The Murderer's Daughter

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Chapter XIII

Now she felt even more a part of something. It wasn't particularly a secret yet as to what she was doing but she needed to learn more, find out more until she even started asking questions. Throughout the day her father remained absent, not even calling to find out how the meeting went. Perhaps he knew what was going to happen? She shook her head while sitting at her desk, still looking at the iPad. The card was sitting next to her hand, long since memorized and known. Over the time she spent searching about this man, she couldn't help but question every move that was made. Was the card supposed to help her learn something or bring her to a dead end? She had searched his name in the images first, hoping to find another photo of this man and let the photo take her to a site worth any of her time. She spent a half an hour, scrolling through each photo. Some were mugshots, some were sports photos and most were random faces that carried no purpose to her until she reach the very end, the same photo as the card and under closer inspection showed that it was a scanned photo of the card itself.

Lena's suspicions put her on alert as she clicked on the photo, pulling up the website and first scrolled through the information. She was brought to a site dealing with conspiracy theories. Life on other plants, secrets hidden by the government, taboo cultures that people didn't talk about. Lena's mind drifted to her information of the truth behind Osama Bin Laden's death and she smiled when she slowed her cursor and started to take in each individual word and learn everything. She did not yet find the connection between Hayden Miller and this site. Then it was shown. Right in the middle of a long paragraph discussing government secrets. "Mr. M. has met with Mr. Miller for some time now, both have been successful in disposing of the ones who were getting too close to telling the world of the secrets. Mr. Miller hired the anonymous man 18 years ago in search for easy money for his skills. Now he is one of the secretly most wealthy men of the United States." Lena paused her reading there to scroll to the very bottom of the page, seeing when the information had been updated. Her body froze, her eyes rereading the time on the bottom over and over. The page had been updated seven hours ago. Around the time that Lena was going to meet Hayden.

She went to the top of the page again, writing down the website quickly in her cursive penmanship Her eyes glanced across the screen again, trying to find the reason why the card image was the photo that brought her to this site. There were no photos of her father and Mr. Miller. No photos at all except long paragraphs about different government secrets and theories. Lena then took the opportunity to go over the site one more time. The way it was programmed had very little professional looks to it, no tabs showing to more information. The background was a burgundy color and black letters. Not even a title to the page. Her questions of course increased and her worries grew stronger. Mr. Miller seemed like a highly intelligent man and yet this website that he led her to was so poorly done it seemed like a dead end. Frustrated, Lena cleared her search history and closed the Chrome app, not wanting to deal with the questions anymore. It was still light out when she looked outside.

Should she try to find her father? He would let her know if he did not she went but her own instinct and she at the moment only wanted to see that he was here. Her iPad was put back in it place in a drawer and she went downstairs, knocking three times on the office door and resuming to her three steps from the doors for him to answer. A minute passed. Two minutes. Finally she heard his footsteps and the doors slowly opened, revealing a man that she had for so long seen perfectly dressed, groomed and attentive. Now his tie was done wrong, His suit jacket didn't match his shirt. "Yes?" He asked and Lena took a step back in disgust. He had been drinking. "So not only you are drunk but you don't have the decency to let me know what is going on?" He sighed. "So what did he or didn't he say?" His weight had been leaning against the door on his hand but Lena ignored that and pushed his shoulder back, leading him to his office chair and getting him a glass of ice water. "First of all that is not the issue. Second, that wasn't why I was here. Drink this." She put the crystal glass in his hand and leaned against the desk, her arms folded and her eyes looking at him with a condescending look.

He met her gaze and chuckled before taking a drink. He sighed heavily once the glass was empty and she poured him another. "Then what is this about?" He asked quietly, his hair falling in his face and his eyes having dark circles under them. "I wanted to make sure you were here and honestly, I am feeling antsy. I want to have another victim. Yes I am aware they are not lab rats meant for dissection but I want to improve my skill and learn more. However, that isn't looking possible with you on the verge of collapsing. How long have you been drinking?" He chuckled again and Lena clenched her fist in secret. She did not tolerate waiting very well when she wanted an answer and somehow, she felt that that trait came not only from her father. Their eyes met and he finally sighed, rubbing his forehead and finishing the second glass of water. "It wasn't my plan to have you meet with him today. He asked for you specifically after your first kill." Lena waited for him to continue and he slumped against his chair, his hands hanging from the arm rests.

"I'm sure you already figured out that he is my boss. Technically our boss." Another heavy sigh and his eyes drifted away from her face to focus on whatever he was looking at on his desk. Lena noticed the same card she was left laying on top of a stack of papers and her patience finally snapped. "How long were you planning on telling me? I spent all of these years thinking we could do whatever we wanted, dispose of whoever we saw fit and get the money we deserve. Now I come to find out that that is not the case. We have no freedom at all." Her heart was pounding but her voice stayed level, not yet shouting but still carrying the anger and betrayal that she felt for the one man she had put her trust into. "Do you know that he forced me to lick his filthy shoes? Like a damn dog?" Her nails dug harder into her palms. "If I didn't know any better, it would be like you told him of all of my personality and behavior so he could toy with me." Lena watched as he turned his gaze down to his lap.

"Yes I knew. I watched it on a camera. You reacted better then I expected. And I am surprised you didn't kill him. If you had tried...he wouldn't have shown you any mercy I can assure you."

"So he frightens you then?" She asked, cutting him off. Now her tone was more assertive, there was no age gap, no relationship, just two people coming to a conclusion of what the truth was. She was not independent as she come to expect. He was not as safe as she thought. Her father nodded. A few moments of silence while she looked down at him. She no longer felt him to be of higher power, not even equal. Despite what she did for Hayden Miller, she did not pity herself or belittle herself. Never showing fear and yet here was her father, acting pathetic and turning to booze like a predictable human being, just because he let his daughter learn everything she had from the man who really paid the bills and granted them such luxury. They never earned it. Not really. They worked for someone else, under someone else authority and choice.

He said nothing more, neither did she. As much as she wanted to run away and think, that wasn't her nature, and what would it grant her? A few hours of sanity before just having to return with the same anger boiling inside her? Turning sharply and walking plainly out the doors, she shut them, not slamming like her anger wanted her to and grabbing her jacket from her room, finding her purse and putting on a ring of her own design upon her finger and left the house without a world, her heels clicking down the stairs. The evening air was blowing her hair about, the bottom of her buttoned jacket blowing as well to reveal the same dress that she wore to the meeting. She didn't have a plan of where she wanted to go, anywhere that her body went she mind would follow. The crowd paid her no mind and were yet still smart enough to move out of her way. She didn't want to drink, but she needed a different rush. Adrenaline. She wanted to feel it tear at her and make her feel strong again. Such as with the way she ripped open Jacob's throat. Thoughts and scenarios crossed her mind as she walked down the street, forming a perfect and exciting plan that would give her exactly what she craved.

While the sun continued to set, she found a perfect area. A more run down part of town that had historic yet abused builds and homes, cracked streets and overgrown lawns. Rarely she saw anyone now, the kids who left a basketball in the road had left to go inside, the street lamps coming on while she walked, hands in her pockets and her purse careful over her shoulder. She knew that attentions would be taken from someone, perhaps more as she walked, to the tallest builds. A bank and a church. Both were dark inside as she walked between the two, standing in the alleyway and putting on a show that would make the scene believable. Letting out some of her emotions, Lena tucked her hair behind her ears, pacing the alleyway like a women who was lost and confused, giving the impression of someone who had a bad day. Almost ten minutes passed of her talking to herself of a pretend dinner that had gone terribly wrong. "Will he bother seeing me again?" She bit her lip and rubbed her arms when someone joined her.

"You lost? Here is not a good place to be lost at." The tall dark man's voice said as he came closer. Lena's fake tears rolled down her cheeks and she pressed against the wall. "I'm not lost, I just needed some space." He came close and the light of the moon showed his buzzed off hair and wrinkled t shirt and torn jeans. His face was nothing friendly and Lena met his gaze, picking him instantly. He was a foot taller, thin but muscular. "Then I won't bother you...unless you want know. To talk to." Lena took a few moments before answering. "That would be nice yes. To talk I mean. My name is Phoebe." She said and held her hand out. The lie rolled off her tongue perfectly, sounding completely true as he smiled and took her hand to shake it, his grip tight and his hands rough against her smooth and soft hand. "Tucker, but I have a better nickname that the women like to call me." He smiled dumbly at her and she gave him a blank look while in her mind she almost wanted to kill him then and there. She hadn't come for anything he was referring to. She would get her wish, not the other way around. "Cute." She said softly and removed her hand but he held it tight so her arm was still outstretched to his, his thumb rubbing over her hand. "You have really soft skin Phoebe." He whispered and stepped closer.

The common sense in Lena told her to fight him off, but her adrenaline rush had not come yet. She needed the right moment so she played along for a little bit. "Thank you, I use a lotion that was imported from France. It is called Paris Amore." She knew his next move would be to smell the lotion that wasn't there. "It smells lovely." He lied and did exactly as she expected. Their arms were bent now and his own odor of sweat and dirt rolled off of him. "You know, if you are having a hard time, I can help you feel better. You look like someone who shouldn't be sad." His other hand brushed at a tear and she repressed the urge to shiver in disgust. "I have an idea. Can I tell you something? it's kind of a secret that nobody knows..." He nodded with excitement and Lena smiled softly to him back. "It's, sort of a special talent that I have and I use it to feel better. She pulled her hand away and he let go, watching her as she removed her jacket and dropped it out of the way, giving her better arm movement and she noticed, even in the dim light of the moon that his body was responding to hers.

Her ring she twisted while setting the coat down, stretching her foot out to keep her balance so her leg was extended outward and the skirt of her dress was more exposed. The ring turned, clicking softly to reveal small pointed edges that were like razors. She stood back up to face him. His smile was eyes were bright while she took a step closer and touched his cheek with her hand that was bare, stroking under his eye and trailing her fingertips softly down his cheek until he shivered. "Damn..." He sighed and his body relaxed. Her other hand touched his neck and massaged the top of his shoulders, both hands moving now in unison. "How does that feel?" She whispered and he sighed contently until his eyes closed. Lena moved her ringed hand along the base of his throat, being gentle still until it reached to the opposite side and with a sharp and swift movement, the ring turned as she ripped it along his skin, the edges sliced and tearing at a jagged edge until he gasped and blood spilled quickly down his body, dripping and pooling at his feet, missing Lena by a few inches while she let go of him so he could drop to the ground and grab at his throat.

Lena watched silently, leaning against the wall and finally feeling what she came her to do. Her body felt more alive, more excited as she stared down at him while his eyes stared back at her in fear and anger. The night seemed now to go on forever, everything she wanted now could become hers. Tucker's body lay in a crumpled position, still having one hand cupping at his throat while the blood squirted between his fingers and finally with a last breath and gasped with a gurgling sound and died at her feet, leaving her clean and blood free. There was disappointment later. She didn't experience much suffering. She didn't feel as much of a thrill as before. Sure, there had been adrenaline but it hadn't lasted long and she knew that this missing person would be a problem at some point. She thought for a long time before getting her purse, pulling out her phone and typing in the phone number that she had spent hours that day memorizing. She waited three rings before the call was picked up and Lena listened to his voice that disgusted her. yet he knew what would be the proper thing to do and she figured, for some time at least, she needed to be on his good side. "Hello?"

"Yes, we met earlier, I can assure you that you remember me well. I have a favor to ask of you considering you owe me that much."

"Do I?' Hayden's voice asked nonchalantly. She imagined his sitting on a leather sofa with a glass of wine and a fire burning nearby. "Yes. You see my father and I are somewhat of a disagreement but I am sure you already know. And I find myself in need of some assistance in dealing with something."

"And what would that be Miss. Morgan?" He asked, his attention clearly gotten. "You see, in a rage yet a very well thought event, aside from this moment here, I have a body with me. Nothing or no one of importance I can assure you but you see, I have no means of disposing of the body here before the sun comes back up. Am I correct to say that you would not mind helping me out with this little situation?" Her voice was light yet mature as she spoke. Silence was on the other end. Lena waited, checking now and then to make sure the call was still on. "Of course Miss. Morgan. After all, you performed very well today and for that I suppose I can be of service to you this one time. Give me the address and I shall be there in person shortly." She gave him the address and and ended the call, leaning against the wall and replaying the kill over and over while she waited.

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