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Talia Martin 17 years old From Coventry Attends Grange wood high-school In search of a boyfriend. Why? Because her ex boyfriend has ditched her for her rival enemy. Talia has decided to rent a boyfriend but there's one big problem.... Her new boyfriend is not who she's asked for. He's a hacker. Dangerous, unpredictable, cold, obsessive, impossible to work with, damn right annoying, and what he says goes. What will Talia do when she gets trapped underneath this villains thumb?

Thriller / Erotica
Ivy White
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Chapter 1

Take this book as it comes. It's something different and this is what I did for Hackers Toy. I went with the flow creating a fun book and not one that needed to be serious all of the time. This is more of a comedy book.

"I can't believe Ethan did that to me! Going off with that bitch! I hate her and him. The two of them deserve each other. They can rot in hell for all I care." Throwing my phone down on my pink bed cover, I part my hair and braid the left side of my head looking in my long full body mirror.

"I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation Talia. Speak to him about it tomorrow." Paula tries to help me calm down and I scream. Turning around, I tap my phone cutting the line. I throw myself down on the bed and scream in my pillow. I hate her! That horrible cow Pheobe will do anything to take me down. What have I done to her to deserve this? Stealing my boyfriend was the last route I thought that she would take. I cannot believe that Ethan ditched my ass for hers. Argh, so flipping annoying.

What can I do to take her out? Hmmm, think Talia, think!

She's just gone and destroyed every reason I had to stay alive. What's the point in staying inside this human vessel when I can go and be at peace away from all of these jealous freaks who want to ruin everything good that I have in my life. If it wasn't already bad enough as it is now. Losing my brother last year wasn't exactly a moment in my life where I would celebrate. If anything, all my life has done is fall a part eversince that day.

I've got it...

Picking up my phone, I type in the search engine......Rent a boyfriend. Clicking on the top link, I lag down on my bed and smile. Holding my phone above me I bite my bottom lip, hard. I'm a genius. How much is it?

Scrolling down the page I see a set price. "£100" Perfect. Clicking the rent a boyfriend button, I wait for the next page to show which takes some time. I have a couple of thousand in my account off my parents. Perks of now being the only child. Sighing, I drop my phone down on the bed and stand up. Grabbing the crisps off the side that I saved for my boring moments, I lay back down and throw one in my mouth when a message pops up on my screen.

Would you like to rent a boyfriend today?

Yes please! I type.

Sure. I will help you find your perfect boyfriend once you've answered a couple of simple questions. Can you answer them for me please?


Great! Can I ask you for your name?

Talia Martin.

Your age?


Where are you from please Talia?

Coventry, United Kingdom.

How long is it that you want to rent a boyfriend for?

Not too sure. On-going.

Fantastic! Now that you've answered a couple of simple questions. I need you to tell me who your perfect boyfriend is.

Blonde hair, blue eyes, pale skin if possible. He has to be sweet, kind and caring. Love to play instruments and cook because I would love to have somebody who I can do that with. I need him to be a social person who enjoys spending time doing anything other than sitting on his mobile phone and ignoring me.


Selecting boyfriend for Talia.......


Well that was activated quicker than I thought.



I thought that was going to take longer to complete. They haven't even taken any money or my bank account details to do it! I wait and wait and wait and wait until another person enters the chat. A person I least expect.

Sup sugar tits?

Erm... Hello?

Sugar tits... Really? Who even asks a girl that question?

Talia is it?

Yes and you are?

The names Jaffa.

Jaffa? What sort of name is that?

A good one.

He's straight to the point isn't he!

So, why you needin' me?

To make my ex boyfriend and his bitchy girlfriend jealous. Why else would I ask for you?

Oh, I don't know....Possible fuck buddy, a man to fight someone off for ya, someone to set you straight. I don't know.

First of all. I need a boy, not a man. Secondly, I'm not interested in sex, I'm still a virgin. Eww, who even says that?

A boy hmm......
Interesting statement there. Anyway, I say that.. Problem?


Well, you're out of luck. So your a virgin?

That doesn't matter.

Correction. It does matter. I'm a man...(boy) with needs and you obviously can't meet them. Have you ever thought that your ex boyfriend could have left you for that specific reason? This girl is giving him what you couldn't.

No! Ethan is a virgin too.

Sure about that?


I think someone's telling me porky pies. Sorry to burst your bubble there love but it's the truth. He wants sex and you can't provide him with what he wants, needs, wishes and desires so he ditched your ass for someone better. You are rather stuck up if I must say so myself.

I am not!

You really are.


I could argue with you all night long love but I have more important things I need to do like robbing a bank. Anything I can help you out with now?


Oh Tabitha, Tabitha, Tabitha. Your playing with the wrong card. Maybe you should try attending school in something, hmm... A little more saucy. You know, high-school isn't the easiest place to fit in and you're well, a loner. So, how about we change all of that?

I would rather not! How the hell do you know my full name and who said that I was a loner?

I've seen you around. Your choice of clothing is rather bizarre if you want my honest opinion.

It's my style!

Style where any guy will look at you and yawn. It's not flattering and doesn't look good in the slightest. I don't want to discourage you or nothin' but Ethan is with Pheobe and she's smokin' hot love. You need to up your game. You're scrap material.

And how do you suppose I do that?

Go up to what I said in this chat. Change your style. I can help you with that tonight but I have to shoot in twenty minutes because I have shit to do.

Who even are you?

I ain't telling you shit. Call me a secret helper for the time being.
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