Freed (Caged, #2)

By Onaiza All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Adventure

Chapter 5

We reached the address at around three in the afternoon. The door was locked and there were a few teenage boys cackling with an old man who was probably showing them some card tricks. I approached one of the boys and asked him about this Uncle Monty and he gave me a quizzical smile. "That is Uncle Monty," he gestured towards the old man and they parted to make way so that I could get closer to him sitting in his tiny iron chair, with Rhon right behind me.

"Hello, Sir," I called out and his gray eyes dug into mine. He seemed to have fallen into a trance and stood up in slow motion. "I'm Noor, I wanted to speak to you. Alba told me...," but I couldn't finish my sentence as he immediately signaled the boys to leave without his eyes leaving my face, I could feel the tension building up in Daniel's body as Rhon placed a firm hand on my elbow.

"I can't believe my eyes," he chuckled and extended a hand towards me, "I'm Monty and I'm very pleased to see you, Miss," I took his hand and requested to speak to him in a private place. He smiled and walked towards the closed door and unlocked it stating, "You didn't have to get a persuader, Miss. I would gladly oblige to whatever you ask me."

He unlocked the door and stepped inside, me and Rhon stared at each other stunned. Before we could make sense of what was said, his voice called out, "Inside." We walked into the dark room as he lighted a tiny lamp. He pulled a piece of cloth from the kitchen the cleared the dust from the little dining table and chairs and we settled quietly into two of them. And he jumped in the third and the last chair.

"Would you like something to drink? You've had a quite a long journey, I assume," he grinned leaning on the table.

"No, thanks," Rhon glared at him with distaste while I was busy trying out figure out if he really was the God Alba was talking about. How could he know these things? Maybe Alba told him, I thought and gathering my courage I spoke up, "I believe Alba has told you a lot about us already."

"Alba," he sighed, "Haven't heard from her in a while. Lovely woman, I must tell you. She is just so...," and as if unable to contain the words in my mouth I sputtered, "If she didn't tell you anything about us, how did you know we've had a long journey and Rhon called him a persuader."

"I know a persuader when I see one. What brings you here Noor? Fascinating name. Noor," he shook his head staring at his hands.

"I want to save my husband, he's dead and I want to bring him back to life," and instead of showing any signs of shock, he looked at me intently waiting for more information and I spilled everything, glancing at Rhon every now and then.

"I see," he mumbled as Rhon watched him skeptically.

"You need a very powerful witch to do that," he looked up, "and by a witch, I don't mean the ones you find in dark corners and stupid metaphysical shops or every city. A real witch. Capable of doing real magic on her own without any dirty tricks."

"Where can we find one," I slipped to the edge of my seat, to which he only laughed.

"I've given you the solution to your problem. But you have to solve it yourself. After all, you seem quite ambitious to me," standing up, he moved to the door and opened it.

I wanted to beg him to tell me more but Rhon took and hint and holding me quietly left the house. I couldn't even feel the movement in the legs that were hastily moving out as a huge burden fell on my weak shoulders. Finding a real witch. A few days ago if I had known what was about to happen, I couldn't found one already. With all the power I had in me. But now, it seemed impossible. Finding a rare kind of person who'd apparently stay hidden in this huge world. Could be anywhere. Or could be nowhere.

And that person didn't exist, Daniel wouldn't exist either. The last flicker of hope was slipping away when we came to a halt in the middle of a street.

"Do you believe him?" Rhon questioned me.

Finding my voice, I responded, "Is there a reason why I shouldn't?"

"I don't like that man, although he was right about the witches. From what I've heard, I think those witches exist. But they are very dark and dangerous."

I leaned against a wall to prevent myself from swaying and tried to put everything in place. "The story you told me, on the plane. If that is true, then, then we can...," a huge ball of defeat and agitation had formed in my throat that stopped me from speaking any further and my whole body shook.

As if I had forgotten how to put thoughts into words, my eyes welled up with tears and I couldn't utter a single coherent word. My thoughts dancing in my mind, reeling back and forth overpowered me sought Rhon's arm to keep myself steady nodding incessantly which disturbed Rhon.

"Noor, Are you alright? What's happening? Do you see something," to which I only shook my head? "You want to sit down?" And I shook my head again.

Rhon escorted back to the hotel and none of us spoke. I climbed into bed crying and shrieking. My head throbbed like someone was throwing huge rocks at me from the top and I was only trying to dodge them, standing there, without lifting a toe.

I knew something bad was happening. But what I couldn't see and I drifted into sleep.

The next morning I had forgotten those thoughts and images that I saw in my mind.

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