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Thriller / Drama

Chapter 11

It was early Monday morning when Amanda Stevenson went to the student lounge. She wanted muffin and a cup of tea before her economics class. Elizabeth and Matthew were walking out just as she reached for the door.

"Hi, Amanda, how's it going?" Elizabeth asked.

"Hi. Okay I guess." Amanda was in Elizabeth's economics class. She was stunned that she stopped to talk to her.

"This is my friend, Matthew," Elizabeth said to Amanda.

"You're a freshman, right?" Matthew asked. "So, how does a freshman get in a senior's economics class?"

"My parents sent me to prep school. I also took a lot of advanced classes over the summer."

"Geez, all work and no play," Matthew said.

"Well, my parents expect a lot from me. I should have enough credits to graduate by the time I'm a junior."

"You're kidding, right?" Elizabeth said.

"No, my parents are pretty austere," Amanda said. "They say it's for my own good."

"That's too bad," Matthew said.

"Why do you say that?"

"Well, we're having a party this Friday," Matthew said, "and we were going to ask if you wanted to come."

"I don't think so, thanks anyway," Amanda said.

"Oh, c'mon, it will be fun," Elizabeth said.

"I don't know," Amanda said.

"Matthew's roommate will be there," Elizabeth said.

"Who's his roommate?" Amanda asked.

"Joey Cafaro," Elizabeth said. She knew about the crush Amanda had on Joey. She overheard a conversation that Amanda had with another girl in class. She figured she'd use it for all it was worth and was hoping that she'd take the bait. She had to, or her and Matthew's plan wouldn't work, and they'd have to come up with another one.

"Yeah, we're just gonna kick back and relax," Matthew said. "We'll have food and a few drinks. Nothing too wild."

"I don't drink," Amanda said.

"You don't drink at all or you never drank before?" Matthew asked.

"I never had a drink before," Amanda said slightly embarrassed.

"Well, that's what college is for," Elizabeth said. "It's an institution for experiencing new things. Besides, your parents will never find out."

"I don't know ... maybe," Amanda said.

"Ya know, a freshman can't be too fickle," Elizabeth said. "You're being invited to senior party. Most freshmen would die for that chance. If you say no, you'll probably never be invited to anything ever again. You don't want to come off as a snob do you?"

"Well, since you put it that way ... okay," Amanda said.

"Cool, it'll be fun you'll see," Elizabeth said.

"Can I bring my friend Katherine?" Amanda asked.

"Well, we normally just pick one freshman each, and then see how it goes," Elizabeth said. "Maybe the next party she can come. Don't worry, I'll take good care of you. Just think of me as an older sister."

"All right, thanks Elizabeth," Amanda said.

"Well, we gotta go," Matthew said. "Nice meeting you, and see you at the party."

"Nice meeting you too," Amanda said.

"I'll give you the time and everything in class, okay?" Elizabeth said.

"Okay, thanks. See you later," Amanda said. She opened the door and entered the student lounge smiling.

While Elizabeth and Matthew walked together, he imitated Elizabeth. "Just think of me as an older sister." Then he began to laugh. "What the heck was that?"

"Shut up, stupid! We need her to come or our plan won't work, and I want the nerd to feel comfortable."

"The dumb kid doesn't know what she's in for," Matthew said.

"She has to grow up some time. She'll get over it," Elizabeth said. "Give me a cigarette jackass."

"You know, you can be a real bitch sometimes." He removed his pack and handed one to her.

"Yeah, I know, isn't it great?"

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