The Murderer's Daughter

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Chapter IV

Once she had finished with her shower and getting changed, she quickly went to retrieve her journal, opening a blank page and writing down her father's rules. Each rule was numbered in the order she remembered they were instructed. She would not rest until her calligraphy penmanship was clearly written in front of her, the page dated and her journal put back in the place she always kept it, each object in its proper place before she folded back the sheets and comforter, then finally she allowed herself to relax and the lamp turned off beside her bed, the darkness coming over her like a sweet lullaby and she slowly drifting to sleep, but not until she completed her own secret ritual.

She lay on her back, her arms at her sides over top of the blanket, her head tilted up slightly as she fell into the first influence. She felt her body almost go into a paralyzed state, her eyelids lightly closed, her limbs limp and her breathing so slow she could appear dead. "Take me..." she whispered, talking in a pur like tone, talking to the spirits she could feel linger in her room. She kept her eyes closed, her lips parted as she felt the energy come closer, her body still in its paralyzed state. She knew deep down that this was probably a game, something of her imagination but she did it every night, it was like a meditation. She let her mind drift, feeling her soul move inside her like a mist that moved from her fingers and toes to the middle of her chest, acting as a fog now, thick and powerful. Her soul moved around inside her, she could feel it and ached to touch it, to feel her soul in her fingers, perhaps soon science would make that possible. Once her mind began to wander she turned on her side, taking control of her body again and pulled the blanket to her chin, glad to have her room at a freezing temperature while she slept.

Her dreams were blurs, faces were blank, free of any features as they marched in perfect order, sexless and perfectly the same, depicting no emotions, simply marching as she stood still, watching them pass, not touching her or acknowledging her. Lena did not bother to interact, she wanted to know where they were all going. There were no buildings and she was aware of herself in a dream, could she change it? Her lucid dreaming skills were sadly lacking. She began walking, noting that she was wearing the same black dress she had throughout the day. On her feet were black ballerina flats, not a personal shoe of choice but she was fine with for now. She walked at the same pace, not moving faster nor slower then the figures around her. No buildings appeared, no scenery, just white emptiness. The darkness was much more comforting to Lena, that was when nightmares were heightened, when imagination was stronger. The light showed what people wanted to see, the dark showed what needed to be seen to truly gasp the world. The marching did not end, not until her eyes opened in reality, the sun disrupting her chance to solve the mystery that had no pieces to put together.

She turned her head automatically to the sun that was trying to make its way through her curtains. Even the slightest amount of light disturbed her sleep. She moved aside one corner of the blanket to get up, pushing her hair from her face and going back to her bathroom to wash her face and brush her hair; another rule of hers was to always be presentable before going through the rest of the house. Her closet was color coordinated, her outfits hung in according to occasions, her relaxing or workout days were on the left, her evening wear for formal events on the right in bags. Her shoes in the same order but she decided to select a pair of dark denim jeans and a tank top, knowing that there was no one scheduled to come today. Her hair was styled into a high ponytail, pinned back in some parts out of her face, finally able to go downstairs and eat.

Her father was not around as she went into the kitchen. Best guesses would tell her that he was in his office or in the shower. The sound of the frying pan cooking eggs helped to awaken her senses, forcing her to focus on the simple task of making sure the food did not burn. She was too good at cooking to truly get any good out of the task of waking up and it made her annoyed in a way. She was restless this morning, eager to get started on learning something new from the man who gave her everything. The food was prepared and the restlessness did not end after she ate, even a workout after cleaning up did not do anything. She had worked on her ballet and flexibility and even worked a sweat, but her mind was not satisfied. After washing her face and making sure she was cleaned up and presentable, she went back downstairs and knocked on her father's office door, stepping back a few steps so they would not collide when and if he opened the door.

She did not have to wait long before the door unlocked and her father stood before her, one hand still on the handle while his dark business suit and red tie complimented greatly with his slightly tanned skin. "Yes?" he asks simply, his foot and a half taller frame towering over her but he still acted as though they were both at eye level, another quality she admired about him. "I wanted you to know that there is nothing on the schedule for today." His once slightly dark eyes seemed to brighten as their small conversation continued. His hand relaxed on the handle and his chest and shoulders did not seem so tense. "Excellent, please come inside so we can discuss more since we have all day and i would like to get started as soon as possible as I am certain you are also." Lena nodded in agreement as he stepped aside so she could go inside the office, the chair for customers was empty of course but instead she went to the green velvet window seat, The curtains drawn shut and one half holding a small stack of books, not a common forgotten thing of her father, he always kept his office in perfect condition and looking at the other end of the room showed that his bookshelf had plenty of room for the few books. Her father noticed he observation as he locked the doors again and went to stand on the side of his desk, facing her.

"I have been thinking a lot about how I want to begin presenting all of this to you. I know of course that you are perfectly capable of handling anything that you may come to experience but I want to make sure that you know fully what I am going to share with you." He paused briefly while she nodded again and folded her hands over her crossed knee not leaning on the window or wall, keeping her back straight and her eyes locked on his to prove her undivided attention was on everything that he was saying. He smiled a bit at her focus. "I have been thinking all night about how I would present this, all at once or little by little, but I know how you like to have all of the information at your disposal so I decided to show you and teach you all I know within the next week, the time after that you can spend perfecting all I have taught you. How does that sound?"

"That sounds perfectly reasonable. I can not wait to get started as soon as possible." She kept her eagerness at bay, keeping her emotions bottled up and her professional self fully awake. "Excellent, then in a few minutes after I finish explaining everything as quickly as I can I will show you what is behind the other door." She nodded again, waiting patiently to hear what he wanted to explain. A few seconds of silence and looking at each other and he began to speak again. "What I do is rather simple to be honest, yet there is a lot of scientific and important details that go with everything. Each customer I have that has a failing family but skyrocketing business plan allows me to become almost like a replacement brother, son, or even just a friend to be able to have their information at my disposal." He pauses for another second to take a drink of his water that was setting on the desk behind him. He tapped his finger against the crystal and looked at her, still leaning against the desk. "How I find these people is I read obituaries, find in the papers of any new businesses forming but not yet getting to popular with the media to keep my involvement almost nonexistent. When I contact them to discuss ways to help their business flourish, then I take them to that room after have an hour or so of talk to them and build the trust up further.

"Then I tell them about how I have a new experiment that will aid in the development of military communications or whatever it is that has to do with their business. Of course I have the idea already created in my head and the story well detailed to hide the fact that the experiment is fake. When I bring them to the room, there I begin to get to work. I take them to the room and distraction their ability to focus on their surroundings by talking more about the experiment and sometimes small talk. Down the hall, almost directly below us in fact, is a room, large and lit in sections, leaving my tools hidden in the dark until I am read to show them. My said experiments are my tools, where I show it to them and convince them to try it out to see if it works until after the session is over and they are dead after my creations are completed, leaving me with the bank information and personal details to take their money and such until the bod is discovered or not." He finishes his water and sets the glass back down. He looks back at her, his eyes dark but still inviting for her to ask any questions.

"What do you do with the bodies usually?" Lena's voice was nonchalant, as if they were not going to discuss death. He moves his jaw to the side and clenches it before answering. "It depends on which is easier and how it would apply to the person's character. Whether it be suicide, accident or the bodies are just not found. It dpends on the person." Lena thinks about the fact that she once again did not have her journal. How could she have forgotten something so important, again? She kept her eyes on him, her face blank. "Where do you keep the money?" He knew that she was not asking to ake anything, she simply needed and wanted to know how he keeps financial records and everything a secret. "After getting all of the information, then I am careful before extracting it, over the phone and I have the voice of the actual customer recorded, I make sure that any questions that the bank would ask is answered in the customer's voice. I ask similar questions to them beforehand and then the answer is played back as it is, so the voice sounds relaxed and not robotic as some voice recordings are." He smiles slightly at his plans that were already planned out years ahead of time, his skill with technology gave him the opportunity to succeed with getting what he wants.

"Any other questions?" He asks. Lena shook her head and he stood up again, holding out his hand to help her stand. She accepted and stood at his side as he guided her to the other door, his hand resting on her lower back, barely touching. "Are you ready to see the room now?"

"Yes, I am." Lena replied, looking at the door that resembled the walls, but the handle clearly visible if you knew where to look. He put his hand on the handle and turned it, leaning ahead of her to push it open, the cool darkness exposed as they began to walk inside, both silent until the door closed and was latched behind them.

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