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S̲h̲o̲r̲t̲ s̲t̲o̲r̲i̲e̲s̲:̲INSIDE OF ME

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Story of a man who has been imprisoned since childhood. He is just released from jail. After coming out , he analysis ; his past , things that led to his downfall and life itself. Though lifeless , he tries to find life as he observes people around him

Thriller / Other
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M̲y̲ m̲i̲n̲d̲ :̲ p̲a̲g̲e̲ 1

"Prisoner 104 ,you are free "(guard). Free?I am free (narrator)." Here are some clothes ....get changed man... and wash up ...(guard while holding his nose).... you stink! ". I am free....I am free! How should I feel about it ?I just can' t understand .... " Good luck pal" ( a guard at the door) . Its opening .....the door of my freedom. I didn't realize back then (before going to jail) that world is so bright , spacious and full of life. Many things have changed: new flyovers, bridges , long L shaped and X shaped buildings....People are talking to themselves ! There is something in their ears ...perhaps new mobile phone. Dust(coughing) ....there is dust in the air (coughing) . Thirsty...I am thirsty. One thing hasn't changed in my town ....no toilets and no water facilities in public spaces. But there was a park once which had cold water tap...I wonder of its still there. Oh God... I am so thirsty ....Its still here (crying)....At least its still here (crying)...Why am I crying ? Am I so desperate to see something familiar...(crying and drinking water from tap)...Let's sit on the bench ...The playground feels familiar ....yet new and changed . There are new swings , see-saws and different kinds of rides about which I don't know .... Neighbourhood is also developed....New flats probably with new societies and families ....Family ....I also had one...Simple middle-class family..
My parents were stage actors...My father was disabled....Kind of rude by nature but he loved me and my mother...I knew that...My mother ... She loved me a lot ....Though she abused me sometimes ....She was a loving person who always advised me not to hate or hurt anyone as humans especially adults have to go through a lot . Perhaps... she was indirectly asking me not to hate her. Though its only now that I clearly understand real meaning of her words. I again came somewhere absent-mindedly....Its some new bridge.....There is a man standing on one side of the bridge.
Women : " What about me I also loved you...I don't want to (crying)....Ok just hang-up (shouting and crying as she suddenly jumped into the river). What the....did she jumped into water to commit suicide ...just because of some stupid love. What a stupid reason! I don't know...I just want to get out of here ( there is a hassle all over as narrator ran out of the crowd).

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