Deep Within

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"I'm the one thing you couldn't hate more. I'm a sick twisted monster… and you should be terrified." Axel Griffin, the living definition of a narcissist. He's known to cause trouble. I've been told he's ruthless and violent. Everything he does he takes to the extreme. And now he lives under the same roof as me. He loves to make me hate him and want him at the same time. He seems to think he owns me. His actions lead me to wonder, is he the one who is also stalking me? The only way to find out is to dig deep within his past. The dark past he tried so hard to keep hidden.

Thriller / Erotica
Lys Marie
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Chapter 1


“Tatum, it’s time to get out of bed.” My aunt, Courtney speaks as her head pokes through the crack of my bedroom door.

“Why?” I groan as I sit up in bed.

“Because Brent and his son will be here soon. I would like you to be up and presentable please.” She pleads with me.

“Fine.” I roll my eyes.

“Thank you!” Courtney smiles just before shutting the door.

I pull the covers off and force myself out of bed. I wasn’t thrilled that I would be under the same roof as Axel Griffin. I didn’t deal with him personally but we did go to the same school. I was a grade below him when we were in high school. I graduated last month and he had finished up school the year before.

He had quite the reputation around school. He had that bad boy vibe that some girls seem to drool over. Which from I understand he definitely took advantage of the attention the girls at school gave. He was also constantly getting into fights. There was even a rumor that he moved to our town of Runswick because his dad wanted him to have a fresh start after spending some time at a juvenile detention center for beating some kids up in his middle school.

My aunt Courtney had started seeing Axel’s father Brent. Things were getting serious now and they decided it was time to move in. Because Axel still lived with his father that meant he was moving in too. Lucky me, I get to lose some of my privacy because I get to share space with someone who totally had the asshole vibe.

I exit my room and head right for the bathroom that was no longer going to be just for my personal use. “I’m taking a shower.” I holler loudly to make sure Courtney could hear me from wherever she was in the house.

“Make it quick!” She shouts back from down stairs.

I have been living with Courtney for almost six years now. My parents both had ended up passing away when I was twelve due to a car accident. The relationship between my mother and my grandparents was never good so they didn’t want anything to do with me. Courtney had just moved back into town right before the accident and bought this house. She had always been close to my mother and didn’t even think twice about taking me in to live with her.

I turn on the water to the shower and begin to strip down. I step inside and let the hot water flow over my body. She may have wanted me to be quick but I was going to take my sweet time. I was in no rush to come face to face with Axel Griffin today.

I stayed in the shower until the water began to run cold. Courtney was probably going to be irritated that I had taken about thirty to forty minutes but she’d get over it. I step out of the shower and wrap the purple towel around my body. I attempt to take a look in the mirror that had fogged up and try to wipe it down quickly.

When I had enough visibility I take a brush to my blonde hair. I shared very similar features to my aunt and mom. We all had light blonde hair but mine came down halfway to my back while Courtney kept her’s at her shoulders. I had my mother’s blue eyes and Courtney had green. My cheek bones were also a lot more prominent than Courtney’s.

I finish up brushing my hair and head to the door to exit the bathroom. My hand reached for the knob but before I turn it realization set in. I was so used to it just being Courtney and I that I just would usually go to my room in a towel. Now there was potentially an audience that could be waiting outside. Especially since Axel’s new room would have a clear view of me right now if he had already arrived.

“Damn it.” I curse myself under my breath.

I was going to have to go out. I couldn’t just stay here in the bathroom forever. I take a deep breath in and decide just to make a run for it. It was the best plan of action I could come up with right now. There was only a slight chance that he was up here anyway.

I turn the knob and hold the towel tightly as I dart right for my room. Quickly, I shut the door behind me and finally let go of the breath that I had unintentionally been holding in. There had been no signs of anyone around thank god. I got lucky this time, I couldn’t allow there to be a second though.

I open up my dresser drawer and pull out my clothing for the day. I pull on the pair of black shorts and a red tank top. Picking up the towel I let drop to the floor the I throw it into my clothes hamper and decide to venture out and see if Courtney’s boyfriend had arrived with Axel yet. If they hadn’t then I’m sure she’d kill the time laying into me on using all the hot water.

I approach the bedroom door when I get taken by surprise with a knock on it. I reach for the knob and pull it open. “I’m coming Court-” I stop when I realize this wasn’t my aunt.

There he stood, Axel Griffin. His brown hair was tapered on the sides and longer on the top in a crew cut. His chocolate brown eyes look me over as if they were analyzing me. I could tell by how his grey t-shirt clung to his body it was hiding his muscular build. Don’t get me wrong, he was hot as hell but that didn’t excuse all the things I had heard about him in school.

His lips curl into an amused smirk as his eyes meet mine. “Not Courtney.” He speaks in a deep and husky tone. “I must say, watching you run from the bathroom in a towel was quite a good show.”

I was even more speechless and I felt my cheeks going red as I began to blush. I must’ve not been paying as much attention as I thought I was. Or he’s creeper and just good at hiding himself.

“I’m Axel.” There was still some amusement in his tone as he introduced himself.

“I know.” I respond in a low tone, I wasn’t sure what else to say. I was speechless and embarrassed to say the least.

“You’re Tatum, the delightful niece right?” He cocks an eyebrow and then looked me up and down as he leaned on the opening of the doorway. “I’ve seen you before.”

I roll my eyes. No shit sherlock. “We went to Runswick High together. You were a year ahead.”

“I know.” His response catches me by surprise.

“You know?” I knew a puzzled expression had taken over my face.

“Of course I know.” The amused smirk returns to his lips. “You kept to yourself, or you were with that friend of yours who was constantly going on about wanting to be a cheerleader.”

I didn’t expect him to know a damn thing about me, or about my friend Brynn. “Well I know about you too.”

“Do you?” He asks in a cocky tone as he pushes himself into my room. “Like what?”

“I mean, I’ve heard things. I don’t know if they’re true I guess.” I correct myself as I was beginning to feel intimidated by his presence.

He continues coming closer to close the gap between us as I attempt to step back to keep the distance. I didn’t realize how far we had come into my room until my back was stopped by the wall. He then places an arm on each side with his hands on the wall. It was as if he was caging me in. “You’ve heard things? Like what?” His voice seems to get slightly darker.

“M-my aunt and your dad are here.” I stammer out.

“No.” He shakes his head. Our lips were inches apart from each other. “Your aunt didn’t want to wait for you. They went to get some lunch to bring back. For now, it’s just you and me here.”

I couldn’t help but feel nervous by how close he was to me. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited though. He was having an effect on me and I wasn’t sure how I was supposed to feel about it. Chills run down my body as I feel his hot breath on my neck.

“Now answer the question, Tatum.” His voice was dominating and managed to only get darker.

“I-I” I couldn’t find my words right now.

He rubs his nose gently on the crook of my neck. “Tell me Tatum, I want to hear it from that pretty little mouth of yours. What have you heard about me?”

I attempt to gulp down the lump that developed in my throat. “That you’re a bad guy.” I answer him in a low tone.

“Is that it?” He asks. His breath against my neck once again sent chills down my spine.

“Y-yes.” I stutter out.

“There’s still more for you to learn then.” His mouth was now near my ear as he spoke seductively.

“Like what?” I ask, half afraid of his answer.

He lets out a low chuckle. “Like how rough I like to fuck.”

The front door closed and Courtney’s voice comes from downstairs. “We’re back!” Axel moves his arms from the wall and backs away from me. Another smirk was on his lips. This time not amused, no this one was malicious. “We’re going to have so much fun Tatum.”

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