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“What did you drop?” He asks while staring at the rushing water. I kept silent. “I get it, but be careful of what you’re getting yourself into. Trust me. This is not the life you want.” He sighed as he threw his bud into the water below us and got in the car. I did the same, and he took me home, where I fell asleep in Jordan’s bed, trying not to think about the previous events. How I murdered my sister...

Thriller / Action
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Hello. Today is June 6, 2018. My execution day. So I decided to write my confession in the very little time that I have.

How do I have the materials for this, you may ask? Don’t worry about that.
What am I confessing? Just read, and you’ll find out. Why am I confessing? I don’t know. It’s not like it’ll change what I did.
Most importantly, who am I? My legal name is Jamie Williams. Jamie Jordan Williams. I am now a 15-year-old boy getting ready to be sat in a chair and injected with some lethal poison killing me within a few minutes, maybe seconds. I don’t know, guess I’m about to find out, but I won’t make it that long to write about that too.
So without further ado, we will go back about 2 years ago. Here it is my confession, my- our story.
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