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Chapter 24

Addison sat on the cot with her hands covering her face trying to wrap her head around everything. For the countless time, she thought that if she closed her eyes tight enough, when she opened them all of this would have just been a bizarre dream, but, yet again, she pulled her hands away and the same disturbing scene was splayed out in front of her.

Agent Brogan had left the room after his cell phone chimed from his pocket. Addison had been too shocked by his presence to say anything at all. She was regretting that now as she sat in the dingy room with all of the questions she didn’t ask screaming around in her head. How did he pull this off? Why did he take her? Was he trying to get at Rossum through her? Did he really kill all of those girls? But the question that most frequented her thoughts was how did he figure it out? Who was he that he knew about her past, a past that she and Slug had worked tirelessly to erase and cover up?

“Miss Addison?” The small voice pulled her from her thoughts, “Do you know that man, the man that took us?”

Brushing her hair behind her ears, Addison stood. “I thought I did. I thought I knew him very well, but if he really is the man that took us, the man that did all of this, then it’s pretty clear that I didn’t know him at all.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Tom, please stop apologizing, it only reminds me of all the apologies I owe to you.” They were both silent for a minute before Addison slid down the links and sat on the ground. The thoughts in her head were weighing her down and giving her a headache. She needed to think about something else. “What do you think is happening out there, Tom?”

“I don’t think anything too exciting. Maybe terrible things are happening out there, maybe we’re better off.”

For the first time in a while Addison smiled. It felt foreign on her face, like her skin might crack. “That’s an optimistic point of view. Maybe he’s rescued us. This is just his bunker. Is that what you really think, Tom?”

“No, of course not, but it’s a nice thought.”

Addison nodded her agreement, “do you have people, Tom, people that are going to be looking for you?”

“Not really, miss. I don’t have a family. I left my parents back in Prague when I was still young. We keep in touch, but not so often that they would notice me missing right away. The only place that would miss me might be work, although they might just believe I quit without giving notice.”

“Oh, Tom, I don’t know that anyone would believe that.”

“And what about you?” Addison felt the fence shake and knew Tom was sitting down opposite her. “There must be a manhunt happening for you.”

Addison bit her lip and her eyes fluttered closed involuntarily. It felt as if her regrets were forcing her head down until her chin hit her chest. When she spoke it was low, but the room was so silent that she didn’t need to speak loudly. “I don’t know about that. I made some decisions before everything happened. They seemed like the right thing at the time, but now I realize that it was a terrible mistake.”

“It couldn’t have been that bad, not bad enough that no one would be looking for you.”

“I am completely sure that if anyone knew I was actually missing they would raise the alarm, but I pushed everyone away. I told them I was leaving for a while and Rossum is well aware that if I wanted to disappear without a trace it would be no problem. So, when people come knocking at my door and no one answers I don’t think anyone’s going to think twice about it.”

She could hear Tom scuffing his shoe on the floor, “so, we’re both pretty screwed then, huh? If no one knows to look for us, how are they going to find us?”

“I guess we are going to have to get ourselves out of here.” With that Addison walked over to the only piece of furniture in her personal hell and stripped the rag she used as a sheet off of it. She was hoping to find something heavy to hit Brogan over the head and hopefully knock him out, but there was nothing on the bed except some springs and those wouldn’t do very much damage even if she collected a bunch of them in the sheet and swung it at him, plus that wouldn’t be very inconspicuous.

She reached into the hole in the mattress and pulled on one of the springs. It was pretty caught in there, but with the dilapidated state of the wire, a little jiggling and pulling was all that was needed to free the spring. The thick wire was cool in her hand and the end that she had ripped free was rusty and jagged. “This could work.” She whispered to herself. Then she knelt down and went to work straightening the bottom half out so she could hold the coils, but could dig the sharp end as far into Brogan as she possibly could.

Through this she was conscious of the ever present camera. She wasn’t sure if it was only real time video or if it was recording so she made sure to keep her back to it. She also heaved her body a few times in an attempt to make it look like she was crying. Once she was finished she pushed the spring back into the hole. It protruded a bit more than the others, but she decided it looked natural enough.

Then, glancing at the camera, she got an idea. With exaggerated movements she lay what was left of her sheet on her bed and started to pull out the rest of the springs she could reach. She placed them all in the middle, gathered the material, twisted it a couple times, then tied it off. She swung it into the bed a couple of times to test it and to make a point to the camera, but she made sure to keep the half straightened spring in the waist of her leggings, then pulled her shirt over it. Once she was done, she looked over to Tom to explain her plan, but he seemed to be fast asleep. That was fine with her, she could do this alone. She could save both of them.

Time seemed to stand still as she waited. She wasn’t sure if it was going to work, or what was waiting for her if she managed to get past Brogan, but she knew that she couldn’t just sit in that den day after day not trying anything and everything she could to get herself and Tom out alive. The concrete was cool against her back as she sat with her arms wrapped around her knees and the sheet of springs was resting to her right within arm’s reach.

Her mind wandered, as it so often did, to Rossum. She wondered what he was doing right that very moment. He was probably in his cozy little house, kicking back in his cozy couch with his feet resting on his table. She had visions of Lena walking into the living room with a cup of steaming tea and placing it into his hands. She would kiss his temple as she walked away and he would just smile up at her, completely content with his life without Addison. That vision fizzled away quickly as she heard the familiar banging of the door opening and she shot up to her feet faster than a lightning bolt with the sheet held firmly in her hand.

“Addy, Addy, Addy, or maybe I should say Isabella? That is your real name, isn’t it? I mean, you’ve had many over the years, but that’s the one you got when you were born, isn’t it?” The voice that once brought comfort to her now left her with a chill. It seemed so ominous and cruel and she beat herself up for not catching it sooner, for letting her guard down at all.

“You caught me, my real name is Isabella. Great detective work, but I guess you are in the FBI so you have to have some skills, huh?”

By now he was right in front of Addison’s fence and he rested his fingers in some of the links. The look he gave her made her want to look away, but she didn’t, she couldn’t show him any weakness. He spoke first, “it’s true, I may have some skills, but that’s not how I know who you are. You’ve covered your tracks on that front. I’m not sure anyone could truly uncover who you are unless you spelt it out for them, but, unfortunately you’re never going to get the chance to do that.”

“How do you know all this, then, oh wise one. Are you just all knowing?”

“I’ve known who you were from the beginning, Isabella. I’ve known forever.”

She squinted her eyes in confusion, “then why do I have no fucking idea who you are?”

“Ah, that comes later. For now, angel, I already know you are aware of the camera in the room. It records darling, I know all about your makeshift mace, and I am not amused. In fact I’m rather hurt that you would consider harming this lovely face I have. I thought you had grown rather attached to it.”

“I was, yeah, that was all the way up until I realized that you were the Tri-Way killer and you kidnapped me. I’m not really very fond of it anymore. Now it repulses me a little.”

“Well, darlin’” he broke out his fake southern accent for that, “I’m still gunna have to take that little weapon you’ve got there.”

Addison glanced over to Tom’s cage. He was standing by his mattress watching her very intensely. She uncrossed her arms and held the sheet at her side, “you caught me. Sorry for wanted to break out of this hellhole.”

“That’s alright,” he pulled out a set of keys from his pocket and unlocked a series of locked and swung open the chain link. “Now, I’m going to come in here and you are not going to try to hit me with that thing. I can assure you it will not hurt me enough to let you get away. Maybe if you had the element of surprise you might be able to pull it off, but there is just no chance and I would prefer not to get hit with that. Are we clear?”

She arched an eyebrow and smirked as she held out the sheet to him, “come and get it.”

“I think I’m actually going to need you to put that on the floor and just kick it over to me.” She took a step forward but he stopped her, “ah, ah, ah, that’s close enough.”

Addison’s chest tightened. This plan wasn’t going to work if she couldn’t get close to him, but there wasn’t a whole lot she could do. So she put it on the dusty floor and kicked it over. The next few moments seemed to pass in slow motion. Brogan took her eyes off of her to bend down and pick up the sheet. When he did Addison took her chance. She took the two big steps toward him while pulling her shank out of her leggings.

Before he had even looked up, Addison had thrust the rusty spring into his upper thigh and Brogan let out a groan. She didn’t want him to recover so she kneed him as hard as she could. He seemed out cold so she quickly grabbed the keys out of Brogan’s hand.

Her heart felt like it was about to burst right out of her chest and all she could hear was ringing in her ears. Her hands were shaking so hard she almost dropped them, but she got a hold of herself and slammed the fence shut then locked it hastily. When her ears finally stopped ringing she could hear Tom yelling at her. She tried every one of the keys until she found the one that unlocked his lock, then she scrambled to grab his hand. She was so frantic that her fingernails dug into his arm and he started to bleed, but she ignored it and pulled him out of the cage and toward the door.

Brogan had left it open so she didn’t have to search through the keys and as she thrust it open she could hear him starting to move so when she shut it she locked every lock she could find.

“Where do we go from here?” Tom practically yelled at her, but she was as lost as she was.

“I don’t know,” she looked at the stairs in front of them, “up I guess. What else can we do.”

Tom led the way up the stairs slowly and Addison cautiously looked around when they got to the top. She took one look out of a dingy window, but knew the view immediately. She hadn’t been there very many times, but she could never forget it. “Oh my god, Tom, I know where we are. Did you find a way out?”

She looked around to find where Tom went, but couldn’t see him anywhere. Instead, she found the front door. She ran towards it, but was intercepted by Tom, “What are you doing? The door is right behind you.”

“I’m sorry, Addison.” That was the last thing Tom said before his hands wrapped around her throat and pushed into her windpipe. Addison was so surprised that by the time she was able to fight back her movements were weak and sloppy. She scratched at his hands as the image in front of her started to blur at the edges until all of it blacked out.

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