Fright of Love

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A group of friends hold a party for halloween. The house is abandoned and off the beaten track. When strange things happen, at first they and not sure if it is just a trick of their minds, but as the party gets going, the masked man reveals himself and there is a whole new dark side which opens up for one person. Warning - some readers may find parts of this disturbing. (This story is not edited and only a rough copy.)

Thriller / Erotica
Arri Stone
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Chapter 1 - Jason


I stretch my arms above my head and yawn as my alarm beeps next to me. I hit the snooze button and the chill in the air makes me want to pull the covers back over my head. The cool October air seeps in through the crack in the window. I had taped it up but it really needs replacing after I accidentally threw my boot at it. My younger brother Mark was standing in front of it one day last week, he had fucked me off saying that Abby had been seen with the piss head Tank, I knew he was messing with me, but still… Now mum is pissed at me for cracking the window and forcing me to pay for the repair.

Tank was a real asshole sometimes, but we were friends. We worked at the same garage as we were both grease monkeys when it came to cars. With women though, we were completely different. Tank was a guy who liked to fuck, and fuck around. I on the other hand was still trying to pluck up the courage to ask Abby out. She was my dream girl in my eyes, but she is also a friend, and my brother loved teasing me about her. These last three years had been hard as she had been with Kyle, but last week he dumped her and I held her crying in my arms. I was ready to go and punch his lights out because of how much he had hurt her, but she held me back, said he wasn’t worth it.

Having to console a woman I love over another guy breaking her heart, tore me apart. I’m meeting Abby after work tonight for drinks at the local pub as I asked her to come out. Kyle wasn’t worth her sitting around being sad, I really hope she turns up.

We had three cars in to fix different problems today. Easy fix with new brake pads and discs on one car whilst the other two were more time consuming. The usual banter is thrown about the garage as we work. Rich is the guy who owns the garage and a decent one at that, he isn’t out to screw anyone over, he fixes what needs to be fixed and puts in a notice if he comes across anything else which may need doing so it gives the owners a chance to decide what to do.

With the shift over I was getting cleaned up before I headed home. Tank was on his phone talking loudly to whom I could only guess was Liam.

“You are joking? Yes I’m in!” Tank was grinning from ear to ear, excitement was pulsing through his body. “That’s a fucking awesome idea, we will have all the girls screaming.” He started laughing loudly and I wondered what the hell they were planning.

Puzzled, I hung about till he finished the call. Only catching one side of the story I knew they were planning a party of some sort.

“Well this is gonna be a blast.” Tank slapped me on my back as he finished the call.

“So, what are you planning with Liam?” I run my fingers through my hair and wait for his response.

“You know that old house? I sent Liam, who took Ben with him and checked it out. If we bring a couple of generators and stuff we can rig it up with lights and music. We’re going to throw a halloween party there.” Tank was rubbing his hands together, I could tell more ideas were flooding into his head.

I covered my face with my hands, there was a reason no one went near that house. Apart from it being deemed unsafe, it was secluded so I’m not sure how they are going to talk a bunch of girls to come especially as the place is located in the woods. Tank slaps me on my back.

“Just imagine, everyone dressed up, we will have spooky lights throughout the house, booze flowing, and music pumping through a speaker system Liam has from his car outside. We can have music players in different rooms, games set up, shit imagine the fun we can have scaring the girls who come, they will be leaping into our arms.” He licks his lips and I know exactly what he is thinking.

I shake my head at him and grab the keys to my car. I have work tomorrow so I’m not drinking too much tonight. Tank, as much as he loves cars he doesn’t own one. Reasons for being a dickhead and losing his licence two years ago for DUI. He was lucky not to get banged up.

I arrive home and mom is busy in the kitchen. “How was work honey?” She turned to see me walk in.

“Good, I’m going to grab a shower as I’m meeting Abby later on.”

“You should invite her round, it has been ages since we last saw her.” Mum gave me a sad look.

I know she hasn’t been around as Kyle had made things difficult for us and I also found it hard to sit and listen to my mom go on about Kyle all the time. Unfortunately my parents were friends with Kyle’s parents and they act as if nothing has happened. I sigh as I had previously told mum about why I don’t speak to Kyle anymore.

“Mom, I told you, Kyle broke up with her, this will be the first time Abby has been out since then.” I huff out at her.

“No need to get moody with me, I only asked that you should invite her round.” Mom snapped back at me. “And don’t you roll your eyes at me Jason, you may be 25 years old but I can still tell you off.” Mom waves the spatula she had in her hand at me.

“Okay, I’ll ask her.” I give mom a kiss on her cheek and head upstairs for a shower.

I choose my blue faded jeans and a black t-shirt to wear, topped off with my boots and leather jacket. I slick my hair back with some gel and dab a bit of my favorite cologne. Bouncing down the stairs I meet Mark, sitting and eating his dinner already.

“Oh good, you have come to join us!” Mom grabbed a plate and put it down for me.

I was just going to have a sandwich from Archies before I met Abby, but with the trouble mom has gone to, I sit and eat with the family. “Thanks mom, that was lovely.” I rinse my plate and slot it in the dishwasher, before I put my Jacket back on and pick up my keys. “See you later.” I call out as I leave the house.

I am only a ten minute walk away from the pub and it gives me a chance to walk off some of the food. I checked my phone to see if there had been any messages. Several on my facebook messenger, all from the guys who now have all been included in the halloween house party idea.

Tank - “Jason, you better start telling the girls!”

Ben - “I’m sorting out the lights, how many do we need?”

Liam - “Jason, can you sort out some pumpkins as well?”

Tank - “I’ve got two generators organised, we just need to go organise decorations in the house. Can you gather some girls to do that Jason?”

Harry - “If we tell everyone to bring some booze each then we will have plenty, but I can get a couple of kegs of beer as well.”

“What the fuck has Tank been telling everyone?” I hadn’t even agreed anything with him and here I am getting messages to do stuff. Yeah I know I’m more likely to talk the girls to come to the party but it would be nice just to be asked properly instead of it being shoved into my face as usual.

I’m five minutes early so I head inside and hope Abby will be here already. I scan the room but don’t spot her. I prop myself up at the bar and order a half pint whilst I wait for Abby, I hope she turns up.

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