a creaky pickle pt. 2

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marki hunt nd find boi wh0 is fedorini marki hunt nd find boi wh0 is fedorini, rest in prenks, rest in fedorini

Thriller / Mystery
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teh huunt

mark $pent the rest of the day rethinking his encounter

thinking about wht he couldve done, what he shouldve done--how he couldve encaptured the fedorini.

after mentally beating himself up for failing to capture the intruder his doge cam in.

the doge sed "hoias mastur navi s33l god, wut r u cry about"

mark replod "mi,a navi s33l lat a smel fedoro get awa"

the doge was like "aw p0op, i gotchi famrini"

then the doge walked to teh bathroom and smelt the stench, after sniffin for -1 secunds doge sed "oi m8ty, that fedoro is at doritos factori"

so mak and doge jumped out window and started running across ro@d, without lookin both weys.

then out of nowhere a mini dunkan doonats van caem outta nowhere nd rekt doge

mark started to cri, he look in rearview mirror with his 21/21 navi s33l enginor vizon nd saw teh FEDorini!

he ten turn 2 doge, doge cri nd ded nd sed "get him 4 me, memester"

mark sad "ok"

mark started to run after van, he took out katano and chunked tht puppy (dead dog reference lol) at the van, he ened up hittin the back of the van; his katano went through teh back and went itno thte engine bc of his supar sayan strengoth

he w3nt to ded van and tossed out fedori, he sad "who do u werk 4! y do u do dis!!!!"

fedora sad "gg no re" nd ded right there

mark had no answers, doge ded--home intruded. he is rekt

then he felt in fedoros hed and founda business kard, it was holographic--it had the steem logo onto it.

he knew, it was gaben tht was behind dis

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