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Lucy a 17 year old girl getting out of foster care and moving in with her boyfriend.

Thriller / Romance
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Chapter 1

The morning I turned 18, I get out of bed and go to the shower I will be released at 12:30am. I take off my pajamas and turn on the water for my shower and get in, the cold water hits my skin, a cold shower in the morning is the best. I take my time washing my hair and body today is a special day.

I check if I have all my things in my bags and put my last things in my small backpack. Its 10:40am I go and brush my hair I put my hair in a loose braid.

***time skip to 12:30am
‘Ahhh is 12:30am’ I think once I see the clock my boyfriend Oscar is going to pick me up and let me live with him till I get a place of my own I am so thankful for this. Once I start working I will look for Amy Phillips my best friend she was adopted 1 year ago and I haven’t talked to her, but I miss her a lot. I walk out the shared room with2 other girls. I walk trough this hall way 16 years ago I was 2 years old. I still remember the day I first walked through this hallway I was crying and begging the lady to let me go back with my mom. That never happened, I was 4 when I got my first foster home it was a okay house, the lady only wanted me to call her mom turned out that she had lost her daughter and that was the reason she tuck me in, I looked like her. She also never called me by my name she always called me Ashley. One day the cops came to that house and tuck me away the screams coming out of that lady’s mouth scared me, it sounds like they were killing her, she kept yelling “my daughter she is my daughter give her back, if you don’t give her back I will kill her I swear I will kill her give her back!” After that she trow a rock that shattered the window of the cop car a office was putting me in the glass shattered into piece i cover my face, it cut my are i remember of shattered glass cut my arm. Now a scare in its place, along with a painful reminder of that day. I was at the foster office once again.

I was 7 when I got my second foster home do to what happened with my last foster parent this had to be a family that already had kids, I meet Mrs pan and Mr pan they had 12 kids most were adopted they had 8 of there own there house was pretty big I had to share a room with 3 of there kids I don’t remember there names but it was a 14 year old boy a 13 year old girl and 3 year old boy the room was a mess, I had to wait a long time to use the restroom. At breakfast we only had bread and a glass of water I had to walk to my new school with Mrs pans’s kids I remember of of the boys said “if mom adopts you, you will be my bitch” what made it worse was it was the boy I had to share a room with. I stayed there in that house with them for 1 year they were going to adopt me but they changed there mind last minute, I was so thankful they did that boy made my life a living hell.

I got in to many more foster homes but they always gave me back saying I had to much trauma, the longest I stayed in any foster home that was not Mrs pan’s was 2 weeks after that they always brought me back.

Remembering all this made my eyes water I go to the bathroom and clean my face before Oscar gets here he always would yell at me for crying, I walk out to the office I go to the front desk to see Quin she has worked here for many years she would always give me a chocolate bar when she sees me she was always here waiting for me when the foster family didn’t work out, she doesn’t have kids she can’t she has gotten pregnant 14 times and lost ever single one. I see her as a mother but I will never tell her that not wanting to remember she may never have a real daughter or son. “Quin?!” I say happily with a big smile “Hi Lucy” she says giving me a hug “Lucy I need to tell u something!” She says happily holding my hand. “What is it.” She takes a beep breath and says “I’m pregnant!” I look at her in shock “omg congratulations!” I say this is the 15th time she has told me that. “So what do you need, Lucy?” She says pulling away from the hug. She doesn’t remember I feel a sting in my chest “The sign out form.” I say “why do u need that your not 18 yet not till 6 more months?” She asks with a giggle “Umm Quin today is my birthday I turn 18 today I am signing out of the foster care system.” I say


Hey hope u like this chapter I am rewriting it because I didn’t like the old version so hope this has more details and is more interesting. Love u bye❤️❤️❤️❤️🙋‍♀️✨😘😘
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