Devious Siren

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" I always had a feeling it was you, but I was blinded by love to believe it." he says. "i'm sorry." I whispered, as i put 3 bullets in his chest. Reign Naomi Dal Bon was only nine years old when she got her first kill. Years later she got a name for herself, they called her a Devious Siren and once you hear her call prepare for the worst. Luca Dervonte Mancini is next in line to the throne of the Mancini Mafia and his father has done some things to people who want revenge, even the ones closest to him. But Lucas mind is currently occupied by a curly haired woman who he knows nothing about.

Thriller / Romance
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{1} Dal Bons


Imagine your parents selling you and your brother for a quick high. That could never happen right??

Well it happened to us, me and my brother Rage. We were only 6 years old, when our father came bursting through our room door telling us to pack a bag we're staying with the neighbors for the night.

Little did we know this would be the night that changed our lives.

We walk into the living room with our bags and see our mother (like always) slumped over the sofa with a syringe and spoon in her hand.

"Daddy who are they?" Rage says, I look over in the kitchen and see four big guys in all black. "Those are the neighbors son, don't be rude go and say hello" Dad says while wiping his nose.

Rage starts walking towards the men and I grab his arm and shake my head no. "They're bad people, he has the thing that hurts people" I whispered. He looks at the gun on one of the men hips and starts to back away. That was until our father pushed us right into the men and we both fell.

Laughter fills the room, one guy stands up and says something in a language i don't understand. "Doveremmo andarcene e basta, questi ragazzi non valgono un accidente."(we should just leave, these kids they are not worth a damn). "Shut the fuck up Bryan, you're only here for back up so stay in your place,"another guy says. He crouches down to help us up "Hi sweetheart what's your name?" I look down and ignore him, "What about you, Superman?" I look over and see that Rage is wearing an Ironman shirt. Idiot. "Rage, and this is my sister Reign" I push him and he pushes me back, before we could start fighting, the guy in front of us starts chuckling and says to the other men "saranno perfetti."(they will be perfect).

In the car ride to wherever we were going, the nice guy who name turns out to be Roman is trying to make conversation. "So who's the oldest, is it you miss attitude?" I ignore him again and he chuckles. "Who's the oldest, Superman?"he asks Rage. "Reign is", my brother mumbled. "Shut up", I say to him.

We pull up into a gated house that's the size of a mall and I am in awe. "You two won't be the only kids here, they're are two other kids waiting for us", Roman says. "Why? Are you babysitting more kids?"I ask. He slowly nods his head, Bryan lets out a snicker and is slapped upside the head for it. I smile a little while Rage is just laughing like there's no tomorrow.

As we walk towards the door my nostrils are filled with a delicious smell, my stomach instantly growls, "Don't worry we'll feed you as soon as you're settled" Roman says while punching in some code for the door. It opens and everything looks like it came from a movie, I was about to start exploring but realized that I don't know these people or what they do. "Reign, Rage c'mom I wanna show you your rooms and the other kids" he states.

He shows us where we will be sleeping, I'm in one room and Rage is in the room right beside mine. I quickly pull Rage to my room and tell Roman we only need one room he gives me a small smile and goes to change clothes.

Dinner comes around and in walks two boys who are around our age. They both just stand there and stare at me and my brother, Rage is the first to speak

"What's your name?" he ask one of the boys and he responds with "Nathan but just call me Nate" he takes a seat in front of Rage. The other boy says his name is Jycobi and sits in front of me. We all sit there and wait for something to happen.

A old lady comes and brings all of us a plate full of food, I can't help but to start digging in. It's been almost two days since we last ate and we were starving. "Godersi i bambini e mangiare quanto si vuole"(enjoys kids and eat as much as you want), the old lady says with a smile. "Figlio"(son), she calls out as she sits another plate at the head of the table and Roman walks back in a nice suit.

He takes the seat at the head of the table and takes a deep breath before he begins to speak. "I'm not about to sugarcoat anything, you four aren't here for just a night." "Nathan since you're the oldest i'll start with you, you father worked for me but three nights ago he was murdered."

Nate lowers his head and stares at his food. "Unfortunately you have no other family, so now you're my responsibility son." Roman says.

"Jycobi you're next, your parents decided that they wanted to steal from me and sell my product and that's doesn't sit right with me, so I did what I do best. I killed them.

Jycobi starts to get up and run but before he could do that a man grabs him and puts him back in the chair only to hold him there. "Jycobi listen to me, they stole from me and in this business I can't have that."

"What is this business?" Nate asks while looking at Roman.

"That's for you to find out later." He says with a smirk.

"Now to my two twins, the product Jycobis parents stole from me is the same product your parents are sniffing and injecting every night." "I asked your parents for the money and they didn't have it but your father said that he had two kids he didn't give a shit about so you know what he did he gave you away to me and asked for more drugs in return." "So that's what I gave them, more drugs. But a little too much so it didn't end well for them." I look over at Rage and he has a neutral face on him, I don't know how to feel they were never good parents. They've always been drug addicts but it had gotten worse in the past year. I didn't know how to react so I said "Okay". Everyone's head turn to me and I started back eating my food.

After diner is over we are taken into a office and are sat down on a sofa. Roman sits in front of us with folders in his hands, he reads over each one before passing them to us. "This will be the start of your new life, so I made some rules. Each of you will be given a different name, you may be allowed to use your real name but only in this household. You will not use your real name outside this house, do you understand?" We all nod our heads. "Good, now Rage I don't want you to tell anyone about Reign, that goes for you two also." "Why?" they ask at the same time. "Because she's a secret no one but the people in this house should know about, got it?" They all say yes and look over at me. "Starting tomorrow your names will be, Kian Dal Bon, Nate that is you. Ameer Dal Bon, Jycobi that's you. Desmond Dal Bon, is you Rage. Last and definitely least.
Aubrei Williams, is your name Reign. Tomorrow your training will also begin, so get a good nights rest, i miei figli." (my children).
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