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Chapter 12

Addison sighed as the doors on the elevator swing closed. She had been out with Agent Brogan three times in the past week and she thought that by doing this she would feel a sense of accomplishment by thwarting Agent Rossum, but she felt nothing at all. Actually, that wasn’t completely true, as much as she tried to press her feelings deep down, she couldn’t help but notice a longing feeling inside of her. She had picked up her phone countless times in the past week to call Rossum, but found she couldn’t complete the call.

Yet again, she looked at the phone in her hand and considered calling him. For the first few days after the fight Rossum had mostly left her alone, except for the one strange phone call in the middle of the night, but lately he had been calling more frequently, but never leaving a message. She had to admit that she was curious, but the hurt she was feeling was more overwhelming than anything else Rossum had made her feel like nothing, like he didn’t care about her opinion at all. She accepted that Rossum had apologized, but she was too used to people apologizing then going right back to their old behaviour, she needed Rossum to show her.

Addison pulled her hair over her shoulder and absentmindedly ran her fingers through it. She smiled slightly when she thought about how good it felt to beat Rossum at his own game, she found it difficult to keep from mocking him when he thought she needed his help. Keys jangled in her pocket and she reached in to get them, but when she stepped in front of her door she saw it was slightly ajar. Addison gripped her phone tighter and cocked her head slightly attempting to remember if she had left it that way. Before she could really process what was happening her thumb was finding Rossum’s number on her phone and bringing it to her ear. She nervously tapped her fingers against her thigh as the phone rang and she drew her lip between her teeth when it finally went to voicemail.

“Hi Agent Rossum. I know we haven’t been talking very much this past week, and I know that’s my fault. You’ve been trying to get a hold of me. Anyway, I’m standing in front of my apartment and the door is slightly open. I’m sure it’s nothing. I’m such a scatter brain, I’m sure I accidently left it like that, but for the life of me I can’t remember if I did. Then, I was standing here looking at it and, of course, your voice popped into my head, but I must have left it open, it wouldn’t be the first time. So, now I’m the lunatic standing outside of my apartment talking about an open door to a voicemail, so I’m just going to go inside now. Sorry for yet another rambling message. I’ll see you soon. Um, bye.”

Addison shook her head and cautiously opened up her front door. She peered into the kitchen and made sure everything looked alright. Not one thing was out of place. She did the same with the living room and laughed a little at herself when it too was in the exact state, she had left it in, “Of course everything is fine, and you had to go call Rossum.” She said into the empty room as she smirked at her own trepidation. As she slid her deadbolt into place she threw her cell and keys onto the kitchen table then walked to her bedroom. She heard her cell phone vibrate on the table and turned to answer it, but before she could even take a step towards the kitchen she felt a solid object collide with the back of her head. Her hands couldn’t get out in front of her fast enough and as her face hit the hardwood floor everything went black.

“Ugh,” Addison groaned, she squeezed her eyes together then tried to open them, but there was a gauzy material covering them. Another material strained against her wrists when she tried to pull them towards her face.

“I knew you wouldn’t be out for too long, not the beautiful, strong Addison Grace.”

She jerked her head away when she felt a slight pull on her hair. The voice was very deep and computerized, but still she tried to strip away the modifications, but her head still felt dizzy and clouded, “I don’t know what you want, but just take it and leave.”

“So, predictable. I’m not here to rob you. You, Addison Grace, are my crowning jewel.”

Without a word she felt a cool steel brush against her bare skin and she could feel her jeans being cut away. When he pulled the material out from under her she took a deep breath to let out her loudest, most blood curdling scream, but before she could fingers wrapped around her mouth. She could feel his warm breath near her neck and it made her shudder, but when she heard his voice it wasn’t close to her ear at all, it was coming from further in front of her and more to the right, “I’m not here to kill you. That would be far too easy, not enough fun. No, unfortunately I am going to torture you, and it is going to hurt. Now, I would prefer not to kill you, as I said, but if you scream, if your octave is anything higher than a whimper, I will have no issue whatsoever with plunging a knife straight into your heart. You mean nothing to me, is this clear?”

The man’s hand was still over Addison’s mouth as she nodded to show her understanding. When he took his hand away Addison slightly moved her foot until she felt it hit a solid object. She kept it there until she felt it move, assuring that it was his foot. The blade once again brushed against her skin as the stranger cut the shirt from her body. Once she felt that she had a solid understanding of where the figure in front of her was she pulled her knees up slightly and pushed her feet forward. There was a searing pain in her thigh followed by the sound of something solid and large hitting the floor. “Ah!” she screamed and struggled harder against her restraints not wanting to waste any time. She heard the man gaining his composure and knew he would be back on his feet, so she stood as best as she could with the scissors still sticking out of her leg, but the adrenaline in her system was blocking out most of the pain. When she stood she realized that her hands were not only bound, but attached to the chair as well. She slammed the wooden chair to the ground and it smashed to pieces.

She knew the man had to be on his feet by now, and with no way of knowing where he was. Addison attempted to do the same. A groan of frustration escaped her lips when she realized that she had no idea where in her apartment she was. Despite that she ran away from the scuffling sounds of the other person in the room. Air left her lungs as she ran face first into the wall, she felt along the wall for anything familiar, but there was nothing. She moved over a little and her cheek brushed against something, but before she could further explore what it was she felt hands wrap around her hair and she was yanked back onto the floor.

A knee was pressed into her chest and she could practically feel the anger radiating off him, but he said nothing. She thrashed her head from side to side and yelled, but the breath was still gone from her chest so it was more breathy and not very loud. The man’s hand pressed down on her face to hold her still and she felt a slight pinch on her neck. Immediately, she felt her limbs loosen and eyes droop.

The weight lifted off her chest, but didn’t have the energy to move off the ground. It was the worst feeling that Addison had ever experienced, being powerless. She knew the man was preparing another chair, but she couldn’t stop him. Her body was lifted off the floor, but she was too weak to fight back. Her shirt fell to the ground before she was placed into the chair. The sound of duct tape ripping was unmistakable and a moment later she felt her ankles being secured to either chair leg then her hands being reattached to the back of the chair.

There was a moment of pressure before the scissors were ripped out of her leg, “ah,” she winced and her shoulders lurched forward, “why are you doing this to me? Who are you?”

There was no answer. Instead she heard the clanging of metal and then the feeling of something cool against her temple. Addison attempted to calm her breathing, but she could feel her entire body shaking, “This is a revolver pressed against your head,” she heard something being set down, but the gun remained against her head. The next thing she knew, the man punched her right in the gut. Addison tried to keep her face straight, she didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of having hurt her or scaring her.

Before the man could do anything else a knock tore through the silence of the apartment. Both occupants froze, but the nose of the gun pressed harder into her skull. There was a hesitation at the door before a more determined knocking. Yet again Addison didn’t move an inch.

“Addy?” Rossum’s voice made her stomach roll over and she wasn’t sure if she wanted him to bust into the apartment and save her, or run as far as he could for safety, “I got your message, then you never called back, but what worried me more was that your phone was going straight to voicemail. If you’re in there can you please answer me?”

Rossum jiggled the door handle, and the gun disappeared from her flesh and the man took a step towards the door, “Wait!” Addison whispered in desperation, “I’ll make him go away. I can, I promise, just don’t hurt him.”

Without confirmation that it was okay Addison raised her voice, “Rossum, I’m fine. I’m sorry I left that message, I must have been paranoid. Calling was a stupid decision, I don’t need you to jump in and save me all the time. I’m not a damsel. Just go home, Rossum.”

She kept her voice steady and prayed that Rossum bought it. After a couple seconds she heard footsteps walk away from the door and her heart sank, but she was surprised by a groan of anger coming from the man holding her captive. Next, there was the unmistakable sound of a gun being cocked. The trigger wasn’t pulled before there was a crashing sound by the door, then a loud popping noise followed by the sound of a body falling to the floor.

Addison’s brow furrowed and she shrugged her shoulder to her face and wriggled it until the material pulled up. It only revealed one eye, but she frantically scanned the scene in front of her. The first thing she noticed was blood, there was blood everywhere. A person lay in a heap on the floor and his tidy almost black hair was unmistakable. Tears sprang to her eyes, but she quickly blinked them away, “Rossum!” she screamed. The new strips of duct tape on her wrists were tight, but Addison moved her arms up and down until it balled up and became loose. Finally she slipped one wrist out and pulled the rest of the scarf off her face.

Rossum rolled on the ground and it caused Addison to rip the tape off her ankles as quickly as she could then run over to him, “Rossum, Ross? Tell me what happened, you need to tell me how to help?”

He groaned and placed a palm on Addison’s face, “Don’t give up Addy, don’t ever stop looking for the truth.”

“Rossum, you’re fine. You’re going to be alright.” A growing red stain was stark contrast to Rossum’s standard white shirt. Addison grabbed the scrap that used to be her pants and pressed it hard against his shoulder. Rossum’s eyes fluttered and Addison slapped his face slightly, “Stay awake Rossum. Do not close your eyes. Look at this beautiful face; you wouldn’t want to look away would you? That would make awfully offended.”

Addison stole a look at herself. She had blood all over her body and Rossum’s blood was quickly pooling on Addison’s kitchen floor, “Rossum, I need you to answer a question for me. It’s really important so you have to listen to me. Where is your cell phone? It’s not on your belt like it usually is.”

Rossum moved like he was going to grab it, but Addison pinned his arm to his side, “No, Ross, don’t move, just tell me and I will get it.”

He nodded and pressed his eyelids tight together, “Breast pocket, inside.”

She nodded and pulled the phone out, then quickly dialled 9-1-1, “Nine one one, what is your emergency?”

“Um yes, my friend has been shot. Please, he’s losing a lot of blood, you need to hurry.” Addison heard her voice catch, but ignored the tears that were threatening to spill over her eyes.

The lady on the other end had a smooth calming voice, “Ma’am how did your friend get shot?”

“why does that matter right now? We can gab all you want once he is safe, but for now I need you to send an ambulance.”

“Yes, ma’am, emergency services are on the way, but I have to ask you, did you shoot your friend.”

Addison wiped a hand over her forehead in frustration, “no, why would I shoot my friend?”

“Alright, where is the person that shot your friend now?”

“I –I don’t know. I mean he was here, but I guess he’s gone now. Can you please hurry, he is fighting to stay conscious.”

“They are coming as fast as they can miss. Are there any other injuries to the gentleman, or you?”

Addison patted Rossum down and took a quick glance, “not that I can see on him, but there is a lot of blood.”

“And you ma’am, are you injured?”

“I think I have a minor wound on my thigh but it’s not an emergency. I also might have some sort of concussion, but yet again, I’ll be fine for now.” Addison’s ears perked up when she heard sirens in front of her building, “I think they’re here, thank you so much.”

Before Addison had hung up the phone she saw a figure at the door. Her first feeling was one of dread, thinking that it was the man back to finished what he had started, but she swallowed it when she saw the stretcher behind him, “Hello miss, are you in need of some assistance?”

“Yes, we’re in here!” Addison called from the kitchen.

One of the men took the shirt from Addison while the other readied the stretcher, that one turned to Addison who was hunched over in the chair she had moments ago escaped from. “Miss, do you want to come to the hospital with us?”

“I have a couple of minor injuries, so it might be best.” Addison looked behind her and pulled the throw off the back of her couch. She wrapped the material loosely around herself hoping to preserve any evidence the man may have left behind. She then walked over to the stretcher and pulled Rossum’s hand into her own, “we’re going to the hospital, Ross, you’re going to be just fine, okay?”

Rossum lazily looked at her and smiled, “I’m holding you to that.”

Addison sat silent and still the whole way to the hospital, only dropping Rossum’s hand when the paramedic needed to get by, and then quickly grasping it again. The two men ushered her through a private hallway as they wheeled Rossum through. A small woman in green scrubs and a face mask joined them and didn’t even give Addison a second look before speaking, “what have we got here?”

“White male, late thirties suffering from a GSW just under his right clavicle. It doesn’t seem to have hit the lung, but he is losing a lot of blood and the bullet is still inside.”

“Any allergies?”

“Not that we are aware of.”

Addison cleared her throat, “he doesn’t have any allergies. He is, however an FBI agent so please be very careful with him, he’s important.”

“She’s right.” Rossum coughed, “about the allergies, not about the important person stuff.”

The doctor smiled down at him, “it’s a very good sign that you are conscious Mr…?”

“Rossum, Phillip Rossum.”

“Okay, Mr. Rossum. I’m going to take you directly into surgery. We are going to get that bullet out and stop the bleeding alright?”

“Sounds like a plan.”

Addison squeezed his hand, “I’m going to be right here waiting for you okay, I’ll be there the second you wake up. Don’t you die on me.” She quickly wiped away an escaped tear and turned to the doctor, “be careful with him.”

“I am always careful.” She nodded determinedly while a nurse pulled on Addison’s arm and led her away while they wheeled Rossum through some swinging doors.

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