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Bee arrives back at 8th grade, back to the dreadful adrenaline with the side glances and stink eyes. She has to suffer through all the insults and remarks, the pushing and yelling and disgusting jokes, with only the support of her best friend. Is she gonna pull through the year? Or die trying.

Thriller / Romance
Tris Moonstar
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How much I hate going back to school. Such a dreadful feeling. What happened to that joyful feeling of coming back? Oh yeah, when every other student started acting like trash is when.
Jeez, when things couldn't get any worse. I guess I could act excited, there's the clubs and art classes for fun, and hanging out with Mack, but everything else seemed shitty. Wish I could just have graduated by now, middle school is the pits.

"Bee. Get downstairs and eat your breakfast." The sound of her voice gave me a shiver up my spine. I didn't even hear her approaching my door or open it.
"Oh yeah, I will mom, just let me put on my earrings."
"Why are you even putting on those things, they're tacky and useless." She rebuked.
"Why do you wear shiny dresses and jewelry to parties?"
She scowled, "Watch your attitude and come eat." She walks off to the kitchen.

What a drag, I thought, She gets offended by everything, Mom had always been so cold to me as a default, I could never trust her when she's nice. Because whenever she is she just wants something, and if I point it out, then- Well.

It wouldn't end in the kind of glory I would prefer.

After putting on my earrings I stood from my bed and walked out, make a small left and bingo, there's the kitchen.

Mom is at the island already eating without me, "Took you long enough." she's slightly muffled with the food in her mouth.
I don't even say a thing, I just sit by her and start eating. In complete and utter silence. It was nice, just the flavor of a good egg sandwich was all I needed for the morning. But it was soon broken after the meal was gone.

My mother spoke up as she picked at her teeth with a toothpick. "I'm not gonna be able to pick you up after school today."

What?! What kind of horseshit is this?! I thought to myself.

"How come?"
"I need to go to a friend's place for something important."
"And what's that?"
She frowned. "Jesus, why are you so nosy?"
"I just wanted to know."
"Well all you need to know is that you're gonna walk."
"Why can't Jess pick me up?"
"Because I'm taking the car, now stop fussing and just walk home, it's not even that far. At least I told you now."
What an idiotic thought process. "Okay."
"Good, now get walking, cuz I'm not taking you either. I have a headache."

Are you serious right now?! I could just strangle you right here and now you failure of a parent!

" 'Kay." I rose from my seat and washed my dish, I got my backpack by the door. "See ya."
"Have a good first day Bee."




As soon as I walked out the door I punched the air.
Who does she think she is?! I should've just punched her nose in!

My hair got in my face, frizzy and brown and short, but annoyingly long enough to still get in my mouth.
I pulled out my phone to text Mack but I shuddered from the hug from behind.

"Boo Bee!"

"Ah! Mack, you scared the crap out of me!"

I hear that cute familiar giggle and my heart skips a beat. He pulls off of me and I can see his face. Soft with a bit of acne, his button nose and pinkish lips, he hadn't changed a bit.

"Ready for hell dud?" His feminine voice made me smile.

He always makes me feel all warm and homey with that voice, I bubbled to my mind.

"Course I am! I'll even race you there!" I started jogging down the sidewalk.
"What? Hey! I'm slow!" He hurried behind me as I laughed, losing more air from my lungs.

Maybe this year won't be so bad.

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