By Rich Stachura All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Drama

Chapter 1

June 6, 1987, Dunellen, New Jersey.

The Carlyle's lived in a small ranch-style four-bedroom house, in blue-collar town, in central New Jersey. Elizabeth was on her bed, thumbing through a Teen magazine that particular day. She was twelve-year-old, and wore the entire Madonna ensemble with rubber bracelets, short skirt over her leggings, headband, and beads. She was listening to the radio. Jets - You Got It All was playing.

She tried to block out the sound of her parents who were arguing in the next room, so she turned up her stereo, but the noise was still coming through the walls.

Suddenly Emily opened the door and entered the room. She was wearing a black and white zebra print shirt with an acid washed mini-skirt worn over her leggings. She immediately closed the door behind her. "Man, they're really going at it this time."

They could hear their parents shouting through the walls. Suddenly there was a loud crash. It sounded like the living room vase.

"Turn up the radio, I can't take that yelling anymore," Elizabeth said to Emily.

"I think they're gonna get a divorce this time," Emily said as she crossed the room.

"Good," Elizabeth said. "Maybe this fighting will finally end." When she glanced up from her magazine, she noticed the shirt Emily was wearing. "Hey, you're wearing my shirt!"

"I didn't have a clean one. "Can I wear it?"

"No, take it off!"

"C'mon, just let me borrow it for today, please?"

"No, it's mine! Take it off!"

"You're such a stingy bitch!" Emily said. Then she removed the shirt and threw it at Elizabeth.

"It's my shirt," Elizabeth said turning the page of her magazine.

"You're such a bitch!" Emily said removing a wrinkled shirt from her hamper.

"Pig!" Elizabeth replied without looking.

Emily stormed out of the room leaving the door open on purpose, allowing the loud arguing to enter the room.

Elizabeth, thoroughly frustrated, rose from her bed and slammed the door shut.

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