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Forget Once, Not Twice

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A girl who has lived a life full of lies, but wishes to do undo them. Suddenly comes up with an idea to give herself amnesia. Little does she know that she gets more than what she bargained for. Will this be her perfect beginning or wake-up call to a nightmare?

Thriller / Mystery
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My whole life has been horrible if you ask me. Since I was a child, I’ve changed schools continuously. My parents are fugitives, so I haven’t seen them in forever. We have all done dreadful things, but some things are just unforgivable. I hate the fact that I didn’t have a normal relationship with my parents. Possibly, I wouldn’t be living my life the way I do now. They always ask what is so special about Andy. Well, I haven’t really been honest with myself for quite some time. Everybody doesn’t know I put on this fake smile and laugh because deep down I want to start over. Well, I haven’t thought it through yet, but I know the perfect solution. However, I was considering giving myself amnesia. Maybe it seems absurd, but it’s not like I have a time travel machine. Plus, it’s longer and tricky. I prefer to take the fast and effective route. That way I’ll have no memory of who I used to be, quicker. This is only a one-time thing, so there is no coming back. I’m thinking about a new identity. Hmmm, maybe I should call myself Jane Gloria Meehan. Well, we’ll cross that bridge once we get there. You are probably wondering what awful things I’ve done to want to do something illogical. For one, I had to murder someone to survive. Secondly, I robbed a bank. Thirdly, I committed vandalism. Fourthly, I stole a police vehicle. Fifthly. Never mind. I don’t want to mention everything because where’s the fun in that. I’ve pretty much set a terrible name for myself.

Andy finally gets up and heads over to her desk. She takes out a piece of paper and a pen to write a letter. Then takes a seat. Her hands began to move swiftly from left to right as she jots down her thoughts. An hour later, she was done and had stored the letter inside her drawer. After, she got up and headed to the bathroom to take a shower. One hour later and thirty minutes, Andy has rolled over onto her back and is facing the ceiling. Before, she slightly tries to drift off into a deep sleep. Suddenly, there’s a knock at the door.

″Who is it″? she asked, loudly.

″ Your old friend J.P.″

(J.P is an old friend of Andy who used to sell drugs for a living. Now that he’s clean he plans to start a new life outside of New York City)

″Hold on!″

She instantly jumps up from the bed and runs over to her dresser. Then she reaches under a pair of folded apparel to grab her gun. This was just in case of an emergency. Her trust in J.P was mainly due to the fact of him selling her out to the cops to cover his tracks. Luckily, Andy was two steps ahead of J.P. She puts the gun in the back of her pants and walks to the door slowly. Nonetheless, she approached the door and questioned whether letting an old friend in was an insidious decision. As she stands there pacing back and forth, she finally decided to open the door.

J.P walks in and Andy reaches behind him to close the door.

″Why hello there, old friend″, said J.P. It’s been like forever since we last met. I know you don’t want to see my face, but I am here to apologize.

″Oh really.″

″Yes, really″, he said swiftly.

″As much as I hate to say it, but I refuse-″

″Before you even finish that statement, hear me out″, he reckons.

″Despite our past controversy-″

″Don’t want to hear it.″

″- I would gladly appreciate it if we could start over.″

″If I was to give you another chance you’ll, just fail me all over again″, she stated aggressively.

″Please, Andy.″

″I just don’t want to be affiliated with anyone from my past.″

The air was filled with silence. The two just stood there awkwardly.

At last, the silence was broken and the two began to conversate. As soon as the conservation was over, Andy and J.P went their separate ways. Unfortunately, neither of them thought they should see each other again. After, she went out to the balcony and made a phone call. The phone went straight to voicemail. The stranger didn’t answer the phone. After, she just sat there and waits. A couple of minutes later the phone began to ring. Andy swiftly answers the phone.

″Hello, Jane Doe.″

″ Why are you calling this late, Andy″?

″Do you remember that favor I asked for″? she asked

″ Why of course I do.″

″ Well, I need it tomorrow because I have some unfinished business.″

″ So, it’s time to take out the trash?″


″Well, okay, you know what to bring.″

Suddenly, the phone call ended.

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