Broken Psychopath in Me

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Part Two

I fell asleep and a nightmare knocked on me.

I saw myself on the chair.
Crying, feeling guilty for everything I had done.
With knives and blood all over my hands.
I started stabbing myself again and again.
What a dream!!!

I woke up and washed my face.
Feeling fresh, I sat on the floor with some dry blood on it.
Naked, some sticky blood wet my butts.
Staring at those three men.
Thinking about what should be done.
Their noisy scream made me hard to think.
So I took a tape and shut their mouths silently.
No more scream, then I could start thinking.

An hour had passed.
Still, I couldn’t think about anything.
I took a knife, thought to end this game.
Watching those three blindfolded men with taped mouths.
Thinking of stabbing them on their hearts.
Then skinning their skin and drying it under the sun.
Burnt their body, the evidence must remain unseen

“Shawn,” I whispered in his ears.
Kissing his jawlines while rubbing his tattooed chest.
Playing my fingers on his beard, that made me fall for him deeply.
Untying his hands, taking off the tape from his mouth.
I let him go, but with a chain on his ankle attached to the wall.

He started to try to escape.
Trying to unlock but always failed.
Not just once but again and again.
He shouted desperately, made others shouted loudly.
And again they called me insane bitch.
He saw a knife.
Thinking what to do to escape himself.
He took the knife and tried to cut the chain.
“Silly man”, I said.

Then I moved to Darren.
He betrayed me, cheating on me with my sister.
The most painful broken heart ever.
Hatred struck in my mind again and again.
Memory of how I found him undressing my sister on my bed hit me again and again.
“You should go with Mia, dear.” I talked to him
“She’s sleeping in peace with her sin in the coffin.”
“Aah, I felt guilty for just putting poison in her drink. I should have let her join this game of torturing.”
I hated him so much.
Without thinking twice I stabbed him right on his heart.
Blood bursting out, flowing fast.

“Richie, I am coming, honey.”
He was the sweetest ever.
But his family never liked me either.
His mom, I hated her.
For she was the only obstacle.
I flirted with her husband and made him leave her.
She suffered from depression before finally she killed herself by jumping from the apartment.
His dad?
All this circumstances had sent him to an asylum.
His schizophrenia made him an old loner.
Ooh Richie, I loved you deeply.
Though you never fought for me. You didn’t deserve this painful death, honey.
Let me just do it quickly.
A shot on his head.
What a quick death.
Goodnight, dear.
Sleep tight and peacefully.

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