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Thriller / Drama

Chapter 10

Parker Stewart was in his dorm room playing Evil Ways by Carlos Santana on the CD player. His walls hung posters of the Grateful Dead, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, and Jim Morrison. The room was decorated Bohemian style with beads, lava lamps and large pillows on the floor to sit on.

"So, you're planning on having a little party, are ya?" Parker said to Matthew. "Well, ya came to the right place."

Parker was another rich kid, and a senior. He wore cut-off shorts and a tie-dyed shirt that read: I NEED A MIRACLE. He sported a goatee with his long scraggly hair. He looked like a real stoner, which fit because he was, in addition to being a drug dealer.

Matthew watched as Parker removed a shoebox from under his bed and placed it on his desk. Then he took the lid off, and emptied its contents onto his desk: three rolled plastic bags of marijuana, one small psychedelic glass pipe, and four prescription pill bottles.

"Damn dude, I didn't know you had all this," Matthew said. "We should have hooked up a long time ago."

"Yeah bro, anytime ya ever need anything, just let me know. I can pretty much hook ya up with anything ya want."

"Cool. How 'bout those roofies I asked about? And do you think you can break up a quarter once for me?"

"Ah bro, ya gonna make me break out my scale?" Parker said.

"Okay, fuck it. Just give me the roofies and a half-zee."

"Half ounce, cool, that's more like it, bro." Then Parker picked up one of the rolled bags on his desk and tossed it to Matthew. "Check it out, bro."

Matthew unrolled the bag of weed and smelled it. "Damn, dude, that's some potent shit."

"Best skunk on the block, bro," Parker said as he removed a tiny baggy from the shoebox. He removed the lid from one of the prescription bottles and put two pills in it. Then he sealed the end of the bag and handed it to Matthew.

"Okay bro, Rohypnol at its finest, just as you requested," Parker said.

"Great. Um, can I ask you a question? If a guy takes a roofie, can he still get a hard on?"

Parker looked at Matthew in a strange way before he answered. "It's a rape drug, why would you give one to a guy? I thought you liked women."

"I love women, but I uh ... I have insomnia sometimes and can't sleep. If I take one and was with a girl, will I still be able to perform?"

"Why would you take one before having sex with a chick? When I have sex with a chick, I fall right to sleep after I shoot my load."

"I'm just wondering that's all," Matthew said.

"Well, Rohypnol is a pretty strong tranquilizer. It's a muscle relaxant, so I imagine your Johnson will probably go limp in minutes after taking one."

"Is there anything that would prevent that?"

"The only thing that I can think of is Viagra. It's a new drug that just became available on the market. I tried one once, I had a woody for hours. The chick I was with thought I had a super dick ... I kept going and going. It was unbelievable."

"Can I get some?"

Parker checked contents from his shoebox. "I'm all out, but I can get you some in a few days."

"Cool, how many do you need to take?"

"Just one ought to do it."

"Okay, get me two," Matthew said with an eager look on his face.

"Okey doke, two Viagra it is."

"Cool, what's the damage?"

"Lets see," Parker said scratching his as he added up the total. "Two-seventy-five, bro. That's not counting the Viagra. We can settle that when I get them for you."

"Two-seventy-five? Ouch!"

"Sorry bro, University prices. I gotta risk factor here and overhead. You can get better prices on the street, but then again, you'll have to question the quality. Plus, those roofies weren't easy to get."

Matthew dug in his pocket and pulled out a wad of cash. "No problem, it's cool man." He handed the money to Parker. "I just didn't realize how much weed's gone up."

"Mucho gracias my friend, nice doin' business with ya." Then Parker held up the glass pipe. "Ya wanna burn?"

"Sure thanks." Matthew made himself comfortable on one of the big pillows on the floor while Parker packed the pipe with weed. A friend with weed is a friend indeed.

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