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Shia almost has it all. The perfect fiancé, perfect life and seemingly a perfect future….But that is all contingent, on her keeping up a perfect lie! Can one truly enjoy happiness, when the very foundation of that happiness, is based solely on deceit?

Thriller / Mystery
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PRELUDE : Dont Freak Out!

Was that a knock at my door?
This was the question that I wondered as I felt panic and fear, sweep through every inch of my body.

“Yes, there was definitely someone pounding on my front door”

I felt myself back up against my living room wall, shuddering, as my skin made contact with the cool, painted plaster.

I heard a loud clank, as a knife fell from my hands and dropped to the floor in a pool of blood at my feet.

I wanted to scream, cry even as I watched my uncle, laying on the floor covered in blood, with seemingly little life left inside his frail old body.

But all I could manage was a weak grimace, as I tried to shield my eyes away from the carnage and horror, caused by what could only be my own doing!

I noticed flashing lights, coming from the window, beyond my sofa.
And although those lights looked eons away, the loud thuds against my door gave proof, that the colorful array of streaks, piercing every portion of my living room, were closer than I could ever imagine.

And more importantly here to finally end my very delusions and lies, that had led me up, to this very fatal moment.

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