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Sequel to Beg Harder! Charles is now alive and back on top. Stronger and way angrier! He has proven that he is still the most powerful person on the planet because he possesses the most sought after human cell repair nano bots known as Nanogex. Being dubbed "King of the Underground World" is the highest honor a mafia leader can achieve; one of the perks is having control over the entire world, effectively turning it into one's playground. But what happens when the ruthless king has a queen, who wants nothing more than to tear him apart and flee with their child? Come and join me once again and venture in the world of air swiping through the eyes of Charles!

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Chapter 1

WARNING: This book won’t make sense until you’ve read Beg Harder Book 1. I connected all the chapters so if you skip any you will not get the storyline on this book.


Knowing exactly my situation in life has given me the push to do things no one can. I rose up to every challenge I’m given, especially owing my life to Peter.

From the beginning of our family’s history, he was the most beloved of the two brothers. I wouldn’t call him the lesser of two evils since he is just as vicious as the other.

It’s easy for me to understand the favoring since I prefer Peter over Charles; nevertheless, I must confess that our empire was on the verge of disintegrating under Peter’s leadership.

The revolt against Peter was much more powerful than he could ever manage. His attractions are well-liked by our whole clan, but we need someone who is successfully feared by everyone and who maintains the established order with an iron fist. This is where Charles comes in, he has built a group of his unwavering loyal scientists cronies and he has become more careful with his security.

As much as I despise Charles, I have no choice but to cooperate, even if it means coming out of my shell and disclosing my real identity to my dear wife Carly. I knew this day would come, and I am more than prepared to go down this path with her in tow. I made certain that our daughter is in a secure environment, and I don’t mind spending a significant amount of time away from her while I try to persuade her mother to behave herself.

It’s going to take some time, but I’m prepared to put myself in danger simply to keep Carly under control.

The first time I knew of her existence was when Peter hired a bunch of retrievers to go up against Charles stealing all the new technology he has. From the new formulated machine down with the latest virus.

All of the hired retrievers failed, even the most skilled of all retrievers were murdered in the process, and after the story got out and was widely disseminated, no one dared to challenge Charles again; this action made him a feared icon amongst the wider underground population.

Peter, being arrogant with his move and refusing to give up the plan, was not phased by his brother’s loss. He was so certain that there is still another method to bring him down and that’s when I was entangled by all of this. I was tasked to steal the latest virus Charles is planning to spread to come up with a reason to crash the system world wide and to have a population collapse.

Just to persuade the lower levels that I’m one of them, I had to pretend that I was one of the retrievers and perform weird pledges on my own time. Never in a million years did I expect to stumble across one of the Belle sisters who would be ready to perform the work in exchange for the promise of regular life and to be part of this illusion society. Even though it took a long time for Carly to fall in love with me, it was the only way I could persuade her to accept the position.

It’s impossible not to fall in love with Carly; she has shown abilities that I never imagined a retriever of her caliber could possess. I was expecting her to fail the task of stealing from Charles since no one had ever gotten out as quickly and simply as they did. I was right about that. Their retrieval technique was so straightforward and old-fashioned that no one would ever have any doubts about them. It’s what we call seamless, a term we used for a job well done.

I was going to break up with her and set both of them free after the pledge because getting involved in the brothers’ feud would only end up with her being one of the casualties, but things changed when she dropped the bomb and revealed that we’re going to be parents.

I knew I had to stay with her and protect her. I have asked Peter to let me deactivate from my position till I’m really needed, which I’m grateful that he’s very lenient and agreed without so much of a fuss. After all, a jab such as making Charles lose billions for the first time gives him satisfaction.

This is why Peter is more likable than Charles. As long as things get made his way, no question will ever be asked.

I tried to mess with Rich’s system to keep Carly’s sister safe, that was the only flaw in my plan. If she wasn’t found I could keep playing this family role with Carly. I try my best to stay away as much as I can from Baby, She was the smart one and always has been inquisitive with my motives. I’m lucky to have a woman like Carly, always ready to be in defense. She has truly shown that she’s my girl.

The minute I got the call from Peter, I expected him to know what I have done and the only thing left to do is cut a deal to save my wife and daughter by giving up Baby and her son to Charles.

I now have to face such an unpleasant result.


Carly happened and she’s my consequence, laying on the bed unconscious in front of me. The white robe can easily trace her bare toned body making my pants tight. I’ve been with her for a long time but until now she still gives me this feeling. I kissed her forehead and cuddled with her for a bit as I knew it would take a while for this to happen again when she’s conscious.

It would only take a matter of time before she wakes up.

I air swiped a command to check her vitals, the microchip inside must have really taken a toll on her body. I expected her to wake up an hour ago, I thought to myself. I touched her cheeks and called out her name a few times only resulting in a few groans.

As I went back to the other room, I made the decision to wait there. The monitor is turned on and I can see her sleeping form as I air swipe for another window monitor to come up, I check the situation of my daughter who is now in another nation; I’ll need her to remain there for the time being till Carly is under control.

I promised Peter that I would be able to manage Carly in less than a year and that I would join his side if I was successful.

I have to persuade Carly to submit to Peter’s order or she would spend the rest of her life in a cage with no way out. After all this time, it’s just a matter of time until Charles comes to penalizing me.

The only person who can protect us is Peter, and the ceasefire, he offered to Charles was the only thing that spared our lives till this day.

Peter must have realized that keeping Charles alive would be beneficial in the event that things went wrong and the truce became the only choice.

When it came to leading others, Charles did not disappoint. During his first week in power, he was already able to bring things back under control when the rebellion broke out. Now everyone who turned their backs on him is paying the price for their disloyalty. Those who stayed faithful to Charles and went into hiding for a period of time are now back in power and enjoying the high life once again.

Sometimes I wonder what my life would have been if I chose Charles’ side, but if it wasn’t for Peter I would have never found my wife. I fixed myself a shot of hard liquor and walked to lay on the couch everything flashes back to me, The first time I laid my eyes on her, the first time I fought her, and the first time I tasted her luscious lips. I curled my hand into a fist at how things are so fucked up now.

I’m aware that this is a huge bump for me and Carly to get passed by but if it means keeping her locked up to stay by my side then so be it.

I didn’t notice that I fell asleep the exhaustion of it all finally caught up, My heart started racing, seeing Carly is finally awake and banging on every wall for someone to come.

I waited for another hour, seeing that she has calm down, sitting on the ground in one corner with her head on her knees. I made my way to her, I held the cold knob, drawing in a breath before turning it to open.

I walked in and quickly closed it to lock us both in this room. There are so many scenarios that can happen now and I’m prepared to find out.

“Dave,” She says my name as soon as she sees me, it’s weird to hear my name come out since I’m so used to her calling me with her sweet endearments.

“It was you, I can’t believe you did this.” Her tears start to pour out not moving from her spot. I controlled my emotions as I remained quiet.

I came closer to her, bending down to her height. “Please, honey listen to me, let’s talk, I will explain everything.”

She lets me pick her arms up to shift us both in bed where she can be more comfortable.

“Who are you?” I expected this to be her first question. I started talking and revealing everything that happened from the beginning while she remains quiet her facial feature didn’t hide her disdain especially when I have mentioned where her sister and her nephew are being held now.

I have attempted to use proper tone in order to make things tolerable in some way, but our position is very fragile. Because of all I said, I anticipated her to erupt, but instead, she asks about the location of our daughter.

Given that I haven’t gained confidence in her yet, all I can tell her is “she’s secure.” I was expecting her to keep asking, but she kept a stiff lip instead of saying anything more.

“I’m thirsty” After a few minutes of quiet, it was her only answer. She wasn’t fighting or acting in any way feisty. Her reaction to how severely compromised our position was, must have been a complete shock to her. I kissed her forehead, expecting her to pull away, but she didn’t, and her gaze stayed fixed on the ground. I turned my back to the air and swiped an order for someone to bring her meal into the room with me.

I sigh hard as I work on an air swipe the order. I brace myself for yet another lengthy discussion with Carly as I walk back to the bed.

“So would you like something ha-”

I got cut off when I felt two hard smacks on my face. I know this move, she targeted my eyes, quickly blinding me.

Her legs tangled with mine making me fall on the ground in one breathe. I felt the side of my face hit the ground. In a swift move, she got a hold of my wrist and twisted it in a weird angle, I’m certain she has partially broken it.

She screamed demanding me to tell her where our daughter was when I didn’t say anything. I felt her hand on my head, but I was able to get away before she could smash it on the floor. I untwisted my arm from beneath her and rotated my body so that I could face her and deliver her a swift punch in the stomach before she could recover her balance. I use a rapid air swipe to activate the chip, which electrocutes her body making her movement stop instantly.

I got up with my broken wrist, I took out the Nanogex from my pocket to heal me fast. This is the Carly I know, this is my wife. I’m relieved for I expected all of this from her and this is exactly what enamored me. My adrenaline is up along with my emotions. It’s been a while since I’ve had a taste of her.

Even though her eyes were closed, she was aware because I could feel her weak fists when I turned her to face me then turned her to her back. As I could hear her mumbling something, I realized that the chip had paralyzed her tongue.

I’m able to go on top of her easily. I ripped her flimsy robe in two, revealing her tight naked body underneath it. Not being able to stop me, I began kissing her neck vigorously because I was so twisted, wanting her this bad. She just have this effect on me. I couldn’t help but groan inhaling her sweet scent.

I pinned her arms over her head as she still tries to fight me and stretched her toned legs apart to settle myself in between. I touched her folds separating them in half, while I massage the top part of her bud instantly making her wet. “I love you Carly, but you are back in this life now,“I say this as I pushed one finger in.

“You and I can never leave it. If I have to beat you in submission, I will do it, just to save us and our daughter. It is better that you accept this soon.” I say these words aloud in her ear and in between sucking her soft skin out of anger, her tears were rolling down, I paused to wipe them and whispered.

“We’re in Charles’s world now.”


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