The Murderer's Daughter

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Chapter XVI

An apology was what he wanted to hear, but not what he would get. Lena knew that already and saw in his eyes when she lifted her head that he expected her to decline his offer. "No, you and I both no that it would not happen so you may as well carry on with your plan. Would you care to let me know of what that may be?" His smirk annoyed her but saying so would again not help her. There was much written behind his eyes of power, strength, and malevolence. Both their eyes glanced one another's faces. Taking in details, expressions and emotions, being silent and the tension in the room was growing with each silent second. Lena's neck strained to hold her head up, her arms and legs shaking in protest but she made no sound or gave no look of pain, she couldn't let herself be brought down so quickly. He had already so easily gotten her here but now breaking her he would come to find would be a process. the only questions now were when he was going to start and how?

"Now Lena, you now know that I have no choice then to proceed with my original plans. You could have just walked out of here without nothing more then a lecture and even granted a ride back home. but alas I was left disappointed. I am getting tired of doing these same punishments to make sure my employees follow my orders. My business of making sure that the countries secrets remain a secret is difficult, and if there is a break within my business then I have to put aside my affairs with controlling the outside world to handle the inside problem. This time it is you. It is rather embarrassing to think just this eighteen year old female has been a cause of a murder spree." He watched her, waiting for an outburst in her defense that was eating away at her. She kept every word inside, every insult and threat in the back of her throat, feeling that pain alone starting to match her physical pain. Would her voice crack from pain if she even tried? She couldn't risk it, if she wasn't going to apologize, maybe she could at least play his victim for a little while to satisfy him. It was sounding like he wouldn't kill her.

But maybe that was just his plan, the casual way he stood beside her hanging body, his unblinking eyes that showed nothing. Out of the corner of her eye Martin still leaned against the table, watching them with a tense look to his body language. No one said anything, leaving Lena to focus on her body, her body was hanging in the middle again, her spine curls like a cat arching its back in the opposite way. The cuffs felt heavier, as did her own body as time passed, the chains were still taunt and keeping her lifted from the ground but her body wasn't as stiff as it had been, nor as strong. Tiredness seeped into Lena's muscles, not helping with her stiff core to keep her facing the ceiling. The leaning returned, tilting her to the side once more but she was becoming too weak to right herself back up. Hayden took the time to touch her shoulder, gripping it painfully and moving her back to position to look up at him while he glanced down. Still silent glances and heavy breathing, but Hayden looked so calm his breathing almost looked nonexistent.

Was this just another mental breakdown he wanted to witness? For her to finally cave and give him to apology that really didn't matter to him? It couldn't be done at this point, Lena was losing against just the chains and cuffs, they cut off the blood flow to her hands and feet, leaving them cold and numb. "Have you ever heard of scarification, Lena?" She met his eyes again. "Yes I have." The studies she did rushed back to her, images of people burning their skins to get patterns of designs, or cutting away parts of their flesh so it scars into the either tribal marks of their culture or just part of body modification. She didn't want or feel the need to tell him all that she knew, whatever he was going to do she would rather get it done and over with, rather then keep having her thoughts eat away at her and his voice continuing on.

"If you noticed, the card I gave you had a hologram of my initials on it. Now what I have decided in the past is in order for people to consider themselves registered to me, I would brand them, personally, of my initials. Now since this will be your first time, I shall let you decide if I will burn it into your flesh or cut it out of your skin? Which sounds most appealing? I will discuss afterwards where this will be located." Once again silence. Lena had to give Hayden points for creativity. He could hide the mark anywhere on her body, or anyone's body and they would know unless perhaps stripped or perhaps what other way he had planned. The burning would be third degree, she knew that already. and the cutting would result in blood loss. If she chose the cutting, then it would take months for new skin to heal over, making her uncomfortable for that entire period. The burning however was a little less severe in her opinion. But no doubt Hayden would find a way to make it worse then how it is usually done.

"Burning." Lena answered plainly. There was no going around this anymore, no chance to keep her skin unscathed. Not even Martin as a possible ally would make much sense. The price would be paid anyway. But if she was to break from being his employee, she would have to get out of his branding. Could she manage to even go through the burning with her body hanging like it was and still come out of it sane? Was sanity even possible for her? And the ties with her mother were also eating at her brain which gave Lena some relief from the aches and torturous hanging. Part of Lena wished she could have a noose around her, just to keep her head lifted and no longer hanging towards the floor. But asking wouldn't do anything but let Hayden know just how much pain she was really experiencing. It was already taking most of her energy to just keep a straight face. The branding Hayden would do to her could very well bring her to the edge of her sanity. Sure she had had fun burning her fingertips on melted candle wax but that would not end up being a third degree burn that this would become.

"A less time consuming choice, very well picked, Lena." Hayden said with a slightly condescending smile. Lena didn't make eye contact with him anymore, the longer she spent meeting his eye was just a second closer to her losing her temper and so far this was a record she was granting herself for remaining silent instead of letting her mouth take over. This wasn't the time, for now she needed to continue keeping her composure and relaxing her body as best to her ability so she could at least try to make it out of this in one piece. "I suggest then we get started, the morning is already here and I have a lot of things in my schedule I had pushed aside for this. Martin, if you would mind setting up the burner and placing the pole over top of it then let me know when it starts to turn red. The answer answer was a sound of Martin walking away to the other end of the room and rolling another table that sounded like a gurney in Lena's ears, towards them. Lifting her head to look she saw an extension cord trailing behind Martin until it lifted in the air like her body was and he had no more cord to go forward with. But it was more then enough while he plugged in the burner which looked like one that would be found in a campsite, a small portable stove top with a single burner.

Martin then revealed a thin metal pole about the length of his arm and balanced it on the end while the burner itself began to heat up red, slowly warming the pole and making all this even more of a reality that Lena had hoped to just be one of her nightmares. Finally she had to let her head fall again to hang, the kinks in her neck screaming at her but doing little to no good, she couldn't help any part of her body now, not while Hayden stood here watching her squirm slightly to find the last comfortable position the chains and cuffs would allow her. Still without looking, Lena felt the pleasure that Hayden felt coming off of him. He loved the way her body swayed slightly whenever she moved even a fraction of an inch towards a comfort that wasn't allowed. Her wrists and ankles already gave out against the cuffs, so now her body only hung more towards the ground, curving her core inward and the position moved her skirts a little further to reveal more of her pale thighs. In her head, Lena wanted nothing more then to clench her thighs together and remove any chance of Hayden or Martin seeing her most hidden spot.

"While we wait Lena, where would be the most ideal location to put my branding? I was thinking on your thigh for a while but I am not sure that is the most suitable place. You can still move around too much and even though this is against your will, you want it too look nice wouldn't you?" Meeting his eyes accidentally, she saw his glare for a response for which she nodded helplessly. "Yes, I would agree." She replied in a timid and almost broken and exhausted voice. He continued to smile down at her, looking out the corner of his eye to see how much longer it would be until the act would begin. "The clock is ticking Lena, how about I let you decide where I will place the mark? But the thing I should mention is that I decide how big or how small the mark will be, regardless of where you decide to have it. The method I will be using is known as Cautery Branding. Inside that pole is a wire tip that will allow me to make more accurate burns on your skin. Now I must admit, I have not done this in a few years and have not followed up on the proper technique but given your love for pain, I don't think it will be too much of a problem."

Lena again said nothing, pulling herself back into her thoughts and trying to decide on a location of where the branding could be. She had to have some answer or he would make his own decision and while he was a disturbing and powerful man, Lena trusted him at his word and knew that everything he said ever since they had met was the truth, but yet for some reason, he was holding back on expressing just how much the burning would hurt. The burning wouldn't kill her nerves, she would feel everything until the very end. Lena looked over at the pole, seeing it start to turn red and Martin cleared his throat at Hayden in warning that it was almost time to start. Hayden's smile widened and he tapped on the chain lazily. "Where will it be Lena? Make it a good spot I would suggest." A sigh of near defeat passed lena's lips and she nodded, ready to answer of where the burn would be. "Put it on shoulder blade, right side please." That way she wouldn't have to see it and could keep it mostly covered if she wanted. And better yet, she wouldn't have to look at Hayden while he did the deed.

"Not a bad choice, unfortunately, you will be in added pain when we flipped your body over and you will have some weight added to your hanging when I start. Do you think you can handle that?" For a split second Lena could have sworn that she had seen some hint of concern in his expression. Of course she must have, she was good at what she did, she knew that he couldn't bare to lose her. While her father was also very skilled of his craft, her father could easily be suspected in something were to go wrong, unlike a eighteen year old female who could so perfectly play the role of the own victim, which on some occasions, she envisioned that occurring. The look was gone in a second and his gaze returned to Martin to remove the pole and reveal the red wire protruding from the end. After she said nothing, he smirked and nodded. "As you wish, you are going to first feel a more intense jerk on your shoulders and perhaps your hips when I flip you over. And I will have to cut away part of your dress which I know you already took into consideration. Now some typical ways to have this branding done would be just heat out a special iron with a certain symbol or letter, given what crime had been committed. But since I like the idea more of making my own personal mark on someone, I am doing this.

"I would trace to find some sort of place in your head to hide in for a while my dear." He concluded for a moment before touching her right shoulder and without hesitating, flipped her over so her wrists crossed over on another, crushing the cuffs against the bone and leaving indents in her flesh. Which would just become a lingering second brand to suffer from. A groan escaped from her and somehow her body hung lower, the tips of her hair dragging just faintly on the ground. "Oh and another thing I should mention, I have decided not to use any anesthetic either, this is a punishment after all. Martin, please hand me a pair of gloves and the scissors." His hand rubbed over her right shoulder, not under the fabric, but still a chill of disgust went down her spine. The strap of the dress was simple but held the dress perfectly over her chest and once it was cut she would have no choice but to hold the rest of the dress up to keep things at least somewhat hidden. She was almost positive Hayden had gotten a look under the skirt of the dress and saw her lace panties.

There was no warning, on minute she felt and sensed nothing, and the next the strap was cut through, a thin layer of skin also ripped. The top of the dress hung more loose, the cold air going over her breasts and making goosebumps appear. Suddenly the feeling of the air conditioning swirling through the air was known to her. Hayden then brushed his fingers over the area to push her hair out of the way and said nothing, instead keeping his hand on her shoulder and inspecting the area and how he would put the the stencil that he had made of a medium size outline of his initials. Lena stared into the floor, shutting down her thoughts and putting her body in the paralyzed state she hoped would give some sort of comfort to her. The paper was put on the area, smoothed flat so the ink could be printed there and give him an outline to work with. The paper then peeled slowly away, like the beginning of a tattoo session. Without any warning, she felt him lean over her backside and kiss the back of her neck softly, making her muscles clench and tighten into cramps. The burning no longer seemed so bad, she now wanted it more then anything, the kiss disgusted her in ways that could not be expressed in words.

"I wish you the best of luck you learn your lesson after this, my darling Lena." Without another word, the wire was pressed to her skin, sending a entire new wave of agony and horror that made Lena work to the best of her ability not to cry out. The heated wire so easily slide through her skin like it was nothing more then butter. But the little sections he burned felt like miles. So deep did the wire go, it may have only been a centimeter, but yet again, it felt like a mile, reaching her bones almost. Lena couldn't determine what direction he was going, if he curved the wire or not or even if he stopped for a brief break. It was all jumbled into one feel of pain, successfully getting her to whimper in a complete sound of pure suffering. No longer was the feeling of tension in Lena's wrists and ankles any sort of anything, that was forgotten, the dress revealed too much of her breast but again, it didn't matter, it didn't register in her brain. In fact, her entire vocabulary, even to hear her thoughts were cut off as the branding continued, going on for either minutes or hours, cutting blood vessels or missing them barely.

Lena's body dangled from the chains, her energy quickly draining like the blood that dripped once in a while from her back to the floor and the smell of iron reaching her nose, but having no impact. Would she pass out? Would that help her survive this? Her eyes were half closed, blurring the gray scene of the concrete floor, the near corpse like body was nothing more then his canvas now to carve and burn whatever he wanted. What did fighting for a life feel like? She couldn't remember, she didn't care. But why was there still something still in the far and dark parts of her mind and souls whispering something to her? She couldn't figure out if they were words or chants and even anything identifiable but they were the only sort of comfort she was getting, it kept her eyes from closing completely. Was it almost over? The weight promised on her body was true, Hayden leaned over her backside to add pressure on her joints. And somehow she felt the way his body seemed so perfectly in align over top of hers.

Why did it matter? What was her name? Why couldn't she remember small facts? Where was the burning located exactly? It was still happening. She felt it again now as it seemed to press now harder and deeper into her skin, the insanity was creeping inside her, making her body twitch every now and again. Was she bleeding terribly? She felt weaker and more tired, and something else but words were getting impossible. "I am almost finished, Lena, I will be emailing you later the rules to properly taking care of the wound and I expect you to follow each instruction perfectly or I will be forced to do it again. Just a few more strokes along the edge here and I will be finished." It was like he was speaking while she was underwater, the words sounded like a jumbled mess so she ignored them, how was the burning sensation moving down her spine? How was there any chance of recovery at this point? Lena felt a slight tugging sensation on her skin, like he was picking at the wound to irritate it. That sent a small scream coming from her. The sound was weak, broken and like the sound of an animal being kicked.

"I was wondering when that would come, I was almost worried you were in shock. I am finished now and will treat the wound so it does not get infected but again, I expect you to follow the instructions I send to you to make the scarring complete. Martin will be driving you home. There will be no assignments for you for a few months while that will be tended to. Should you also fail to obey that order, I will do something much worse then brand you." He turned her back over after some sort of bandage or gauze was put on her so they look each other in the eye. The light above made her recoil and wince in fear. The only was to escape it would be if Hayden moved right in front of her face which was exactly what he had done. Now she couldn't look anywhere else, her voice still gone. "You did wonderful during this little session. I will now uncuff and unchain you, only for a moment will I support your weight while Martin guides you to the car." She weakly and only barely nodded back to him while first her legs were uncuffed then unchained, his hand holding her under the knees to gently lower her to the floor. Lena couldn't stand, the tingling in her feet from getting the blood flow back was preventing any sort of acts of getting away on her own.

What was that idea of an ally and getting out of here on her own? That plan was long gone and nothing more then a pathetic thought. Now Hayden moved his hand to the small of her back where with his free hand the cuffs were unlocked and finally the rest of her body free but crumpling to the floor, only saved by his hand. Hayden lifted her slowly and gently, walking her, almost dragging her weak body, towards Martin who took her in his arms once again, minding the section of her shoulder and nodding at something Hayden had said and turned, taking her away from the torture and to the car, laying her on her stomach along the seat and locking the doors before getting in the driver side and driving away, leaving Lena to finally collapse into her exhaustion and lingering agony.

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