Beneath The Surface- Book 3 of the Paradox Series (A Mafia Romance)

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Every family has its secrets that once exposed, uncover the truth which lies beneath the surface. The one thing holding this family together is pending catastrophe that dwells in the dark shadows of the night. For Niccolo Montanari life as the brother and right hand man to the notorious Mafia tycoon has been hell on earth. Heinous and unmerciful, he is the one to be feared the most. The scars he bears tell the treacherous stories of a hitman and the irreversible curse that has him bound to his brother's hierarchy. An Empire threatened to be destroyed to the ground by their mutual weakness, who may become the hedge between them, bringing this domain to its debacle.

Thriller / Romance
Ana K.
5.0 3 reviews
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The story that you are about to read contains depictions of violence, drugs, blood and murder with sexually explicit content throughout.

This book is a thriller and the characters in it possess natures that are imperil, ruthless and obscene which may be disturbing to certain readers.

The story is marked mature therefore will have mature content throughout. Reader discretion advised.

Hello beautiful people of Inkitt and welcome to another one of my Mafia stories.

This book is the third installment to the Paradox series and takes place years before Antonio met Adriana, down to the very first night that Adriana walked into his club.

You will get a further insight into Niccolo's making of a hitman and right hand to Antonio, how he came to know his father's involvement with Adriana's mother along with the many secrets that have been kept sealed and what lies beneath the layers of this family.

I feel compelled to warn you beforehand that this is not going to be a typical vanilla romance. On the contrary, it will be filled with the dangers of the underground world and the many illegal activities that come with it.

To all my lovely readers that have been following this series from the very beginning— I thank you for all the love and support, you have truly inspired me throughout this entire writing journey and I'm grateful for evey single one of you! ❤😘🥰
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