The Murderer's Daughter

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Chapter VII

The first section of the book was just about basics. Lena learned that her father was incredibly orderly. She had already known that but in the room he was even more so. Every stone on the wall scrubbed clean once a week, every tool used was disinfected and given a special hiding place, a replacement tool always close at hand. Once while she was reading, Lena's father came in to check on her, an unusual habit that he did not do a lot except when she was sick. "Are you enjoying the reading?" He asked, staying by the door as he looked towards her. Lena looked up from the book and nodded. "Yes, I am finished with the first section and I now have that perfectly stored to my memory." His nod was his sign of approval. "Excellent, I expect that knowledge to be put to good use for tomorrow. Our next client is someone I would like you to see and I will need assistance with the tool that I have picked for him if you are ready for it."

"Yes, father, I am ready to do the tasks you ask of me." Lena said and put a bookmark in the book and hugged it to her chest as she stood up. The book was too precious and scared to leave anywhere, she would have to find a temporary hiding place for it until she finished reading it. "Would you like me to do anything to prepare?" He was quiet for a moment, his hand back in his pocket to touch the pocket watch. "Yes, learn all you can from his file and when you are done with that knock on my office door so we can discuss the tool I will be using and what I will need you to do." They departed with a final nod, a action that would appear unusual to others but it was so often used for them that it was nothing but a departing motion. Lena left the library with a new sort of motivation. There was so much she needed to do and the day was running out. Before reading she had gone to feed Rasputin and he was still going around the yard when she glanced outside. She needed to get ahold of the file. Of course the client's name was already known to her, the schedule for that month was already in her memory as well. The first thing she need to do was hide the book, but that was not going to be hard, she was good at hiding, it was her favorite game as a child when her mother was around.

She loved to make her mother worry while he father would simply say that Lena would come out of hiding when she was ready. Lena couldn't stand the woman, she didn't understand the man who Lena admired. Her father was so good at what he did and he always provided. How could a woman not be faithful to him? Lena did not think of her father in any sexual way of course, but there was something more between them then just father and daughter. Something more special and forbidden. There was no age difference when they worked together, they saw eye to eye, like two people who simply knew each other very well. Lena's mother did not understand that, she found the relationship to be too strange and not natural. Because of that along with how the money they had was obtained, her mother left and they both never heard a word since. Which was perfectly fine to them, now they were allowed to do as they pleased without anyone criticizing or excepting things from them that they would not allow.

Lena knew the perfect hiding place for the book, somewhere small yet large enough to conceal the book. In a panel beside her bedroom door. She had put it there herself when her father went on his rare vsits to town. It was a a piece of the walling, the white painted piece of wood could be moved forward slowly with a person's fingernails. Lena used a putty knife to make a compartment inside the wall and the book would be placed there. The wall panel would not be put back until the insulation was put over the book so if her panel was discovered, then it would still be safe. But no one except her knew of this little spot she called her own. That was where the book was now sitting, waiting for her return to learn more of its secrets. And as much as she ached to read more, she needed to file that was located in a stylish file cabinet that was also hidden. Lena and her father were good with hiding and keeping secrets. They were careful with files and documents, they were careful with conversations.

The files were ordered by date of appointment, the date was September 23nd for the appointment her father talked about so she pulled out that folder and opened it silently, looking at the paper clipped color photo of the heavy built man with buzzed dirty blond hair and non nonsense look to him. The photo was not like a mug shot, more of like a carefully sneaked photograph that showed the man, labeled by the name Jacob Rothman, he hand a phone to his ear and a briefcase in his other hand, an impressive business suit perfectly tailored to fit his broad shoulders and tall frame. The tool that would be required for him would defiantly be large and Lena was struggling not to hurry to read the rest of the file. She wanted to know everything too quickly, it felt to her as if time was slowing right before her eyes even though only a few minutes had passed before she took the file with her and knocked three times on the office door and stepped small ways back until her father opened the door.

"Come in, set the file on my desk please." he said when the door opened. His voice was nonchalant and almost too quiet for her liking but Lena said nothing as she stepped into office and put the file where she was told, not even glancing at the wall where the tunnel was. That was not important now, the plan and tool was. Her role in all of this was important as she sat by the window again, collecting herself before she made eye contact with him. Her excitement was bottled up, her impatience locked away until she was ready to let that part of her exposed. She had to be professional. "I will discuss with you of what I will use first, and then I will explain your part in the work." he started, sitting in his seat and turning it to face her. Her lips were pierced slightly, her hands resting on her legs casually. "I am ready to know as soon as possible, father." He nodded in approval at her words.

"First, as you know, this man is quiet brutal, he murdered his wife but the reports claimed it was suicide, but we know better of course. But that is not really important. He controls what gets printed in the newspapers and gets said in the news." Lena lifted her hand to stop him for a moment, which he did with an almost amused look but her dark eyes locking on his made that disappear. "But why does his involvement with the news and media matter to us?"

"Personally it doesn't, but he is becoming too powerful and not a lot of people know of his involvement. That makes him dangerous. He could learn things about our work, I do not imagine any of our involvement with society has surface, but I want to be 100% safe. I will not have anything known to the outside world. Since we are not as powerful as people like him are, we would not be able to use any sort of power to get us out of prison for murder and stealing. Jacob thinks he is coming for a drink and of course the usual setup plan of my lovely collection below us to get his attention. Odds are, he will want to buy something unique and never seen to show off. And that is when I will direct him to the room. You however will already be down there after you invite him inside and go through with the routine.

"There is another door to the tunnel that I did not show you. Come with me for a moment and watch closely." he stood and Lena did the same, following him into the lobby of the house and walking a ways down the hall to the closet she always hung up the jackets of the clients. The light was turned on and about twenty pairs of expensive, finely tailored jacket hung forgotten neatly on hangers. They were pushed aside without a care or second glance as the blank back wall was exposed to the light. Lena asked no questions, only observing with a careful eye that missed no detail. There was a knot in the wood of the wall paneling, smoothed but the detail remained. Under closer examination proved that observation wrong. There was a small button in the middle of the knot, a perfect brown to match the wood but looking closer showed the circular outline of the button. Her father's fingers were slightly too large to push the button so he insisted that she do to honors.

She moved past him careful, her shoulder brushing against the coats and her black fingernail pressed the button, causing the wall to slide to the side without a sound or any signs that it hadn't been used in a long time. The entire space where the wall was now had blackness with a hint of the stone wall shown in the light that was above their heads. "Impressive. Have you used it before?" Lena asked.

"Once, but it was only for a test. This is your entrance now, it takes you to the room a few seconds earlier and I had vents put in the tunnel so you can hear whether I am in the office or not." He reached inside the tunnel and hit at a smooth stone that had a similar knot pattern carved into it and a button was pushed. He had just enough time to get out of the way before the wall closed and sealed again, turning back into a simple closet. "Follow me back to the office so we can finish talking." They left the closet and turned the light off and closed the door, leaving it behind while going back to the warmer temperature office. The tunnel of course was chilly, even at its entrance.

"The tool, was created a few weeks ago written in the book towards the back of it. It is a table like device that he will be strapped into. The man is heavily interested in bondage, so that will appeal to him. It will be on display but I will not pay mind to it, I wil let him bring it to attention. The tool itself is not just a table. Inside the straps are concealed needles that once buckled around flesh attach themselves to the bloodstream. I control the time when a toxin is put inside the body. he will not feel the needles since they are nearly microscopic and his attention will be distracted by my stories and you. You will be be acting as my helper of course, our relation will not be spoken of. He will be attracted to your body as men of his kind are." He watched her reaction closely but she was amused herself. It was so easy to distract a man. A woman is a much better killer. A woman could turn of any sexual desires at any time but a man could resist no part of a woman's body that was forbidden to touch.

"Do not think that I will allow anything to happen of course, but your presence will help for the next part of the tool to work. Where his head goes a larger needle with go into the base of his brain stem. He will feel that of course and it may paralyze him. The rest of the tools surprises I will let you see instead of me telling you, I think you will enjoy it greatly." Lena smiled and nodded. "I will do everything you ask of me, I want this to work even more then you do, believe me father." He nodded as well. "You may go for now and prepare. He will be here around one so that will give us plenty of time to prepare and make sure things are ready."

"Thank you for including me in this experience father, I will not disappoint you." She departed and went to retrieve the book, taking it to her room and finding the drawing of the tool located just as she was told, the discription and hidden secrets that made her smile with even more excitement. Now, in the privacy of her room, she could allow herself to feel the joy she felt coming as tomorrow was only hours away. This needed to go without any complication. She needed proper rest and the right frame of mind, both of which would be achieved. the rest would fall into place as she envisioned.

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