The Murderer's Daughter

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Chapter X

When the hug broke Lena took a step away from her father to get a bowl of hot water and an old cloth, washing away the blood from the tool as best as her abilities would allow. Her father turned off the lights and held a black light to the top of the tool, seeing how much blood still was visible and under his careful eye, he granted Lena a smile in pride. "There was only a small sum of blood that got onto it, you did a fine job for your first time. Yet there is still more we need to finish up. I will give you a moment to figure out what that would be while I check on the incinerator." Lena nodded as her father walked up to the door and opened it, not going inside but still watching closely. Lena had noticed before that the door had a window in it, made from a material she did not know at the moment. Her thoughts were preoccupied with figuring out what she needed to do. The objects used to cut his throat and strap him down were clean. The body being taken care of. She knew that the ashes needed to be disposed of but she was not sure if that was what she needed to find out. However being without an answer was worse in her mind. So she decided to go for it.

"We need to dispose of the ashes and clean the incinerator, right?" He turned to her. "Correct. That should only take an hour or so and then the rest of our evening is our own. The body is gone, but the evidence remains. I need you to learn now that everything must be taken care of, a checklist needs to be followed so that nothing gets left behind." Lena nodded sharply, standing tall, her arms at her sides as she looked her father dead in the eye, making sure that he understood that she was not taking any of this as a joke. He smiled. "Now there is another test I have for you. However, I will give you every detail once this is done." Lena nodded again and with that, the conversation was put on hold while they both walked to turn off the flames, letting the small room cool down before the tray was pulled back out on its track and what had once been Jacob, now lay the last of a real person. He was only a memory and small thought. Soon he would never be found again. But given his nature of hating his family and only caring about money, no one would miss or go looking for him in a long while.

While money was a large goal for Lena and her father, there was more to their sadistic ways. The thrill, rush and power of controlling a person, of owning their emotions and manipulating them. It was so perfect. It was like a drug, to take a life and see that last second of life leave them, making them beg, making them holler for the help that ignored them. To feel that scalpel slide so neatly along the flesh and tear it without a hint of struggle, it delighted Lena to no end. She had felt the pride in her father as he had stood behind her and watched, monitoring her every detail and movement so she would have something to improve on if she messed up in any way. No notes have been made yet and she knew that once the mess is done then she would hear his full report. A small voice in the back of her mind warned her from hurrying along with the last of the job. This was her first test, and it was not technically a test, it was the first job, the first act and ritual to prove that she was capable of everything that her father and herself, expected of her.

"Lena, you can watch this time to make sure that you know how to do this properly for the next time. There are a few things to be careful of." Lena walked inside the small room, the body completely gone and the ash lay in the position of the body, the limbs easily identified and the remnants of a gold chain showing where Jacob's chest was. "What do you do with the jewelry?" She asked, not making any move to remove it and end up with the ashes on her hands. She would not be so stupid as to accidentally transfer the ashes to another surface. "They are cleaned and melted down for new products which I have designed and sold." He explains and stands behind her. "Just another branch of business that I tend to."

"I would love to help with that as well, father." Lena replied before thinking whether she would already be too busy making sure she was being perfect with this job. Her father seemed to sense that and he squeezed her shoulder lightly. "In time I would love to have you assist me with that, but of course, one thing at a time leads to perfection." Lena nodded and smiled at another one of his quoted lessons. It was so perfect of a line that she had images in her mind to have the words tattooed on her body, a hidden place that only the one man who would first explore every inch of her body would come to find. She doubted that moment would come until she was done here, this mattered more then any physical or emotional relationship. She only needed her father to teach and support her and she would have her fun now and again when time allowed it. She watched while her father put on a latex glove and pulled the chain from the ashes, dropping it into a plastic bag that sealed shut.

"Hold this please, lena." He instructed and lena took the bag, only glancing it the necklace before holding the bag down by her waist and watching now as he got another glove and put that on his other hand and stared at the ashes for a moment. Lena always wished she could know what he was thinking, to know how his mind worked and processed the most common of things. She was almost positive that he made no mistakes. Secretly, Lena believed that falling in love with her mother was a mistake though, the woman knew nothing of how talented and inspiring this man was. He was all Lena's now. And she was his as well, but thankfully he was smart enough to grant her her distance and space to learn things on her own as well. This moment was another of those times.

She watched as he put on a surgical mask to make sure he did not inhale any of the fumes and got to work removing the ashes. Lena was told to put on a mask as well for which she did and watched as he pushed a button and overhead water began to pour down onto the platform, wetting the ashes with a force that knocked it onto the ground and into a discreet drain below. He never blinked until the water turned off on its own and what was left was nothing more then a wet spot on the floor and platform. Jacob was no more and never would be anything but a fading memory. Still Lena felt no remorse. He was meant to die. that was what was planned from his very first paycheck. He made his choice to befriend her father and become interested in her. She wished that she had toyed more with him just for her own amusement. There would always be a next time.

The masks were removed and thrown away, no residue on them but the trash would be mixed with the day to day trash anyhow as they finally finished the chores of the lesson and turned off everything and locked every door behind them. Her father's hand laid at the small of her back as he guided her back to his office to discuss what he was keeping to himself. Lena stayed quiet, not asking any questions until necessary and once they were back into the open, was the stress of being perfect in the room evident to Lena. The sun was long gone now and Lena made a mental note to check on Rasputin when she left the office. Her father sat in his desk and gestured for her to sit in the chair in front of him. She did not question anything still as she sat down plainly, her dress skirts billowed about her and her shoes without any speck of dirt or blood. Not even her hands showed signs of evil or even capability to carry such a deed as she had done.

"As I had said, there is something I would like of you to do. It will greatly improve your perspective of what I know you want to do. I ask of you though to allow me to say all that I need to before you ask or add anything." She nodded in agreement and he continued. "You are fully capable to carry out your own wishes and duties. I have absolutely no worry for you. However, there are some things that I myself can not teach you that I think would benefit you highly." She nodded in understanding for him to continue. "The plan that I had for you is rather simple. Explore. I will allow you to choose how you want the outcome and I am okay with any outcome as long as it does not jeopardize our lifestyle." She nodded again.

"There is someone I would like you to meet with. However he is not aware of me or you but I happen to have all information of him. His childhood, secret affairs, all of it is at my disposal. What I would like you to do is go into the public eye and meet with him. Earn his trust and learn about him. I will give you no information about him however beyond his name and picture. Some rules that I do have I will get to now. Do not try to learn about him until the meeting. Do not kill him. Not yet anyway. And finally, do whatever it takes to learn about him. You will be meeting him at a hotel office in two days. Any questions?" Lena was silent for a brief time and finally spoke. "What happens if I fail?" He smirked.

"I highly doubt that you shall fail. I would not put you in a situation that you would not handle. But if you by some chance do fail, then I will revoke your chances to assist me in the room." Her eyes widened but she nodded, determination written on her face once the shock settled. Why should she fail? She never did it before so what could possibly change it? "You know that I can handle it and I thank you for the chance and for now I have no further questions related to this topic."

"Good. Now to another matter of how you did today. I was very pleased. You carried the tasks well and while I was respectful of your carefulness I was other wises impressed with your first time. I do not see why you cannot perform your own kill soon. Wonderful work, you have surpassed my expectations." Lena smiled warmly, the feeling slightly strange but felt good. The praise from her father was something so powerful she would never let anything take this feeling away. Whatever her father had planned was already achieved in her eyes. She knew that there was nothing that she was not capable of. With a final nod she accepted the file with the name and picture and stood to leave, waiting to be excused and busy herself with the rest of the night with her duties and her studies.

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