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Fell into my own Trap

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Being raised with a family that only cares about reputation and virtues made Lavender Mongosia, the girl which she shouldn’t be. Any word with “-less” is what describes her. But after meeting Sebastian Blue, will she be able to stop herself? Or will fell into the trap?... of LOVE.

Thriller / Erotica
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Chapter 1

My name is Lavender Mongosia, twenty years old, doing internship at Vow With Us. It’s a very famous event planning company. Being done with bachelor in business administration, the first company where my resume got accepted was at Vow With Us. So without further thinking, I chose this as my first internship and even an excuse to get away from family.

It’s already four in the morning and I heard the beeping sound.

“Who the fuck is calling me at this hour?”

I checked my phone and saw no one but from somewhere beep sound kept going on and on. That’s when I became alert and rolled over to the other side of the bed for the laptop. It’s Miss Monroe.

“Yes, Ma’am. How can I help you?”

“Get over here soon. You have an assassination task and this time it is seven hundred million dollars.“, Ms. Monroe said.

“OK. Coming.”

Yeah you heard it right. Assassination. My side job is assassination, murder, killing. Well any synonyms of assassination is fine as long as you understand.

I and Monalie Monroe met while I was beating the man to death who was trying to molest me. She was watching me from afar and after I am done, she asked me to join her. Like two is better than one, so I agreed to her and it was like my stress relief job also.

Monalie Monroe is twenty four, young, beautiful with six feet height while I was five feet five inches. In one word, Short.

I brushed and showered quickly. For today, I chose black straight leg trousers with full sleeves black turtle neck and a black leather jacket. Sunglass and mask were must. After getting ready, I drove to the place that doesn’t even appear on map. Yep, freaking deserted place.

I parked my car which Ms. Monroe gave me as gift. It was Blu Nobile Maserati Quattroporte S and that was the magnificent car with color. I am a car maniac also and that was TMI.

I stood in front of door and took a deep breath. I entered.

“Morning, Ms. Monroe. Am here.”

“Morning to you too and please sit down.“, Ms. Monroe and I sat down.

“Here’s the file. You can go through it later but for now I’ll give you the brief about this mission.“, Ms. Monroe said. I nodded my head.

“So, here this is the CEO of Hallmount Corporation, Mr. David Jacobs. He has asked for us and the person who will depart the earth is the CEO of Vows With Us where you work, Mr. Sebastian Blue.“, Ms. Monroe said and pasted two pictures of each.

I was tongueless and unuttered. The CEO of my company is none other than the another intern human who’s working with me. I have been in that company for six months and now I have to eliminate that guy. I don’t know why but in my whole damn fucking assasin life, I had never felt this “full stop” to kill someone.

“Hey, yo girl. Are you day dreaming?“, Ms. Monroe said. I shook my head and came back to reality.

“Sorry but I didn’t hear you. Where were you?”

Ms. Monroe watched me with a confusing look because this has never happened.

“It’s nothing. Whatever I said you’ll get the details out of the file that I have given you.“, Ms. Monroe said.

“Okay. Anything more or new that I should be aware of?”

“No, that’s all and we’ll have meeting at 22:00. You can share your ideas and information.“, Ms. Monroe said.

“Okay then I’ll head out. Have a great day,”

By the time I left, it’s already eight in the morning.

My head wasn’t working and I wasn’t even thinking straight. So to cool off and distract, I went to gym.

After working out for an hour, I went home. I freshen up and got ready for the work.

For work, I always wear bright clothes with bright makeup and practice on expressions and talking. Being an intern comes with merits and demerits. While you get lots of work to make yourself busy, likewise you have to talk to clients, express your feeling about the shit talks that the ladies talk and walk around them like they want. Even though I don’t like, I just do.

Now if you ask me reason then, I don’t know. I just fucking do.

After eating breakfast, I got ready for the work. I wore a ocean blue A-line dress with a cream white floral design on the shoulder. Then I put some makeup and wore white medium high heels. I took the car keys and left the home.

It’s now ten in the morning.

I always park my car a bit far from the company and then I walk like other usual employees to not want anyone lure around my car.

After reaching the office, I went straight to our intern room. They have made separate room for interns because we have to deal with everything as it is the part of learning. I entered the room and Sebastian Blue was already at his desk.

“Motherfucking shit, why he’s here this early? I mean really why?“, I was asking this to my brain. Like the fuck my brain knows.

He saw me coming and gave a huge smile.

“Hey Lave, Good morning. How’s your day going? Would you like a cup of coffee? Will americano be fine with you? Well yesterday when did you get home?“, Mr. Blue asked, looking at me with those blue eyes.

His eyes were ocean blue color which matches his title and his skin tone was ivory, neutral undertone.

He had always called me Lave even though I had asked him not to but then at one point I stopped asking him. Then again, he has a great habit that is to ask all questions at once, in one breath.

“Morning to you too, Mr. Blue. Yes, my day is going great and yeah an americano will be fine with me. I went home late, around ten.“, I said with a fake smile.

“OK. An americano is on the way for you and don’t always work over time Lave. That’s not good for your health.“, He said with a smile.

“Hey that’s alright. It’s not like you are the CEO of the company, are you?“, I said with a smirk.

His eyes became big and was taken a back for a moment.

“Let’s get to work, Lavender.“, He said my full name because I touched the part which shouldn’t be.

I smiled and went back to complete my work.

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