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Chapter 2

Quin looked at me funny. “No Lucy I would remember when your birthday is don’t play tricks on me.” She says awkwardly laughing I look at her with sad eyes knowing that she really didn’t remember “Quin I swear it’s my birthday today” I tell her “ OK if you say so let me just check if it is your birthday I am pretty sure you’re tricking me Lucy.” Those words hurt me but I had to act happy she just told me she got pregnant so it’s my duty right as her almost adopted kid or her wanted to be kid I had to be happy for her so I put on the best fake a smile I could the happiest as she walked over to the computer and put my name and looked in my files. Her face immediately changed as well I think she saw was my file knowing that today was indeed the day I was born, at that moment I feel horrible knowing what I have caused her. “See Quin it’s no joke.” I say “ i i I am I’m sorry my deep apologies Lucy it wasn’t my intention to not know your birthday and I’m sorry” what have I done when she talks formally to me I know I did something wrong and she’s usually calm around me. “ can I get the form to find out, I would like to get out of here as fast as possible” I say she gave me that I’m sorry look again. She went to get the form off the desk and handed it to me in silence. I fill out the form and hand it back. “ done my I go?” I ask “ I am sorry but not yet we have to pass the form through the head office before you go this may take at least two hours.” I sit at the waiting chairs and text Oscar telling him that I have to wait two hours and to come pick me up at 3 PM.

***** at 3 PM
“ you may go I just got an email that you could go” says Quin “okay thanks” I say I get my things and walk out without saying a goodbye “hey” I say getting in Oscars care “hey Babe so are you all done with this shit?” “Yup it’s all done” I say he puts his hand on my face and kisses me I fell his tongue go in my mouth this is the first time he has ever done this, I don’t like it at all he focuses me to stay in place as I try to push him away “hm s- sto-no-hm-pleas-no-stop” I try to say but he won’t stop kissing me I give up and he kisses harder, he makes my seat go back and he gets on top of me. His hand Feeling my body i feel disgusted by this he pulled my shirt up till my boobs show, I have never shown no one my body I try to push him of again he stops kiss me “stop please no more Oscar Stop!” I say covering up my breasts. His hand hits my mouth “ shut up u slut” he says going back to kissing my neck. I kick him with all my might, quickly open the door of the car. He holds his leg we’re I kicked him I grab my back pack and run. The engine of the car turns on I run faster, not wanting to go back to the foster care home I run past it and into a cafe. I walk up worker there “hey welcome to south cafe how can I help you?” She says with a big smile on her face “Hey can I have a black coffee with ice, please” I say. There is people here Oscar would never do something bad in public i’m safe for now. “Okay will that be all?” “Yea that’s all.” I say “okay that will be $5 dollars with 25 cents” she say I hand her the money and take a sit. I see Oscar open the cafe door and my heart skips a beat. He comes up to me “ Lucy let’s go!” He says in a quiet voice. “Order 481!” I look at my paper and that was my order. I walk up and Oscar pulls me making me fall to the ground.


Hey hope u like this weeks up date and way what do u think will happen next will Oscar pick her up like it was a accident or will he do something else’s say tuned to find out love u guys bye 😘😘🥰🥰❤️❤️
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