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Vampire Everlasting Love The Series

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In The Valley (Chapter 2)

(This chapter is in between Chapter 1)

At 9 pm, Ken was going off from work; he says bye to his colleague and walked out of the Café.

Ken's manager calls out to him "Wait a minute Ken. Can you help to lock the back door and gate; you can give back the keys tomorrow." The manager gives him the keys.

Ken walks out of the back door. Ken locks the door and gate. Put the keys in his bag. The valley is dark behind the shop. Ken can't see properly, so he thinks his handphone light can fill the path for him.

While taking his handphone out of his pocket, looking at the clock; suddenly he feels someone grab him from behind. "Ah..."

He struggles as the men drag and push him towards the wall. Ken struggles again and he sees there are two of them, he screams, but to no avail.

"Quiet doesn't scream." The man covers Ken's mouth.

Ken kicks one of the men's legs.


The men slapped in the Ken's face. "Ouch!"

Ken cries.

Ken doesn't know how to fight. He wonders why these two guys surround him and what they want. (Innocent Ken's)

Ken says, "This is my wallet; you can take and leave."

The two men say, "We don't want your money. Just come with us."

Ken asks, "Why?"

The two men struggle with Ken.

Ken just didn't know his rescue was on the way. While Ken began to harass by the two men, Zen was still driving in his car searching for the Café where Ken works.

Zen reaches the Cafe, but he doesn't see Ken. "Huh? Where is he?"

Zen is a vampire. Zen uses his supernatural powers; He can smell his beloved, thus he uses Ken's scent to smell his location. (Ken has a special scent on him.)

Zen got hold of Ken's scent. He says, "I found it." He quickly rushes to the valley. There he sees Ken surrounded by the two men.

"How dare you to touch my beloved."

Zen pushes the two men away from Ken.

"Who are you?" One of the men says, "Don't interrupt us. It is none of your business."

"If it's him then it's my business," Zen points at Ken.

"Then we have nothing to talk about, let's fight," the man says.

"How you dare to talk to me in this tone," says Zen.

Ken looks at Zen and the two men talking and negotiating. Ken thinks maybe I should run away, but this person tries to save me. "Hmm... If I run away, is it bad? But if I don't run, don't know what's going to happen."

While Ken is thinking deeply, in the flash of an eye, the fighting began.

Ken see wow, he's a fighter? Ken was thinking "Wait, is this an act or something? This is not filming, is it? Something is not right. Why do these men appear out of nowhere, and they are not after robbing or money? Why do they want to capture me? I am not that rich or a celebrity. Capturing me wouldn't benefit them in anything."

While Ken is thinking deeply, one of the men grabs Ken's arm. "Huh?" Ken in shock; screams. "Let go of me!" Push and pull struggles between the man and Ken.

Zen hears Ken screaming.

The other man grabs Zen from behind.

Zen got an angry blast. Zen vampire teeth and red-crimson eyes, looking fiercely, the vibes in the air, its horror; anyone who walks past from far away can feel the vibes.

Zen gives the vibes to which anyone trembles.

The man who grabs Zen from his back suddenly trembles. "Ah?"

The man looked at Zen's face. The red-crimson eyes looked at the man. The man quickly let go of Zen. Looking at Zen teeth, "You are a vampire?"

The man grabs Ken looking at Zen. "Vampire? This isn't what we are here to deal with."

Zen blast, the two men were blown to the ground.

The man blows the whistle while on the ground.

Suddenly a flash appears.

Zen voids the slash.

An aura of justice man appears, holding the ancient sword.

"It's you," Zen recognizes this person.

"Why are you here?" The man asked.

Zen says, "I am here for my beloved. I don't know who these people are, harming my beloved. Why are you involved?"

The man says, "I am paid for a job. I can't tell you why I am involved, but this person points out Ken is being targeted. That's all I can tell you."

Zen says, "How about this, they hire you, I will exchange for something else for you to let us go and not waste my time."

The man smiles, it depends on what the exchange deal is.

Zen says, "I know you are looking for that fellow. I will give you that fellow location if you let us go."

The man says, "Deal!"

Zen writes on a piece of paper.

[I won't repeat the behind part here, please read chapter 1; there are some actions there.]

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