Broken Psychopath in Me

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My heart was stabbed again and again. Shattered, scattered, broken into pieces. I lived with anger and carried all the grudges all my life. Waiting for a perfect timing to take revenge for the broken heart of mine. I'm insane, they say. Well, I don't deny yet don't give any shit to what they think. All I want is to get my desire fulfilled. Seeing them dying in pain, slowly while I'm watching them suffering, happily. *** Hi, readers. Hope you are always in your best condition. I'm glad you find and read my super short story. It will just take less then 15 minutes, I think. and I do really need your review and comment for this story or any other my works here to improve my writing ability. Thank you and happy reading :)

Thriller / Erotica
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Part One

Last night’s massacre was the best ever.

Seeing how they begging to be freed for the torturing action.
I loved to hear their voice, kept saying
“Help me, please.”
I was sitting and enjoying the scene before starting the real scene.

One, two, three of them.
Three handsome men, they were heartbreakers.
Beguiled their lovers, with their appearance.
Took anything from them and left those pretty girls drowning in tears in their loneliness.

The mad psychopath in me controlled me over.
Designing a game, to take revenge on them.
Three different men, who have made me heartbroken.
At different times, with different ways either.

I loved to hear them screaming.
Begging for mercy.
They shouted and said
“You’re merciless, bitch.”
“But hey, who was more heartless?” I asked.
Their words started irritating me.

With their hands hanging on the wall, I started to strip them down.
One by one, layer by layer.
Playing with their well-shaped bodies, like they used to play with me.
Kissing those hairy chests, taking turns, for one, two, and three.
“Aaahh I’m getting horny,” I told them frankly.

Playing with those six balls.
I shouted, “Wow, it’s awesome.”
So many toys to play with today.
Three manly hoods to touch and lick around.
More fun, as I was the only ruler here.

“Hey baby, why are you crying?” I wiped his tears while sucking his junior fellow.
“You don’t like the way I play?”
I asked while squeezing his two balls hard.
I hated seeing their tears.
I hated hearing their screams.
It started to be irritating.

I grabbed a whip, a black long whip.
“You loved this game, don’t you guys?”
“That’s how you treated me, without love just pleasure of rough.”
“Did I ever say no?”
“I loved you so. Anything I did to keep you with me somehow.”
“But you ditched me, boys. Without mercy, you left me heartless.”
” Don’t blame me for my present insanity.”

No answer.
Just heard those sobbing tears.
This was getting more fun than ever.
But again they screamed, that hurt my ears.

Spreading shaving cream on their bodies.
One, two, three.
Three men whose life would end up miserably.
Whipping them hard, angrily.
From their butts to their chests that hairy.
“I hate the way you treated me,” I shouted.
And again they were begging for sorry.
The word that I had always waited for but never came to me.
But now, thousands of sorry was useless my poor buddies.

I started the scene nicely.
The long black whip did its job perfectly.
“Ummm, blindfold seems great. You’ll see.” another crazy idea struck me.
But I didn’t prepare any.
So I tore my dress and ended up with my naked body.
“Guys, do you feel horny?” I asked them seductively while coming hugging them one by one tightly.
Again one, two, three.

Shit! They didn’t enjoy my body.
They cried even loudly.
While kept on begging for sorry.
It was really irritating me.

“Shut up your mouth, brainless asshole guys,” I shouted angrily this time.
Mad psychopath had occupied my mind.
I sat and tried to relax while thinking about how to make this game more fun.

A cutter. Not a knife.
Skinning not stabbing.
And blindfolded, so much fun indeed.
I didn’t want them to die sooner.
I took a cutter and thought of making tattoos on them.
Well, I wasn’t a tattoo artist either, but for sure my masterpiece wouldn’t be forgotten.

I came closer and grab his thigh.
He jumped back, feeling shocked.
Trying to escape but not able as hands tied with rope on the wall.
Started with the left thigh.
Writing symbol of hearts there.
I giggled as blood started to burst out of his fair skin.
Again, I did the same to three of them.
One, two, three
Red sticky liquid dripping from their skin to the floor.
And, their scream was loud.
It irritated me a lot.

So I moved my hands near their mouth.
Writing my name on their cheeks, let the blood come out.
Again, three times
One, two, three.
Bloody cheeks, let me sip every drip.
With my tongue, I licked, softly and passionately.
And kissing their lips deeply too.

“Aaah boys, why didn’t you respond to my sincere kisses?, again I madly shouted.
They kept insulting me for being insane.
“Yes, because of you, this insanity is now being mine.”
I hated the way they mocked me.

I thought they’d forgotten how I loved them badly.
Still, with my bloody cutter, I drew one big heart on their hairy chests.
Written my name and theirs
🖤Emma and Shawn
🖤Emma and Darren
🖤Emma and Richie
On each of their six-pack abs.
Yes, one, two, three.

My hands felt numb.
Making this masterpiece was tiring, drawing on their bodies was really draining my energy.
Their scream was really making me angry.

I sat on the floor, looking at those three men.
Closed eyes, tied hands on the wall, bloody thighs and tattooed abs.
What a masterpiece I created.
My insanity drove me wild.
Thought of fucking them all.
And rubbing my body with their blood.
But I was too tired, so I paused this game for some time.

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