The Murderer's Daughter

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Chapter XXII

How could she have been so reckless as to lie to him? What was the goal? There wasn't one, now she had no possible ally and Hayden was an even bigger threat. Not only that but there was a price on her head for whatever Hayden had in mind to do to her. Would death finally make its way to her? No, if he wanted her dead he had the perfect times t do it already. During her branding, while under the house, even just now as she stayed her in the dining room, looking across at the mauled form that had once been Martin. Why was she still sitting here? The smell of the blood was making her a bit nauseous, some of the maids were looking at her and the body in horror, a common expression Lena expected but it seemed strange to her that they were not yet immune to the death from working here. She may as well give them the chance to grieve for one of their co workers and sitting here was doing nothing. A blond woman with bags under her eyes, concealed with foundation, moved away as Lena left the room, moving to Martin's side with tears in her eyes. Perhaps Martin had more ties in this house then Lena had known.

The ties Martin may or may not have had meant nothing to her at the moment, She was certain where Hayden had gone and she wanted to be there, to see a glimpse of what his secrets for her may be. The parlor was dark as it always was, did she remember how to even get in? Only Hayden new how many steps there were down the hallway, and for some reason she couldn't remember if there was a drop off or stairs...why was she being so forgetful? What had the first course been? Was there a gas that Hayden was leaking into the room to begin the punishment early? Was that why the room felt hotter? The dress tighter? She could remember walking across the parlor and now her hand on the doorway leading down into the darkness of Hayden's's favorite place. Deep down it was her's also but she had a plan to design her own special room with her own creations and achievements. The thought made her smile, it was as if the darkness turning into light as her imagination took over, another hallucinogen, a thought in the far back of her mind whispered to her. making Lena try to focus back into reality, whatever that may be.

Her head was hurting, the grip she had on the door frame so tight her hand shook. her knees wobbled and threatened to drop her weight from under her. The darkness had stars in it, like she had rubbed her eyes too hard again. "Hayden? What are you doing?' She managed to call out, a tightness in her chest made her voice sound almost unreal, distant. " lied. Such a shame when I thought I could trust you. I invited you into my home as my guest not my prisoner, and my hospitality was abused." Lena turned towards his voice sitting on the couch in the dark room, looking in her direction. She had walked completely past him without noticing. her memory, thinking and entire logical thinking was being affected by something that was leaving Hayden immune, just like everything else that he came in contact with. She said nothing in return.

"I was truly taken aback when you decided to lie to me. That does not happen often. I did not expect you to be a liar. Now believe me, what you lied about means nothing as I have told you, but the problem remains of what you did. Tell me, what did you hope to gain had I believed your little lie? Tell me and I will answer the question you have about what I am doing to you right now." He stood up, and even in the dark Lena could tell he was smirking at her. A minute of silence brought his voice back. "Shall I light a fire so we may both see each other more clearly?" He did not wait for an answer as the sound of a match striking and the igniting logs holding onto the inviting blaze. "That is much nicer, please sit Lena, we had no need to go down there this evening."

"Now please." The tone was sharp, threatening and effective getting Lena to now walk towards him and sit at his side on the couch which she now noticed was a love seat, making their thighs touch and the burning sensation that she felt before when his hand touch her seemed almost more intense. Thankfully, nothing more then his thigh touched her. "I would like an answer to my question now, Lena."

"I lied because yes I thought I could get away with it. Consider it a test if you would like. And you passed, congratulations." Was this another lie? For all she knew there was a chemical in her system that made her tell the truth. But that couldn't be possible...she just wasn't sure how, whatever was in her system now, quieter her constant flow of questions and the voices in her head were not as loud. Was Hayden doing a favor for her that she was unaware of? Her mind was clear yet clouded, open but still closed off to her use. "Honestly, I have never been a good liar, and I was tired of Martin always being around. I didn't trust him/ Not that I trust you but he was not as likeable."

"You are not allowed to test me, you are staying under my room and follow my rules. I had not set many, but from your stunt tonight, it seems that more need to be explained so I want you to listen closely while you are still conscious. First, you are not to speak unless spoken to. For this reason my answer is simple. I find that you learn best, everyone does in my opinion, by listening. I still intend to teach you the skills I have, only now I have altered my plans a bit to adjust to my new arrangement with you. Second, the library is now off limits for you. I have not sorted through each volume and manuscript in that room and I do not trust you to use the information to better things here. I am sorry to have to do that but you left me with no choice I'm afraid. Third, and final for the time being, is that I want you under more strict surveillance. Your room had not been monitored but it soon will be. Little privacy is allowed for you until I find you to be trustworthy again. And for all we know, that may not happen. Perhaps time will tell. Do you have any questions?"

She was speechless. No speaking, no library and no more freedom then someone in prison. Leaving her facial expression blank was only possible with the numbing sensation she felt now, all she wanted to do was sleep, sleep for days and not wake. The crackling fire louder, Hayden's clarity fading in and out of focus before her eyes. "Yes, I understand." She managed to say. Now her jaw felt loose, broken or weak. "What did you do to me?" Was she slouching on the couch now? With her hands in her lap, she could look down at them but not be able to move them, a new sense of being paralyzed. This one was out of her control. She looked back at Hayden who she saw was speaking but now his voice was closed off to her. What was he doing to her? What was he going to do? It didn't matter as she fought with herself to keep her eyes open but Hayden lifted his hand and closed them for her, all strength to reopen them gone, sealing her back into darkness and falling even deeper.


Her arm was sleeping when she finally woke up, the tingling severe and painful. How was she laying her head on her arm on the floor? A concrete floor she noted when lifting her head and drawing her knees closer to her chest. No, it was tile, The feeling in her hand was returning and she could feel the thin and smooth lines between each tile plate. A strange, unidentifiable design on them her fingertips reported. There was still darkness that was claiming her, enclosing her in a room, feeling like it was shrinking so it blanketed her body, holding tightly. The after effects of whatever was in her system were leaving but behind was a dull ache, a heaviness to each joint and muscle in her body. Even moving her fingers felt like a new personal achievement. Closing her eyes again to more darkness even hurt, she wasn't blinking enough, they were dry. There was nothing to give her a hint as to what was going on, nothing that made sense. Calling out Hayden's name seemed pointless. Would he even answer?

"Hayden! Where am I?" She called him out anyway, where was the harm in that. If he didn't answer then fine. She had little faith in hearing his voice, perhaps something would happen again while she was still laying on the ground, nearly crippled. How had he gotten her here? Where was here? The basement? "Hello Lena. I am glad to see that you recovered faster then I had diagnosed. What was in your system was a creation of mine, along with some other chemists and scientists and a selected collection of acquaintances. It clouded your brain and memories for awhile and with my help, I have changed some of your memories to keep you under my influence a bit longer now that the major effects are wearing off. You will soon discover what memories I have altered when you need them most." His voice came over an intercom located somewhere in the room. There was an echo that frustrated her almost more then the fact he was truly in her head now.

"Why not just tell me now what you did to me? And what you are going to do? Obviously we both don't like secrets and since you know everything on my side, it is your turn to come clean." Lena was sitting up now, looking around and using her blind senses to heighten her other senses and try to pinpoint just how large or small the room she was in was. The more he talked maybe she could figure out where his voice bounced off on the walls. "Perhaps, but that may make things worse for you. Where you are in another room that I had not shown you, think of it has a shower but without any drains to remove the water. In several places around your head are shower heads that will after my timer goes off, will release near freezing water, covering every inch of the room and filling at a much faster speed then you would expect. Allow me to show you."

Two long rows of florescent lights lined two ends of the room, showing her the tiles that had a design of scorpions. Would the freezing water carry poisons? No, that didn't seem like something that matched with Hayden's personality. He liked suffering to be carried out not cut short. Martin must have been the only exception. Placed in nine different places the small shower heads pointed down at her. Four at the far corners, four more closer together but on the middle of each wall, and a single one hanging right above her head. She was placed expertly under it, Lena was certain that the water pressure would cut into her deep and the cold going further. "So you plan on drowning me then?" She called out to a speaker that she couldn't see or find.

"Not exactly. You see with your small bod type you will only be able to last maybe twenty minutes in the cold, the dress you had chosen provides little to no protection. Once your body becomes numb with cold and you are shaking uncontrollably, I will leave you in that state for a few minutes longer and finally have you removed from the room. You may lose consciousness again, you may not. I may let you out, I may not." Lena felt her heart drop, her breathing even stopping. First he had introduced her to burning and scarification and now she would perhaps freeze to death. She had no idea if Hayden would save her or not. At the moment, she felt comfortable in temperature. Was there a way to preserve that? The dress was tight on her torso, her heels pinching her toes now but she left them on, maybe if she took them off towards the end of all of this, she could regain blood flow in them and keep them warm even for a couple of minutes.

"Good Luck, Lena. Perhaps this first or last stage of your punishment will teach you what you have yet to learn when it comes to respect and knowing who you belong to." The sound of a buzzer went off and immediately Lena's eyes jerked towards the ceiling and the water shot out. Each drop hit her skin like a small pebble being shot from a gun. She didn't dare scream but with the instantly rush of cold and sharp contact of water and skin, there was no helping the whimper that came from her. No doors that she could find when her eyes scanned the room, no cameras to be spotted anywhere for her to be monitored but both needed to be present. Could she find it in time? Doubtful but Lena got to her feet and hurried to the nearest wall, running her hands and fingers along the tiled wall, looking for a crack to signal a door. The water had covered the floor nearly an inch deep. Had a minute passed yet? her head was dripped down her back, the dress soaked and sticking tightly to her body. To keep warm she would have had to be wearing baggy clothes to keep in her body heat but that was impossible now.

Lena looked down and the lights gave her already pale skin a bluish glow. Under her nails were probably purple but the black nail polish kept it a mystery. Soon there would be no feeling left in her hands and finding the door would be over. Two inches. Each step made a splash and bounced the water up around her legs, making it so much worse. Her teeth chattered and her lips were chapped and probably purple also. Hayden didn't speak anymore, the buzzing sound was gone and all there was now was the sound of running water mixing with the sound her Lena scrambling through it to make it across one wall to the other, her ankles now deep in the water. Would she drown or freeze first? Would dying of freezing water or drowning be the most likely outcome? Dammit, she needed these questions to leave her mind while she continued to search high and low with now stiff fingers for a door that wasn't showing up. The faster that the water rose the harder it was to walk through it, now it was almost up to her knees and she hadn't even gone through two of the walls yet.

"The clock is ticking, Lena." His voice spoke out of nowhere, filling her with more dread then she had wanted. Now was she shaking more from cold or fear? Her knees wanted to give out, was her heart wanting the same thing? Stop asking questions! she whispered angrily to herself, moving her arms over the walls in more haste, walking with a stumble, and wiping water out of her eyes constantly. There had to be a door. There needed to be at least some way to get in, she was transported into the room. Every so often she clenched her fingers as tight as possible, trying to make them warm again but nothing happened, only more precious time was wasted. Her sanity was leaving again. Damn Hayden for being able to so easily influence that. "Damn it Hayden, stop! Please!" She finally begged. She was halfway through the third wall and came up with no exit. Her knees caved and she felt down until the slammed onto the floor. Tears couldn't even warm her cheeks. Now her waist down was submerged in water and Hayden wasn't answering.

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