The Murderer's Daughter

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Chapter XV

For a few minutes she managed to get some rest, the drive smooth and while Lena felt worry fill every inch of her, she knew this could be her only chance for composure. She had gotten herself into this situation but self pity was not going to be the focus, it couldn't be, a deep meditation had to be the focus instead. She closed her eyes, the pain of the cuffs cutting into her wrists subsiding while her body went into a numbing and paralyzed like way, unable to move, unable to even lift a finger while she went inside her mind and worked to put a protective barrier around it, sealing in her emotions and cutting off her voice as best as she could. She knew that her mouth would continue to get her into trouble. Finally, her body was ready. She would feel pain, but it wouldn't break her sanity, not right away at least as she still lay at Hayden's feet, still and silent.

The driver, Lena had already put his name out of her memory, pulled up now to some building that Lena couldn't see outside the tinted windows. Once back to her senses, she could smell the leather of Hayden's shoes and the leather seats. The cool carpet against her cheek and the ache in her lower back and hip was getting stronger. The car came to a stop and Hayden said nothing as the driver got out, opened the door for him and both exchanged a few words in hushed tones, leaving Lena with the man whom so easily could carry her in one arm like she was a rag doll. Which was exactly what ended up happened as her body was dragged out of the car and into the open air where she could finally breath a little easier. The kink in her back and the ache in her hip protested still while she was hanging over the shoulder of this stranger, and carried into the building that had nothing welcoming to it from the few seconds she could look at it before being brought in without a word or explanation.

She was brought back into darkness while the outside world was just becoming light again, the dampness of the room not helping with the chill that ran down her spine and settled on body in the form of more paleness and goose bumps. The door slammed shut and the sound of a latch that made Lena flinch. "Over where did you say sir?" The man asked, his voice sounding annoyed which surprised Lena and her ears perked to find out more about this man who carried her. The boredom in his voice told her a little bit about how he didn't like where he was and who he was working for. She made sure not to get too excited on this little fact, she wanted to learn more first, to discover just how far this man; clearly unstable, and angry about something. She felt it now with the way he held her a little tighter then necessary, his nails, under his leather gloves tried to bruise her skin. "To the left of you, remember when I told you not two minutes ago?" Hayden's own annoyance filled the room even more then this man whose name she still couldn't remember. "Martin I will also need you to bind her so she can't try to inflict any further harm."

A small nod was the only answer and Lena was carried towards something she couldn't see, more darkness cloaked her, more horrors and questions awaited her while she was laid on the floor, the cold cement creating even more chill down to her bones. Martin had been careful not to let her hair crash against the floor, cradling her skull, leaving his palm under her head until the last second where he was supposed to secure her to something behind her views. His now free hands pulled her arms away from the front of her towards the wall, above her head and attached to a chain that rattled loudly in her ears. Now her shoulders were uncomfortable, not yet aching but that would soon come. Martin then stepped away from her, walking behind her still laying body and worked something that sounded like a winch that pulled her arms further until her body dragged along the dirty floor.

"You were supposed to secure her ankles as well, why must these simple tasks be so complicated? Just watch and I'll do it. Or better yet, get her father on the phone, put it on speaker and put it near her so if she screams he will hear it, then we can kill two birds with one stone, hurt him by hurting her to teach them both a lesson of who is in charge. Go. I set my phone on the table." Martin left, his gait almost a shuffle, kicking up some of the dust and making her cough, causing Hayden to smile as he kneels down, not letting his knees touching the floor and grabbed her shackled ankles, attaching the cuffs to more chains, making her body taunt and still, completely stretched, just to the pain of pain starting to rise in her joints. Now he went to the wall, using the winch again to lift her body from the ground and dangling from her wrists and ankles, her dress skirts lifted up her thighs, the fabric tight on her chest, her head hanging and dangling towards the floor where her hair dragged. She winced and tried to stay still but the way her body hung in the air made her to stay balanced was difficult, every few seconds her body would tilt to one side and Lena would have to right herself back again.

"Her father is on the phone and he knows nothing of why we called." Martin said and gave Hayden the phone. "Good, turn on these center lights so we can also show him some proof of all of this." Once again Martin left and while Lena was facing the ceiling, the bright florescent lights glared down at her, burning her eyes and illuminating her entire body as it was. "Mr. Morgan, I am sorry to wake you so early, but your daughter here, is quite the little troublemaker. You must be aware that she has a life on her hands that more then likely innocent? I have her here now, in the first stage of her punishment. would you care to see?" Lena couldn't hear her father's answer while Hayden now came into the light, her entire stature perfectly tailored again and well groomed. He held the phone above her, the sound of the camera clicking and then he typed something out and sent the photos, no doubt showing the way her head hung down, her body shaking in strain, her entire predicament looking uncomfortable as it felt. "Shall I let you both talk, Lena?" Hayden asked, not letting her answer as the call continued and she finally heard her father's voice.

"Lena? Lena what is going on?" His voice asked in a panic, another sign that he had remained drinking even as she left. She could almost visualize the way his hair was in disarray, his tie loosened and hanging from his body. "You already know what's going on..." She managed to say coldly, not wanting to deal with both Hayden and now her father. "Lena, please do what he says, you know very well why I did not tell you about him, you both are too good at what you do to lock horns."

"It is too late for that, you were supposed to be honest, I expected that from you, unfortunately I was disappointed like now Hayden is." She ignored the smile that came on Hayden's face at her response. Her father did not reply now and Hayden chuckled. "He ended the call, I will have to discuss that with him later, but for now, you still have that fire in your eye that needs to be broken. You are my employee, my property, you disobeyed my rules and because you did not know them all, I will grant you some time to work up an apology that meets my requirements of being sincere, the truth and well worded. while you come up with that, I have another call to make so enjoy your time here while I am gone for a moment. And if you chose not to apologize, then you will being that second stage of your punishment. Martin, watch her." With that he pocketed his phone while he walked away, saying nothing more, leaving into another room. Lena was left to her thoughts, not yet wanting to engage in conversation with Martin until she was completely certain that she could find something to trust in him.

She would not ask for help either until she was positive that she could get herself out of this situation, Hayden knew she wouldn't apologize, it wasn't in her DNA to do so, she did what she wanted, that would never change. The kink that had been in her back was now in her neck, making her look at the wall and the way her hands shook slightly from her body weight hanging on them. Trying to look better, she saw that she was hanging a few inches from the floor, possibly half a foot of space between her and the ground, then the cold found its way into her limbs, into her blood stream. She groaned unintentionally, the dull ache through her body was becoming more noticeable, the middle of her body drooped slightly closer to the ground but Martin tightened the chains more to put her back to the way she was lifted, stiff as a board and titling again to the side, fighting with gravity to remain in any comfortable way possible. She found that if she tilted to her right, she could rest her head on her arm, letting the pain subside until it became unbearable elsewhere and she needed to return to the position. Martin leaned against the table that was barely seen outside of where the light hit her, his features still unknown to her, his profile tall and clearly strong.

Neither said a word to each other, neither made eye contact, there was no need to , no reason to try to learn something about him too early. If he was not what she thought then she was sure that he would alert Hayden about her attempt to make an ally. She wasn't yet to that point, her sanity remained in tact, her heart still at a rather steady beat. What would she say when he got back? She couldn't be rude, that wouldn't help her but she of course wouldn't beg for mercy and release, that would be a last resort, if even. She would be stronger then her own victims, put up a challenge for her own life if that was hanging in the balance. She still didn't know Hayden well enough to know if he would kill her. If he hired people to kill, would he be able to do his own killing? She never saw him with a gun, never did he indicate of his own ability to cause agony, only humiliation. But she most likely would find out, could she lie about an apology? Probably. Would he buy it? Probably not. There were so many different angles, different motives, different things to think about but how she would escape was not yet know. She needed to get to the winch, the winch that was clearly out of her reach.

The door where Hayden came out of opened and slammed shut again, his footsteps, steady like her heartbeat came towards her, the phone not in his hand, the same smirk on his face, he already knew her answer to his not yet asked question. "Was she any trouble Martin?" He shook his head and Hayden smiled and took a step closer. "Well Lena, will I be expecting an apology now from you? This is your only chance and I don't suggest you take advantage of this offer." They locked eyes and Lena licked her lips before speaking.

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