Masked truth

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Nights like these exists her to go without any border... But she knows the outcomes Everyone knows now.... •rape •murder •molestations • and kidnapping • prostitute kidnapping • human trafficking And more dreadful sins In the world full of sins Where she found herself About two months ago her whole family was murdered... .. She was broken Vulnerable Still she is... But now she's stronger because now she have nothing to lose... But the world has many too..... Join the world of sins with jena keller And how whole her life changes when she falls for a charming guy from a popular and wicked friends... He is young and so is she... He uses people And she kills many Let's see where her life takes her to.. ..

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Chapter 1

she have losed a lot of people
her family
her sister
and all
her freedom was snatched away the moment her family was found dead
she lives alone in an apartment
victory towns
and the apartment is small smaller than her house before
she has a secret that no one knows
so listen carefully I am gonna tell ya all..

she's the masked girl
after her family was found death
she knew well their was something else
and that something was a murderer

a planned murderer
it was Saturday evening
day was going smooth
with her playing a piano from the balcony
and her sister watching Netflix
13 reasons why!
and her mom dad going out


" so I don't know why she died I mean they made a nice couple together!! "
my sister said looking like a puppy
sad puppy

" clay and Hannah are still together "
I said knowing well how stupid that sounds

" well how? "
she asked narrowing her eyes

before I could reply door of our room snapped open

" Jane and tessa we are going out and we'll be a lill late... so take care "
my mom said looking cute and beautiful as always

" yeah like a date "
tessa laughed

making all laugh... mom and dad had a great love story both met at a summer camp and were partnere and still are...

before tessa can say more my dad
horned the car...

" Bye honey take care "
She said hugging us...

after they left they never returned...

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