The Murderer's Daughter

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Chapter XIV

His body annoyed her as it lay on the ground. Yet she felt proud to have taken a life of her choosing. A victim perhaps of her own wishes. She knew that deep down, the mother would be glad to not have another child to worry about trying to feed and keep out of trouble, she also knew, no one would really miss him. Her ring was red now, the silver stained most likely but nothing that she couldn't resolve when she returned home. That word made her stop when she was going to look closer at the body. Home. Was it where she wanted to go? She still felt that she needed space. A few days at least but where? Traveling to the most pathetic parts of town seemed not enough. She felt no true gain from this one kill, the adrenaline had seeped out of her pores now and left her feeling the same as she had before. What about staying with Hayden for a few days? Lena's eyes narrowed in revulsion at the thought. She was already asking too much and she didn't want to see him look at her as a person who asked for help. His help no less. She wouldn't even ask, nor think about it any longer then she had to.

Closing her thoughts, Lena kicked at the hand closest to her, seeing how fast it was taking rigor mortis to settle in. the arm moved rather easily but it had been a sharp time. Lena had no idea if Hayden would truly help or leave her hear, but he seemed a man of his word and she had no right to judge him by that. She certainly had other ways and reasons to judge him of course. She would have to be weary that he did not try another stunt like what he did at the meeting. How could she have let herself tolerate that? Let herself follow through with his wishes so easily? Was she so unprepared of handling herself in the real world? Her arms hugged her body while she paced, keeping her step light in case her shoes made too loud of a sound on the ground and drawing attention. Each step was carefully selected, Her eyes straining to see the ground before her to avoid any dried leaves or plastic bottles that were lazily tossed into the alleyway. Only a few scattered trash bags, filled to the breaking point were in her way as she walked into the opposite direction of the opening. She heard nothing, sensed nothing of any threat to her.

Her ring was still as it was for the kill in reassurance if she were to be ambushed. That would be her own fault of course. The steps she took were of her own choice and idiocy. But the closer she got to the back of the other building, the more relaxed she felt. A dumb move that could cost her life. But if her death was not planned by her own, then she knew she wouldn't die. Anyone who lived her had no access to what she did, they had no idea what she knew and no way of finding out until the time was long passed. She reached the end, the bakery silent and dark. On either side of the building were small, thin pathways filled no cracked concrete that revealed weeds and tall dying grasses. A stray dog or cat were the most likely mammals to get through there. The buildings were so close together, poorly planned out when they were built. This truly was a pointless and broken part of town. The sound of the car rolling up made her jump slightly as she turned sharply, her dress skirt moving around her legs in a flowing manner that she almost smiled at.

The back door opened and the easily identifiable figure of Hayden Miller. His black suit was impressive to look at, even in the moon light. Clearly tailored by a well known tailor and she frowned slightly when she recognized his shoes. As they walked towards each other his took one look at her frown and smirked. "You catch on quickly, you really very impressive. Now, as to this mess here." He looked to his right, Tucker's carcass having no escape from the pool of blood. Hayden exhales loudly and slowly, staring at it before he returned his gaze to you. "Now, since you are only now aware of the rules that I have carefully came up with. Your father knows them well. I had wanted him to share them with you so you were finally aware of your true position in all of this but....I was disappointed." Lena stayed silent, waiting for him to continue, if he was about to lecture her, she knew that her temper and patience would fail her soon.

"he had called me, at a rather unfortunate time then I would have liked I might add, saying that you had left and he didn't know what your state of mind was like. He was worried, not for you, but for who you might hurt." He paused and looked at the body again for a moment. "I wasn't worried too terribly. Judging from our first meeting I knew that you were completely sane. Only a real psychotic person would go around killing people for no reason." He smiled and Lena noted that it had no warmth. Only humor and disrespect. He would never see her as a professional, only a silly teenage girl with anger issues. But how was she supposed to change his mind? Why did she want to? Every cell in her body forced her not to groan in frustration. This was her father's boss. She never signed anything saying he was hers. Of course her father may have no doubt. She was ashamed at how easily she let him get by with his secrets.

"Are you willing to help me dispose of the body or not? Otherwise I need to come up with another plan." She replied, ignoring all of his last comment and focusing him back on reality. They stood there looking at each other for awhile until he finally nodded and looked back to the car where the driver got out and walked over to them. The man was wearing leather gloves and an all black outfit that made his tan skin seem to fade in the dark alley. His long back hair fell in his face a little bit and as Lena looked at him she found herself wondering why this less them elegantly dressed man would be driving Mr. Miller around. But she asked no further questions and waited for Hayden to speak again. "Lena, I would like you to meet both my bodyguard and driver, Martin. He was a Marine ten years ago but has still been training everyday when not working for me. He can dead lift 500 pounds and certainly should strike a bit of fear in those eyes of yours."

"Why? Are we not all on the same side?" She asked, folding her arms and looking first at Martin and the at Hayden. "In a way yes. But I am still in charge and frankly, you are still a child, you are only eighteen. Barely an adult and you know nothing about the outside world. "Here is the problem that I have Lena. You went out, against my order and killed, probably an innocent. based on where this gentleman was living, you assumed it would be no big deal. But my involvement now with aiding you will more then likely get me in a rather annoying meeting with my colleagues. I am sure you do not understand fully my predicament but you soon will." He snapped his fingers and Martin with hardly any movements grabbed Lena tightly, wrapping one arm around her chest to keep her arms in place and the other hand around her mouth, his leather gloves holding her so tight she was gasping and lifted off the ground.

Her eyes glared at Hayden who ignored her hatred and instructed Martin to do something that was spoken in French. Lena was not yet fluent and couldn't follow what he was talking about but Martin nodded and half carried and half dragged the struggling Lena to the car and Hayden followed, his phone to his ear and the call ended quickly before she could catch any now English spoken words. Hayden snapped his fingers again and Martin let go of her, leaving her to try to get out of the car on the other side but the door had been locked and she couldn't find anything in the dark to help her. Hayden took Martin's place in the car and grabbed Lena's wrist hard, jerking her towards him and handcuffs were attached to her wrists and a cloth wrapped around her mouth in a gag, making her now a mute unless she wanted to make sounds of mumbling worthlessness. "I truly am sorry Lena but you were not willing to follow my rules so for that you need to be taught them, with force. Your father is already aware of what we are going to do to you and he has granted us permission to do so. While I own you, he is your blood so has a little bit of a say in what happens to you.

"Do not under and circumstances try to escape, harm us or kill us. This is your first lesson in knowing your place when you work for me." He pushed her to the floor of the car by his feet and Martin shut the door and quickly got in the driver's seat and started the car, pulling away from the scene as nonchalant as possible until they were gone. Lena noticed from the floor that they were not turning around to go in the direction he had come from, they continued straight and Lena felt panic rise in her chest. Once they were a few miles away, Haydn leaned over and secured a second pair of handcuffs to her ankles. "Now that we have some time until we arrive, let me explain what will happen Lena." He watched her to make sure she was paying attention and when she looked away he without warning leaned down again to grab her chin hard, turning her head to look at him again. His nails had been cut to be jagged and they pierced at her chin, making tears of pain pool in her eyes and blurring his profile.

"I need you to be fully committed to this position but in my way. You need to be taught to control your anger and to fully submit to orders. I tell you who to kill, and you do it. Only I have the authority to carry out an order and only you and your father are the ones I ask to do this. There is so much you still have to learn in order to be great at your skills and only i can teach you. I taught you father and mother everything they knew. Of course, your mother was like you as well and surprisingly, more difficult to control." He looked down at Lena to see her reaction of talk about her mother but she remained still and expressionless, the pain from his nails meaning nothing now. "What I will be doing is a sort of discipline but more extreme. Since you are legally an adult, I can inflict as much pain as I want to without it being considered child cruelty if this was found out. But where we are going is in the middle of nowhere, the desert almost. After all, California is filled with hidden places. Most of which I own.

"When we arrive, you will be tested to your every ability.You will be cut, beaten and possibly, if there is time, burned. Every task and tool used on you is all part of your discipline. I will be giving you information of the lessons you need to learn while all of this is happening, and if you fail to obey or follow through with your end of this training, then I may have to kill you, or even more interesting, make you kill yourself if your sanity goes. We shall see. For now, we will start with the basics that I have selected for you and go from there. As to the body you claimed as your own, he is being taken back to your father's house and disposed of there. I suggest you take what little rest you can manage darling, there is about an hour and a half drive to go." He released her chin and sat back, ignoring her completely now while the drive continued and Lena was left to her thoughts and fears.

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