The Murderer's Daughter

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Chapter XIX

"A hallucinogen gas was released as soon as the door was opened, I am sorry for not warning you, but my first lesson to you is not to be comfortable in a setting even with someone you may or may not trust. I personally expected better from you. Now..." He knelt beside her curled up body and took out something, perhaps his phone and lit up the area, illuminating his face in an eerie glow. Something was also between his fingers, thin and small. "I will only this once give you the serum that removes the toxins within a few minutes but that also will be unpleasant. It will feel like every one of your pores in being enlarged as the toxins try to push their way from your body. Afterwords I would like to continue our tour. Alright?" She nodded in misery. Hayden set down the phone so it's bright light pointed upwards and held onto the now identifiable syringe in position in her upper arm. "Relax the muscle as best as you can and it will not hurt as much." He advised before removing the plastic cap over the needle.

The sensation of burning made even the thought of relaxing any part of her tense muscles sound like a joke. But as this pain continued, the less hope she had that the cure could work, the lesson was for her never to trust, yet he promised to have this serum that would reverse her agony. Every second of hesitation made him nod more in approval. "You are already learning very well, but I promise on my life that this will heal you. Block your mind from your body and you will find that whatever it is you are experiencing will subside so you can think properly again." His instructions seemed nearly pointless in Lena's mind; when did she stop screaming? How many minutes or hours has she been in this curled up position without even the slightest chance of being able to breath without it feeling like her lungs were inhaling smoke and harsh chemicals. She may have even ceased that action all together. That could also explain why her vision was looking like stars were dancing in the phone light. "I would hurry now, Lena before my patience becomes lost." She whimpered again in discomfort, nodding eventually when she felt her arm feel less heavy.

Hayden wasted no time lifting her arm a bit higher so her hand hung limp towards her body, massaging the area where the needle would go in to warm up the muscle more and giving no warning until it was too late and the needle was plunged swiftly into her flesh, making her wince, somehow she felt that sharp jab over of burning. once he pressed the plunger down to release the serum, she felt a sudden cold pass through her arm and into her chest, opening her eyes to the reality again, and uncurling her body to relax completely on the cold floor. Once the last of the fire had escaped, even from her shoulder, the syringe was removed, recapped, and placed in his front pocket. Hayden extended his hand out now towards her to take. How could so much lack of trust happen in such a short time? He had purposely tried to make her feel the most extreme measures of pain just to prove that she couldn't trust anyone and he reacted by helping her and now trying to again. Lena rejected the gesture and slowly sat up on her own, curling her legs under her to push her upper body up with her hands and stand back up, looking down at Hayden. Without a single thought, she leaned over and picked up his phone, holding it back out to him while he remained on her knee beside her. This would be a sight she hoped never to forget.

Maybe she even would get the chance to see him in this position again. That was a thought for another time as he reached out and accepted the phone, standing up as well and towering over her again. "Shall we continue, I promise to warn you of any further obstacles." She nodded plainly as his light guided them through the thick steel door. The labyrinth like basement was cold and nothing but brick walls and concrete floors. Each turn make Lena stiffen in slight worry of a new surprise to take her down but they never came, perhaps once she relaxed then things would become interesting again. "Where is the end of the tunnels?" She asked, the silence deafening her. Her heels were the only repeated comfort of the remembrance of sound. "A few feet left, normally if anyone were to somehow get the door open, the gas would have crippled them from going any further."

"Why didn't the gas affect you?" She asked suddenly, her eyes trained on the back of his head. She felt him smirk before stopping and turning. "I am immune to it now darling, a rather wonderful thing from the looks of your body before, there was more extreme effects then normal. Do you mind sharing what happened in your experience?" Their eye contact was unblinking and expressionless, conversation ceasing while Lena sighed and nodded. "It was the feeling of your branding, intensified and covering every inch of my body, like I was standing in a large fire, unable to leave while my blood boiled and skin blistered." She wished that she could have been more revealing with the agony, make him feel even just a little bit of remorse. But he remained unaffected as he nodded in understanding. "I do apologize for such the strong effect it had on you, let me show you my own torture room to make it up to you."

Lena held back a smirk at his poor attempt to make it up to her, but her burning curiosity was the fuel for her to walk forward after him into the second area in the tunnels. There was no door, just a curved archway of more brick, narrow and a few feet taller then Hayden and nearly double the height of Lena. The light of the phone barely reach across to both ends of the wall and also not reaching the ceiling. "It has been a long while since I have used this room, perhaps during your stay you can use it to its full potential." He looked over at her with a hopeful look in his eye and shut off the light, flipping a switch so the entire room illuminated with bright white light, showing Lena the world that she had not realized she missed. It was so much more like a medical room then she could have expected from the catacomb like hallway outside this room. The walls were white, mahogany cabinets hiding horrors that she was almost tempted to beg to see.

A gurney of sterling silver was placed in the far right corner, the only gruesome part of this was the red and white cloth, lazily draped over half of the gurney. She pointed to it with her thumb. "Why is that there? Did you get lazy?" She almost thought that he would get upset from the direct insult but he chuckled and shook his head. "Consider it a prop, a small distraction to a client of mine. It was one of my first mistakes, also a reminder that I will never make a mistake again."

"And have you? Made another mistake?"

"We'll see what the outcome of your stay will stay about that." He said no other detail, despite her questions for more answers. Instead he walked over and picked up the crusty looking red and white sheet. The red of the blood looked so old that it had a brown tint to it. "So your mistake was leaving this cloth here?" He shrugged but nodded. "Yes, the women was one of my first kills in this room. I keep a report of all the kills I have made here. The tunnels and even the house is sound proof, not a single one of my neighbors have any of the slightest idea of my world, and I intend to keep it that way, I rather enjoy being here. Although in my travels I rather enjoy being in forgotten places like hidden caverns. There is much that can be done there, perhaps you could accompany me on an adventure like that." He said, moving the cloth over in his hands and looking over at her.

Lena was temporary stunned. He had to be putting false fantasies in her mind, thoughts and images that she didn't want, at least not with him at her side. But traveling...there was so many places and hidden worlds that she ached to hunt down and claim for her own. Cultures she wanted to experience and learn about, languages to play over her tongue. The mere passions she had for just those thoughts almost pulled her soul out of her body and circle the globe, London, Paris, Helsinki, Portugal, everywhere. Her eyes quickly focused back on Hayden's face, his eyebrow arched. "We can discuss that later, that was not something I want to bother planning right now darling." He touched her chin lightly, making her flinch. Any physical contact he made seemed to add in pain but this time it was gentle, almost un-felt. 'Close your mind of any respect for him.' Her thoughts warned as he went to fold the sheet back on the gurney.

"Are there any special tools hidden here?" She asked as she began walking around, the skirt of her dress moving beautifully around her legs and making her smile to herself. She always loved the timeless look of a dress, the tight form at the torso and waterfall like movement of the skirt was comforting. On several occasions she wished that she could just live back in another time and live with corsets everyday and women always dressing their best, instead of settling for casual wear. Perhaps she could somehow make that happen, her skills were nearly limitless. The one thing holding her back was her lack of knowledge of the world around her. That was an another thorn in her side, and she knew that Hayden carried more then enough information, more experience. Her fists clenched a small bit as he answered. "A few, but nothing truly out of the ordinary I'm afraid.'

Taking out another key he opened the tall cabinet to reveal a well placed array of syringes. Each one placed in a glass box, parallel to the floor, different colors of serums from red to clear. Counting quickly she found there to be 25 different syringes, with different size needles and none of them in the same tone of colors. There was only one clear and one black. "Is there a specific way that you organize them?" She asked, tempted to reach out to take one of them but restraining her desires by turning to face him again. "That is completed so perhaps another time I can share that with you."

"You say that a lot, 'Another time we can share information.' I hope you do not mind that I will hold you accountable to that." Her sharp tongue was starting to get out of hand, this was just going to get her into more trouble then she wanted to experience. How was his temper still hidden away? She wanted to slap herself for that small stunt she pulled. In surprise, he only laughed and agreed that he would keep his word. Was he trying to make her crazy by testing her trust and sanity? Was it another test? She was still wondering if she would be under surveillance this entire time of being here. "Why don't we go back upstairs so I can show you more of the space you will be living in. If you need any services such as dining or personal items, the phone that was installed in your room you would use number 4." The cabinet was locked back up and back through the labyrinth and up the hallway and stairs back into the parlor of the world.

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