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The Haunting Horror

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He had blood on his hands and, he ran...to get away, to escape.... 'The Dark Palace', An abandoned mansion, or...so he thought. Nobody dared to go there, but he had no choice, A murderer , who had figured out a way to hide. But when he discovers the deepest darkest secrets and the scary truth, will he be able to survive? Mysterious powers, hidden desires and a ghost on his trail, will it be his solace or the real HELL.... Read on to find out. *********************** ' RULES: 1. The participants should always abide by the words of the moderators. 2. All unfair practices are allowed 3. Failure to finish the tasks at the given amount of time results in punishments and the one with the most fails will be considered the loser and will be killed. 4. You cannot run away or back out at any point after accepting this. 5. You have no other choice than to accept this 6. The game starts when the participant chooses any of the two options given above this page. If he or she doesn't do it with their own volition the moderators can force them. Good luck. You may need it very much.'

Thriller / Mystery
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Chapter 1

It was raining heavily. The mud stuck to his shoes, creating heavy footprints. He had no choice but to speed up. Anything could go wrong, ANYTHING, and he didn't dare to think about the possibilities.

He had a destination in his mind. After disposing of the car into the river, which he thought was the safest option, he went in the opposite direction.

"One Tick, Two ticks, Three ticks,..."

He counted his steps as he entered the deepest part of the forest. He knew the way. He felt cold, the rain had soaked his coat , he was shivering all over. It was not dark yet.

'The time of twilight, oh so beautiful', he thought. He didn't know what to do after this..whole thing. It was all an impulsive decision, no, who is he kidding?, It was all planned. It was the last chance to take Timothy Hunter down. And he doesn't like to miss the chances. Risks, he liked it, loved it. Infact, in his own words "Risks are what makes you a Warrior".

With a gun in one pocket , a small flashlight in one hand and a glorious sin to hide, he saw it...



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