The Murderer's Daughter

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Chapter XII

The morning was quiet and Lena did not see her father for the entire time she spend getting ready. All that was shown of him being downstairs was a sheet of paper with the address of the meeting and the requirements restated below the address. "Do not kill him. Learn what you can in the time that you have about him and the society." Feeling the need to look on the back of the paper, she found a second note. "I expect you to be perfectly matured and handle whatever situation that may arise in the proper manner. Do not disappoint me, he is an important client of mine. Soon to be important client of yours. Good luck." The letter was not signed which meant he had written it in a hurry. A hurry for what was her first question and it was something that she needed to address to him when she returned.

She only had a few hours until the time of the meeting. Looking at the address she determined that it would take her a half an hour to arrive if she walked. She didn't care for driving, the dealings with bad drivers and handling her own rage was not something she needed to deal with and would much rather use the fresh air to calm herself and gather more of her sights and plans. never had she been to town on her own. She had no need to. Anything she needed could be delivered and everything that she wanted no one but her father could provide. Now she was expected to face the world, pretending to be someone that she was not and see if she could pass just that. Could she? It would depend on herself. her anger had its own mind and her maturity would perhaps be too much for the uneducated world she was expecting. Her gauze was changed to a more skin colored bandage like cloth and a pair of gloves were put over her hands to avoid and detection of abuse.

Her dress was low cut but not provocative. Her make up was sophisticated but not too extreme. Her hair had been curled slightly and pinned in some places, giving herself the image of being in her early twenties while yet only being eighteen. Lena put her purse over her shoulder and went out, going to the world's corrupted identity and showing herself for the first time. As she walked, she spent every step reminding herself that she was no one. No one knew her or of her life. Therefore, she would be whoever she wanted to be. This was perfect. She could pretend to be a simple college student who was on her way to an interview. That would be her story. It was a lie mixed with the truth and anyone could fall for it. Her head was high and her body language shouted confidence and power as people would give her second looks. She realized almost too late that that was not what she wanted. She needed to be invisible. Not blend in or stand out. The address was just ahead as she down cast-ed her eyes and made her way up the stone steps, ready for any challenge that she knew who come her way.

The meeting was set as Lena walked into the appropriate building with her coat tightly around her and the edges of her dark red dress showing. She had worn nothing on her legs that day, keeping her pale still bare as her heels clicked on the floor of the lobby. She looked around slowly, scanning every face for the only one that meant anything to her. An old women eyed her in a nervous sort of way but Lena never gave indication that she noticed. She didn't ask the front desk for any assistance, they could help her if they wanted to. But while she was circling the room, her chin high and her step careful, a hand touched her arm. She resisted the urge to pull her arm back but that would only cause a scene that she did not need.

"Follow me." He replied simply and she nodded. Her father knew everything about this man, she would not trust him but she would obey his direct instruction. He guided her to a conference room away from the crowd who went back to their daily agenda. The door was closed and locked behind her which made Lena even more on edge.He crossed back in front of her and leaned against the table, having her stand in front of him silently. His eyes trailed up and down her body and he smirked in approval. "You may remove your jacket." He said and Lena declined.His eye narrowed. "Now I am not giving you the option. Please take it off, now." Lena exhaled and unbuttoned then removed the coat, putting it on a hanger and hanging it where the other jackets were put. She went back to standing in front of him. "Perfect." He whispered. "What is this meeting about?" She tested as she looked at him and he stood up again, walking closer and touching her shoulder, pushing down on the spot and forcing her to her knees. "I want respect, and I expect that of you first of all. You are not in charge here, I am." Lena looked up to him appealed. She was to be in charge, that was how she was raised and brought up and now this stranger was saying that he was. It angered her quickly.

He smirked again and held her raised chin in his hand. "Perfect, now this meeting is not as you would think or were lead to believe. Do you understand? You are meant for me. I will break you of your ways of being in charge. Nod that you understand." Taking every ounce of power she had she managed a nod into his hand, granting a smile in return. "Excellent, now, when I sit down, I want you to crawl to me and lick my shoes clean. I seem to have gotten dirt on them on the way here." He said and released her chin. She was left to her own thoughts as he walked away and sat down in the chair farthest away from her. What was the goal of this? This was only one meeting and he thought he was in charge. She stood back up and folded her arms. "You don't own me and never shall." She said sternly back to him. He frowned and resisted the urge to throw himself at her, pin her to the wall and then force her to obey him. Instead he looked at her angrily. "Then the alliance with your father shall be broken and every little secret about his work and you will be made public. It is your choice Lena how you want things to go. He went silent now and Lena stiffened. Her hand had been on the door as she was to leave but it dropped from the handle.

"What can you possibly know. My father shares nothing with anyone." She turned and looked to him ad he smirked. "You would be surprised of just the secrets he keeps from you darling. Now do as I asked or I will force you. I very well have that power to." He went silent again, watching and observing her. A battle was forming inside of her as the demons that created her person told her to just kill him and walk away but the part of her that had senses knew he was not lying. She turned to face him and slowly got back down on her knees. He stayed still, his shoes slightly extended out to her. Slowly, she went onto her hands and knees and began to crawl. She realized too late that without meaning to, the crawling was looking provocative. Her entire body moved graceful like a cat and she reached his feet, looking up at him as he smiled, waiting for her to finish his task. She looked to his shoes and saw that the shine of them were coated in dirt. "Now." He said in impatience and she slowly extended her tongue, leaning forward on her hands and knees, licking away the dirt on his shoes to reveal the brand new leather. It took her five minutes to complete each shoe and he smiled and patted her head, standing back up. "You and I will learn a lot about each other, but remember my warning, I know as many things as you do, however there are details that make me truly superior. Do not forget that. I shall see you again, Lena." With that he left her still on her hands and knees, spitting away the dirt that dried out her mouth.

What was she supposed to make of that? What was the goal of such a disgusting task? This man whom treated her as a toy brought her walls down and tried to break at her power. She was supposed to be the one who made the choices and gave the orders and now here was a man, who claimed to know strange things about her father and his work. Why would he say such a thing? Didn't she know that her father would take his secrets to the grave? Didn't he tell her everything? No. She would not fall victim to this mind twisting game Hayden Miller was playing with her. He treated her like a piece of nothing, every part of her wanted to corner him and kill him slowly and perfectly. But she promised not to kill him. Why? What good would come to keeping him alive? Was he expecting the same actions from other women in town? No doubt he had experience with giving orders, and never taking them. Could she change that? When granted the chance could she make him do what she wanted?

Lena stood up and straightened her dress, putting her jacket back on and looking at her reflection in the small window out of the public view. A mirror was nowhere to be seen to be helpful. She tasted the dirt still, it coated her tongue like a thin film strip. She spit more of the dirt into a nearby potted plant, scrapping at her tongue with her nails until she felt it was the best that she could do until she got home. Lena turned to go when she saw that he had left his card on the table. She glared at it but picked it up and placed it in her purse. She would use this excuse to go online, find all that she could about him, despite her father's rule not to dig for information. She was an adult and she knew that there was information hidden from her that was of strong importance. The crowd in the lobby was the same, acting as though nothing was different. Clearly there were eyes that followed her as she left but by using all of her willpower she managed to keep her calm and not acknowledge anyone until she reached the front door and unlocked it, locking behind her and still seeing that her father was nowhere to be found.

His office door was open and the entire room undisturbed. Lena didn't need to go in there and wouldn't dare. She is not that desperate for information yet. If it was life or death matters, or someone being onto what they did, then she knew that he would tell her. He would give her every detail. This matter of learning about Hayden Miller was her decision. Her goal to know what his secrets were about and what strange life did he live. Was there someone else who lived as she and her father did? If he was why would he seem to know her and yet treat her as he did? Hundreds of more questions flew through her mind as she retrieve her barely used iPad and took out his card, holding it at eye level and seeing that face that had degraded her. The information showed his phone number, his place of work and his email address. Lena looked at his unrealistic charming features and got started on finding out more information of this new threat.

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