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Vampire Everlasting Love The Series

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Does everlasting love exist? This story portrays complex loved couples discovering the true meaning of love, loss, and redemption. The main storyline is between a pure-blood vampire and a human. Zen, how did he become a vampire? When you know you can never die but your loved one dies. You have lived for 3,000 years and are searching for the same person again and again. A human that dies and is reborn again. The storyline is a love triangle for Ken & Nic (Ken's real younger brother) both have 2 different people that love them very much. (Note that there is no brotherly triangle love between them.) Zen a Pure Blood Vampire; In his mansion by accident brings them to underground ancient history and behind the truth of Nic. Will they find happiness and truths in the end? Stay tuned for exciting chapters that will be revealed. Characters: Zen a 3,000 years Pure Blood Vampire Zen has 2 brothers, named Zac & Zack; both are also Vampires Doc. Leon, 33, Zen's best friend, is a doctor at "TT Hospital" and helps to treat Zen, Ken, Nic, Shaun, Sam, and others in their conditions and injuries Joe, 25, Zen's Right Hand-Man & highly skilled bodyguard Ken, 19, is a student and he is Zen's beloved Nic, 16, Ken's younger brother is a student. Entangled with Shaun and Sam The good news is this novel got contracted and it's now published in WebNovel: https://tinyurl.com/r57buv6

Thriller / Action
Age Rating:

Finally I Found You (Chapter 1)

A quiet, huge Mansion isn't for long decades.

Zen stays alone in the huge Mansion. Sometimes, Joe stays in the Mansion for work purposes. Other than that, it's just a Mansion with luxuries and servants.

Joe later stayed in the Mansion permanently, after Zen's beloved stay there.

Joe is the right-hand man & bodyguard of Zen. Being an excellent and skilled bodyguard of Zen, a very good friend/brotherhood and trusted very much by Zen.

They are close but not lovers.

A journey that is just beginning to...

Zen is looking at the moon. Zen thinks, "Where are you, my beloved? It's been some time already."

Zen asks, "Have you found him?"

Joe says, "My Lord, I have located your Beloved. Currently, his name is Ken, male; he studies at K-University and works part-time at the Café in the evening. Ken has a younger brother called Nic. They lived together. Their parents stayed overseas. This is the Café." Joe shows the photos on the iPad.

Zen: "Very Good! Well done, you will have a double bonus this month."

Joe: "Thank you, my Lord!"

Zen says in his heart, "I have been searching for you for a long time." (Zen a Pure Blood Vampire) gives an order for his right-hand man (Named Joe) to capture Nic (Ken's younger brother) make sure you don't hurt him because my beloved won't be happy. Treat Nic well.

"Yes my Lord!" Joe left.

Zen is resting on his throne and enjoying his wine. If you were here with me, this wine wouldn't taste so bitter. I must see you soon.

Zen asks Joe to prepare his car.

After saying this, Zen took his coat and walked out. He tells his maid, "I won't return tonight, lock all the doors. I will be back tomorrow at 7 am." He drove off his car-although he can fly but in the human world flying out of the blue is bad.

After 30 minutes, he arrives in the Café, but his Beloved wasn't there; he didn't see him. He smells in the air and he follows the smell.

"Where is it?"

"Ah! There you're my beloved."

Walking in the valley of darkness, Zen's deep red eyes shine, his hair blows like the wind.

Zen hears the sound of screaming in a distance, and he knows his beloved is in danger. Zen flies zoom zoom... He sees Ken in the middle of 2 men pulling his shirt.

Zen quickly pulls the 2 men off and beats them up. "Get your filthy hands off him; don't touch him." (Beating left and right) The 2 men were worn out, falling to the ground.

One of the men blows the whistle seeking help.


Someone from far away hears the whistle.

The person who comes to rescue the 2 men is skilful.

Zen sees the ancient sword, the man is holding.

Zen sees the ancient sword that the man is holding.

"Oh, what we have here; I don't want to fight with you, I just want to take my beloved away. You are not my opponent, Zen says."

The man smiles truly, "I am not able to win from you in the end but if I have fighting skills I don't lose from you. I am still able to hold and delay the time zone during battle."

Zen says, "How about this? They hire you, I will exchange for something else for you to let us go and not waste my time."

The man smiles, it depends on what the exchange deal is.

Zen says, "I know you are looking for that fellow. I will give you that fellow location if you let us go."

The man says, "Deal!"

Zen writes on a piece of paper.

Zen took off his coat, covered Ken and hugged him.

Ken cries while seeing this man in front of him hugging him. He's in shock for words.

Suddenly Ken hears this man saying "Sleep, my sweetheart". Ken's eyes begin to close slowly, and he doesn't know why he is at ease in this man's hug and in his arms, he feels secure.

Zen carried him back to his car and drove off to his Mansion. Zen looks at Ken to make sure, he isn't injured. Ken sleeps in Zen car.

(To be continued... Stay tuned for upcoming updates of this love story. Subscribe, Like, Follow, and Share this romantic, exciting, thrilling novel that will brighten your day. Don't miss the upcoming chapters that will be exciting as I have prepared many chapters ahead. It won't be bored, I promise you, and this novel won't be the same.)

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