. The air was thick, and the sun was hotter than an actual flame.

Wind Chimes rang in the distance as the breeze swirled.

The breeze, it felt good. Like honey on toast.

“Did Kelly sign out?” Teddy asked as he approached from behind. I shrugged my shoulders and kicked a clump of dirt.

“I don’t think so, probably had to use the bathroom before hand.” I glanced at him, “Those masks don’t work you know, no matter how many you wear.”

Teddy nodded in disappointment. We never really talked before, he was the quiet kid who kept to himself most times. But, he’s nice.

“Aren’t you afraid of dying?” He asked curiously.

I sighed, while searching my fried brain for an answer.

“Well, of course I’m afraid of dying.” I started, “But, why be scared of the inevitable. We’re going to die either way, sooner or later—everyone dies.”

Teddy fell silent and his pace slowed. I didn’t mean to scare him, it was just something I’ve thought of before and have argued with myself about. It really was inevitable no matter what.

“I guess so…” He mumbled uncomfortably.

“Listen, we’re eighteen. Either way, we might not make it through this last year. Stay home, stay healthy.” I suggested.

Teddy shrugged and played with the string of his shirt.

He took a deep breath and glanced at me for a moment. His hazel eyes were dull, he genuinely seemed terrified. I didn’t blame him, I was too at first.

Still kind of am.

“Do you plan on dropping out?” He asked. His voice muffled from the masks.

“You know what, if it will make you stay home. Then yes, I will gladly drop out with you.” I replied with a smile. He sighed and threw his head back to look up at the sky.

“Then,” He nudged my arm, “Let’s drop out. It’ll be safer for everyone.”

I nodded and chuckled at his strange way of entering into my life. It wouldn’t be so bad. Staying home in order to stay alive. Just have to convince myself that home, is safe. After the Virus killed my parent’s, I couldn’t be alone in the house everyday—that’s why I continued school.

I pulled a pen from my bag and ripped a piece of paper out of my journal. I wrote my cell phone number down and extended it out to him.

“To keep in contact so I know that you’re all right.” I beamed.

Teddy chuckled and took the paper from my hand. He shoved it into his pants pocket and held onto the straps of his backpack.

“Then, see you.” He muttered and stalked off in the opposite direction.

How strange, for us to act so familiar with one another. With more of us dying, we needed each other more than anything right now.

That’s all that matters to me—is that I can keep someone safe. I am more than willing to sacrifice my education, not that I cared too much about it to begin with.


It will keep him home and safe.

Unlike my parents

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