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Deviously Sincere

By Ashley Alexander All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Mystery


The problem with serial killers is that they sometimes create followers. For years, the Ritual Killer has managed to avoid arrest and the people are not happy. Females have been labeled as devious creatures and as such, they must be purified. Bodies are constantly turning up and the FBI has hit a brick wall. In order to catch a killer, one either has to become what the killer desires or find a new alternative. There is one solution and only Agent Tilda Wain seems willing to acknowledge it. To catch a killer, you must first deal with the man that influenced the monster. When all women are labeled devious, the hopes of achieving help from the original killer are slim. Tilda is not willing to allow that to stop her. While the body count is slowly rising, Tilda undergoes a change that will allow her to get close to the man that created this monster. In these trying times, the risk Tilda takes could save her kind or it could result in her being place onto the Ritual Killer’s table.

Chapter 1

The first walk on Earth was shared by Adam and Eve. He could imagine Adam holding Eve’s hand and speaking of things his mind could not fathom. The scent was something he wished he could smell, but he was sure that the smell running through his nose was rather close. His attention turned towards a lone flower and he bent down to pluck it slowly from the Earth. Despite knowing that the flower would soon wilt away and die, he continued treating it with care. He brought the petals up to his nose and took in a deep whiff before lowering it and staring at the garden around him. Everything seemed so peaceful, from the sounds of the nearby pond right down to the muffled noise coming from beside him.

He lowered himself down onto one of his knees and began stroking the hair of the woman next to him. Her hands had been cuffed to the arms of the wheelchair and her legs had been bound. He tucked the flower behind her ear and a very faint smile came to his face.

“No need to worry, this is a very special moment.” He brought his hand up to her eye and rubbed a tear away.

Instead of leaving her behind, he began pushing her through the garden. Occasionally, he would stop to admire a small creature that dared to cross their paths.

“What do you think they talked about on their first walk?”

He waited for her to give some kind of response, but his ears were only greeted by inaudible sounds.

“I am sure it was something nice. Maybe they spoke about their future or possibly how she was created. Regardless it must have been a wonderful time, don’t you agree.” He continued moving despite the sounds she was making.

As they rounded a rose bush, he suddenly stopped and rested a hand on her shoulder.

“Irene, I must say that I have been terribly rude to you. I am sure you want to partake in this conversation. After all, what is a conversation without two voices?”

He brought his hand up to her mouth and removed her mouth gag.

“Please let me go.”

His eyes closed as she spoke as if his brain was trying to slowly process her sentence. While he remained silent his hand began to move lightly against her cheekbone. It was at first a gentle caress and then suddenly he stopped caressing and gripped her chin. He made no attempt to move in front of her, instead, his eyes stayed fixed on the garden in front of him.

“Irene, it is rude to try and change the topic, especially when the mood does not call for it. If you do that again, I will be forced to cut our trip short.”

His tone was harsh, but the expression in his eyes was far from it. His grip on Irene’s chin supported his tone, but his eyes spoke of something else. He slowly released her chin and began pushing her once more.

“Tell me, what do you believe their first conversation was about?”

“I don’t know.”

A low sigh escaped his lips before he continued on, “Every living creature knows something. You hold the ability to think and speak, so I advise you to put them to good use. Now further the conversation by sharing your thoughts.”

His grip had begun to tighten, but when she spoke up his grip slowly began to relax.

“They probably talked about animal names or Eve could have asked Adam a lot of questions. There is no telling what they spoke about and I am sorry but I don’t know what else to say.”

“Never apologize for your thoughts, no matter how short or simple they are. You hold a good point, but no matter how enjoyable their conversation was something dark had started to grow inside of her. Despite all of the beauty that surrounds you, I am sure that even you are thinking dark thoughts.”

“I am not thinking anything dark, I just…”

“Irene it is never a good thing to spoil something beautiful with a lie. I supposed you want me to believe that you are not thinking about escaping or even killing me, if the opportunity presents itself.”


He rested a hand over her mouth and began stroking the back of her hair. “It is in your nature to always think dark thoughts.”

“Anyone would think dark thoughts in this situation.”

A light chuckle escaped his lips before he rested both hands on her shoulder. “I am well aware of this. You women are completely different creatures. You all deceive and harm people even when the situation does not call for it. You all bring out the monsters in men. I am sure that on their first walk together Eve was already plotting Adam’s downfall, just like you were when I first met you.”

“I promise you that was not my intentions.”

“I assure you that it was. While you may lie to yourself, you must always remember that only to your nature will you ever be true. You Irene show no signs of breaking away from your dreadful birth inheritance.”

He tuned out her words and pulled out a syringe. “Have no fears Irene because I am here to make things better.”

“Please don’t kill me.”

As she spoke he jabbed the needle into her arm and slowly pushed the liquid into her veins. “This is only going to put you to sleep for a bit. Your journey Irene is almost at its end. Just stay with me for a little while longer.” He did not move until her eyes closed and when he was sure she would no longer annoy him, he made his way out of the garden.

The sound of the fountain became a distant memory when the door closed behind him. Ahead of him stood a metal table and after he secured Irene to the table, he plucked the flower from her hair and placed it on his surgical tray. Instead of getting right to work, he picked up a small black jar and lifted Irene’s head up. He watched as her eyes moved rapidly beneath her eyelids and began to force open her mouth.


It annoyed him to see some of the liquid leaving her mouth. When the jar was empty, he allowed her head to fall back against the metal table. Despite the choking sounds he did nothing to sooth her. Instead, he placed on his gloves and began cutting into her clothing. He was determined to stay focus, but her sudden words caused him to stop.

“I am begging you; please don’t do this to me. I promise that if you let me go, I won’t tell anyone.”

He rested the scalpel on her chest and glanced back up at her face. For a while, he remained silent, but then he broke his own silence.

“Even now you continue to lie. How loyal you are to your nature. This is your last warning, remain silent or pay the price.”

The sight of her blood was mesmerizing. Combined with her screams, it produced a euphoric sensation. He had barely finished his cut, when she interrupted him once more. This time, he did not bother to reply. Instead, he forced her mouth open and carved out her tongue.

The thought of having her drown in her blood had crossed his mind, but he had to stay on track. He forced her head into a new position and went back to the task at hand. It did not take long for him to crack open her chest.

As he held her beating heart in his hand, he caressed it for a moment before ripping it out. Irene’s heart slowly began to feel like fire, so he dropped it inside a basket. While she was gone from this world, he knew that there were more like her still around.

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