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The Mattress

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Neo,a 17 year old ambivert, is moving into his new house, stoked to have his own room after spending half of his life with his sister yet an unexpected and unexplainable encounter leaves him broken.. Yet confused?

Thriller / Other
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A New Life

I don't know why I'm doing this. It's stupid. This whole thing. I hate it. I'd never be writing in some diary if my mom didn't give it to me. I'd feel guilty just leaving it, leaving it to gather dust all empty. Besides, it has a really cool cover so here I am. Writing in this diary as if I'm a horny teenage girl describing her crush.
Well we do have something in common.. No I'm not horny, I'm a teenager. *sigh* I've to introduce myself don't I?

God.. This is stupid. It's me, Neo (do I've to write my whole name? I won't, who cares) a 17 year old, writing in a car heading to Westwood. If you don't know what that is, it's a god forbidden place in the middle of nowhere. And there is going to be my new home. I don't exactly want to say why we're moving. Why? I don't know, the whole reason we're moving is forget it so why should I mention it.

My sister is trying to peak into the diar- journal as I'm writing this. It's already difficult as it is, writing in a moving car. Now I've a brat poking her head where it doesn't belong. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate my sister. She's my sister. As much as I dislike mentioning this, she gets me. She's the only one who does. How old is she? She's 15. A preppy 15 year old with dyed blue hair, who is trying to butt in. Give me a second.

"What are you doing? Move. I'm cramped" I shove her face away, curling against the door of the car.

"What are you writing~ I wanna know. Oooh, are you writing about some girls tits-"

"Naya! What did you just say, young lady?!" my mom does the look from the front seat. Busted. My sister rolls her eyes and socks me in the arm.

"Ow! What was that for? You ugly smurf"
"Neo! Don't call your sister that"

Now it was my turn to roll my eyes. My mom. A goody-two-shoes who tries to pretend this family is perfect. She doesn't even like the word shit.

"Honey calm down. It's their problem, let them deal with it" my dad says, glancing at her.

My dad. The complete opposite of my mom. He's so laid back, you'd think he wouldn't care if he was in the middle of a burning room. But that what's so interesting, the interaction between my parents. It's like a deaf person talking to a blind person. One is hand signing and the other is trying to figure out where they are. (apologies to any blind or deaf people)...

"Hey neoplasm, can I borrow you headphones?" my sister whispers. She knows if she says that nickname out loud, she'd be in trouble.
I scoff and hand them over and she smiles as if I'd given her a thousand bucks. It's rare for me to give my stuff. I don't really mind but the fear of it breaking in someone's else's hand freaks me out. My object broken by someone else. It would seem it's their fault, but it really isn't. It's mine. I know what you're thinking "but they broke it". I know but I'm the one who gave it. I don't want to blame them-

"Neo! Naya! Look!" mom excitedly points outside, glancing at the rear mirror. I stretch out and peak out of the window. We are going through a road in the middle of a thick forest. And as we go on, we reach a gravel road leading to a haunted looking house-cabin thing.

"Oh that's a cool house mom" I say nonchalantly, crouching back against the door, opening the journal.

"It's not just any house Neo. It's our home"
Me and my sister snap our heads at the same to face each other. I see my dad sort of brace himself as my mom looks at us.

"WHAT!?" we squeal together. No, we aren't that mad. So why did we do it? To piss our mom. Heh.

Our dad sighs and pulls over, causing the gravel to scrunch. Forgive me, I'm not that good at explaining noise. I open the door and step out. Of course the first thing you do after a 10 hour road trip is stretch till you think your bones popped off in place. I shove the journal into my hoddie pocket and take a good look at the house. Get ready for a description of a house you never asked for.

The house is two stories big, made with some wood ( I'm not a wood expert, obviously) with trees surrounding everywhere. There are four windows at the front of the house and peaking in them, it looks very dark. Like so dark. Like so so dark- okay I'm sure you know how dark.

My sister suddenly racing to the poach, grinning at me. It takes a second for me to register what was going on.

"oh no you're not." I whisper. She sticks her tongue at me and darts into the house as our parents look around a bit more.
I race after her, calling out,
"I call dibs on the bigger room!!"

"Nuh-uh! I did first!" I hear her call out from somewhere.

As soon as I step into the house, I'm filled with musty heavy air. I stop moving and actual comprehead that I'm not dying. Right infront of me is a wall with a overhead balcony. A bit to the left is the staircase. To my left is a doorway, leading to the living room I think. And to my left is a doorway leading to the kitchen. Am I boring you? *smirks* I hope I am. Why are you reading someone else's diar- journal...

I shake my head and race upstairs and turn right. A long ass hallways like in a damn bad horror flick. I groan mentally and walk through. Glancing back is a room, really big. Definitely for my parents. But that's not the point. What the point is, there's another small stair case at the end of the hallway. Leading up to a room.

Curiosity gets the best of me as I walk to it, up the stairs and into the room. It's a fairly sized room. With nothing but a bed. And a mattress on top. It surprisingly looks brand new. Did my parents put it here or something?
I walk in further. The ceiling is sloped down so I'm guessing I'm at the edge of the house. Walking over to the window is an over view of the forest, nothing that interesting.

Someone is looking at me. I feel the hairs of my neck flare up. Someone is looking at me. I glare at the trees trying no to think about whoever is beind me. 'calm down Neo, it's just your imagination' I slowly turn around, gulping and-

"Boo!!" my sister pounces at me. When I tell you my heart stopped working, it stopped working.

"what the hell Naya!" my voice comes out strained. I know I'm not mad at her. I'm mad at myself for getting scared. She looks at me worried and with a small laugh she says,
"it was a joke haha, did you really get scared?"

"whatever. Did you really have to stare at me though? It was creepy"

Naya looks at me confused. "I didn't stare at you. I was just passing by this room when I saw you and decided to scare you"

I blink. It it wasn't her, then who? I glance outside. I really hope it wasn't slender man or some shit.

"Is this the room you picked out?" Naya looks around the room. "Not bad. I kinda want it now"

"Huh.. I didn't really check out the other rooms but yeah, I'll choose this room." I say, unsure of the words coming out of my mouth. Did I really want this room??

"Wanna explore the house? I bet there's a dead body here" my sister smirks and walks down the stairs, not really waiting for me. I feel a twinge in my stomach when she said that as I glanced at the bed. What if someone was killed here?

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