The Murderer's Daughter

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Chapter VIII

Lena did not rest until a few hours later, she needed to have the tool so well known that she could operate it in her sleep. She was almost certain that she would dream about the performance she would both display and see tomorrow. Lena learned all she could about Jacob. He hated being told what to do, he couldn't resist beautiful women. She had smirked at that. It would almost be too easy to compel him to beg at her feet if she desired. But the tool was what she needed to use, not her words. She would be able to do that soon. She needed to clear and rest her mind now. Music would be the answer for now. While Lena did not like using the internet, she couldn't be without music. She owned a laptop yes, but only for her music. Nothing personal. Pulling up a media player she selected the song "Nella Fantasia" performed by Jackie Evancho. The young girl's angelic voice set her mind at ease as Lena closed her eyes and laid down on her bed, shying happily as the operatic voice filled the room. Once the song was over, another played in the shuffle of her play list, a song that always made her smile. "Daughters of Darkness" by Halestorm. Lena kept her eyes closed, using the song to fuel now her excitement for the use of the tool, to see the toxin be injected into the man, his eyes widening when he finds out what the particular toxin would do to his body and she shivered in delight as the lyrics continued. "We can turn you on...we will turn on you..."

She fell asleep to "Misery Loves Company", her play list soon ending; she had only put a few songs in the play list to fall asleep to and her hand falling off the edge of the bed and her dreams disappointing her by staying silent the entire night. The only dreams she had were ones she created just before drifting off. She had watched each and every needle slowly pierce Jacob's body, moving inside the skin and she watched it as if she was only inches from the scene even though that could not be possible in reality. The needles were hidden in the straps of the cuffs. But watching them pierce the skin was almost intoxicating. To watch the indent made by the needle just before cutting through the epidermis was making Lena shiver in delight as she lay on her bed, her hand still hanging off the bed and her other arm draped over her stomach. The needles turned into the way she thought about capturing his attention. She knew body language, she read it like a book. Her confidence would be almost overwhelming, she would have to dial that down until she was in the room. Her shoulders would stay back, exposing her chest more but yet she needed to not appear stiff to those who gazed upon her.

So many things had to be taken into consideration. Her speech, she couldn't speak like a timeless baroness. She defiantly couldn't allow desires to get inside her mind. Never would she allow that. This was only business, and it would also be her future, she couldn't mess up before she even got started. Her body was in it's paralyzed state now so she couldn't shiver at the thought. The last memory she had before falling asleep was of seeing the man's eyes look at her in horror after seeing her only in lust.

Once she had awoken, a new found energy was in the room. The day was special no doubt, and she had work to do. Her wardrobe of choice to woe her victim was a simple black dress that came to just above her knees yet with a longer amount of fabric in the back the passed her knees slightly. Black see through tights and black pumps gave her a height advantage she would get no where else. Her dark hair complimented her pale skin nicely, as well as her black rimmed eyes and slightly red lips. She was careful with makeup, never wearing too much and mostly she went without, especially on days where there were customers arriving such as today. Her large Onyx ring was placed on her left pointer finger and her nails were repainted to black so there were no chips in the polish. Her black heels were lovely and slightly pointed at the toe, the felt like fabric a nice change from the shiny material she normally wore.

Once she was ready, she was able to go downstairs, seeing that Jacob would arrive in just five hours. Which meant she had overslept and before reaching the bottom of the stairs she took a vow not to allow that to happen again. Her fingernails grazed over the railing and the sound was comforting to her as she also took notice to the office doors being shut so her father was hiding in there again. The file was still in her room, the book behind the panel, so that was just two things she did not need to worry about for the morning as she sipped at some green tea and paced the ground floor of the house, listening to her heels click on the hard floors. The tea steamed against her hand and the band of her ring heated up as she held the cup, giving her a sense of pleasure to feel the heat on her skin. She pressed her hands tighter on the cup, making sure not to break the glass as she continued to walk down a variety of hallways. Several paintings hung on the walls when she passed. Most of them were local artists that her father decided to be kind to. He would do that on occasion when he went out to town. Most of the art was good, mixtures of colors and shapes that you would need to stare at for hours to create your own story behind the picture.

Years ago Lena could get a chair and sit in front a randomly picture painting and create worlds in it's brush strokes. Sometimes she went hours without moving, her hands gripping the seat of the chair as she leaned forward, her eyes never blinking until her eyes started to hurt. That had been when she was a child and now when Lena passed the painting, all the stories and world's she created came back to her in a powerful wave of words and images that seemed to come visually out of the painting. There was one room in particular she was looking for down this hallway. She didn't come to see the paintings, not this time. No, there was one room that gave her an even bigger piece of mind then her own bedroom. The room was hers only, Father was denied access and only she cared the key. The mahogany door with its silver door handle stared back at her when she got to the end of the hallway on her left. The key see kept on hidden under her onyx stone, the small hinge opening with a touch of her finger, swinging open the stone to show a key that could be put into a smaller size to fit the small space it hid under. Lena took the key out and opened it to its full length and put it in the lock, turning the handle and stepping into the cold and calming darkness of her secret room.

The room was a collection of her favorite pieces of furniture, different books she did not trust to be in the library and a variety of other documents that held information of the most taboo and disturbing places of the world that were not told to the public. The truth of Osama Bin Laden, a piece from the twin towers, so many artifacts that she collected and saved to keep for herself. Her favorite piece was a doll, taken from Pennhurst Asylum and given to her by a man her father considered his most trusted friend. His name was Harrison and while Lena never met him, she trusted him a little bit. But even her father Lena was careful with putting her full trust into. The doll was was dusty still and had the smell of chemicals deep in the fabric body. Its hair was pointed near the top and devilish eyes were painted on its face. Lena herself got strange feelings from the doll when she held it in her hands. She almost wanted to drop it and leave the room and never think of it again but she never did. If this doll was possessed and tried to hurt her, she could hurt it right back. Lena held it in her hands as she sat on a old chair from the Victorian Era, the leather cracked and the horsehair cushion poking out a bit on the armrest.

"Shall today go well?" she whispered to the doll and it stared back at her with lifeless eyes, similar to the dead eyes she would see in just a few hours. Lena looked back around the room, so many of her treasures...they rested about her, the stories behind each one so wonderful that Lena always hated when she had to spend any more then a week away from here but she had been busy, just like she would be in just an hour now. Time passed and had had no meaning in this room. The history made her feel immortal as she felt the energy of the objects like they carried a special power. The grandfather clock that still worked, sitting in the corner, told her that she needed to leave in a few minutes. Jacob was never known to be late and she would be at the door waiting patiently for him to step through the door and become hers. Standing up, Lena put the doll back in the chair that also came from Pennhurst. Harrison was informed specifically not to leave any ties to the doll at the place, now it was hers and hers alone. They artifacts, documents, books and pieces of furniture were her babies, they held her secrets, the ones she never spoke out loud, even to herself unless she was in this room.

Now she had to leave, the door was locked again and the key back in its hiding place as she finished her cold tea and took it back to the kitchen and waited in the parlor until the sound of a confident knock at the door alerted her for Jacob. His knock came a few minutes later, indeed sounding confident and Lena rose again from her chair to answer the door, putting on a kind expression on her face, a charming smile as she looked up at the once tense, and now relaxed Jacob, his height towering over her and he smiled back. "Hello, may I take your jacket?" Lena asked after the closing the door behind him, his back at first to her as he inspected the house from where he stood. "Yes, thank you." He replied, turning to meet her eye as she shrugged off her jacket, setting his briefcase on the floor at his feet and handed the heavy coat to her. Lena smiled warmly at him, her eyes bright and charming and boosted his confidence even more as he returned the smile and watched her walk to the closet and stand on her toes to grab a hanger. "May I get you a drink, sir?" Lena offered, returning to stand before him and she could see his desires in his eyes, they burned into her skin. The look he gave her, so filled with lust and arousal she wanted to drain a syringe of the toxin into his system now.

"No thank you. Are you related to Mr. Morgan?" Jacob asked, looking down at her as Lena walked him towards the office. "No, I am his assistant." Lena knocked on the door, being daring by turning her back on the clearly horny man. Her father defiantly chose well. She would have more then fun see his reaction to the toxin alone. Three knocks and she took a step back as the door was opened and her father greeted Jacob kindly, shaking his hand and nodding in thanks to Lena was nodded back, waiting until the door was closed to the office and walked to the closet again, keeping her pace slow so she did not raise suspicion. Lena found the knot in the wall, seeing it slide open with its same silent way and went into the tunnel, making sure the closet light was off and the doors shut behind her as she went down to the room, hearing the voice from the office as her father had said. "That is quite impressive, but I can assure you, I have something much more appealing..." Lena heard her father say and she smirked as the door to the room came to view and she opened it quietly, keeping the lights off. There had been a diagram of the room sketched into the book so lena had no need for the lights except to see the tool in person. The signal written in the book of her father's coming was a click that echoed off the stone wall. It was from a button installed to the wall of her father's secret door that he was very smart to install because she could hear no voices now with the door to the room closed behind her.

Lena stayed against the wall at the furthest end of the room, out of the light when it came on. The knob turned and Jacob's heavy footsteps followed her father's careful ones. "What is this place, Mr. Morgan?" Jacob demanded, his vice no long light and calm but getting agitated. Things needed to be done about that, soon before he started to try to leave. "You may call me Henry, Jacob since we are on a first name basis now. As I have told you, this room is where I keep my most privated possessions. And even something of my own creation. Right this way." Lena's father said and the first light was turned on. The outline of the tool was seen, but not Lena. She still remained against the wall, barely breathing as she watched both men come to inspect the tool when another light was turned on. Lena knew that movement got a human's attention before sound, so she was extra cautious. She had made note of Jacob's uneasiness before he saw her.

"What is this thing?" Jacob asked, walking past her father is a rush and with no sign of caring that he had the strength to knock him over. "Well, I think you can get an idea." Her father said, his voice calm. Jacob ran his hand over the flat piece of wood that he would be bound to. Lena was being as careful as her father, a man of Jacob's personality, could sense a problem as well as she could, the energy in the room needed to be calm and safe. She put out thoughts of comfort and relaxation, hoping that the energy would reach his aura, giving him a sense of peace which appeared to be working for a while as Jacob began to explore the tool with more interest. "How many women have you tested this on?"

"One, my assistant actually. She was more then happy to be a test subject and found it to be quiet arousing if I remember correctly. Care to try?" Her father held out his hand towards the tool and Jacob gave him a look of uncertainty again but sat on the tool, testing his weight on it before laying back. "Shall I give you the full experience?" Mr. Morgan said with a jovial hint to his tone. Jacob smirked and nodded. That was the first signal. Lena waited for his wrists to be bound before exposing herself to the victim. Lena's father was relaxed with the way his hands wrapped the leather band around the man's wrists and tightened it until it was just to the point of being too tight. Now.

Lena stepped from the shadows, her eyes locked on her father's before coming into Jacob's view and at first he was confused of her presence until she smiled sweetly at him. "Hello again, sir." Lena said with the same reassuring smile as she stood by his feet, her hands crossed in front of her, Lena knowing fully well that it would expose her chest a little more in a natural looking way as they made eye contact. She was personally repulsed by him but still she kept her look of interest and slight admiration as her father secured the neck strap next while she played with the straps on his ankles. He smiled at her and Lena smiled back kindly.

"You may feel some pain from the straps, they have a rough touch to them." Her father said and Lena resisted the urge to roll her eyes at the weak excuse of the needles. "The remote please." Her father instructed and Lena nodded, going to the table where the book had been, the remote slim and only containing three buttons, all of them black against the silver paneling. She handed it to him without a glance, keeping her eyes on Jacob's to hold his attention while the first button was pushed and Jacob tensed again in a panic. Lena walked to his side and touched his shoulder lightly. his neck was restrained tight as the needle was at the base of his skull as planned. "What is going on?" Jacob demanded, moving in a jerking manner but he was tied tight.

"That pain you felt were needles, very thin and small needles that are now deep in you. Your wrists, and just at the base of your skull by your brain stem. Now at the push of this second button here, a toxin will be put into your blood stream. Not a lot, a drop along causes enough damage but since there are several needles, there is a drop from each. This toxin is from a snake called a Russell's Viper. Now what it's venom does is solidify your blood. Rather quickly I might add. Now I have not seen this done to a human, just in science experiments but I shall consider you the true test of it's value. Now, other symptoms are swelling eyelids, kidney failure, difficulty speaking, and general weakness." He paused to let that sink in. Lena couldn't resisted smiling at the reveal. Jacob was starting to panic now, his skin paled, his eyes widened, her stared at them both like they were the most evil people in the world. Which could be true, Lena didn't think so. There were other people with worse intentions and more disgusting personalities. No sophistication whatsoever that made Lena disgusted herself. "What do you want? I will give you anything!" Jacob gasped and stared at Lena now for mercy but she smirked, her kindness gone and replaced with her true self. "You already have, that is why you are here now." Lena said, taking over the role of leader in the room.

Her father stepped back, letting Lena do what she pleased. The remote was passed to her and she dangled it in her fingers above him, putting her elbow on his chest. She went silent for a moment, watching him look between the remote and her. His emotions changing between lust and fear and back again. "What do you get out of this?" he demanded at her. Lena smirked. "I get all that I want, like you. but this...what I get to do now is something so much more rewarding them any item that can be bought. To see a full grown man such as yourself be in fear of myself. you see, you have no idea what i can do and will do to you. But I need to start small first with my training. So I will start this session but pressing this little button here..." he yelled at her in a panic but she pressed the button and the toxin was released into his system. He gasped as the effects quickly began, his body shaking and whimpers escapes his clenched teeth. Lena watched closely, knowing she as well was being observed. What Jacob was not told was that the needle in his brain stem did not contain the toxin, it was simply air that would cause distress on the brain, giving him more pain the he was already bearing. "Please...make it stop..." he whispered. His voice was hoarse and scratchy. His body looked larger, his arms tense and shaking with more panic as the blood was quickly solidifying in his body. Lena was dying to see it happen but she would only have to imagine it for now.

"How long would you like it to continue?" Lena asked, speaking to her father and he knew it as he came up beside her, looking down at the man whose power was of no help to him now. "A few more minutes, I am curious to see if he manages his sanity." He said, not touching her as they both watched the man shake and curse at them with the little energy he had. "No one hears your screams. Pleas will not save you. you shall die down here, and only we decide how your life ends, and when." Lena said emotionless, her voice a mixture of hatred for him and delight to see his pain and fear grow. It was a shame that his was too quickly going crazy. his eyelids were swollen as expected he couldn't even look at them now. His body was stiff, still shaking but his joint were not bending, his lips were dry and chapped. If he were to be cut, how would the blood come out? Would it slowly ooze or just pool up at the opening? Lena envisioned the strap on his neck being the cut, a scalpel slowly dragged across his throat, the blood thick, warm and dark, sickly. His voice was gone, he couldn't beg, couldn't even cry. There was nothing for him now. No salvation, no light at the end of the tunnel. Just more pain and then a quick execution.

"Now you may end it when you like." Her father said, avoiding even now the word daughter. Lena didn't mind. They were equal, the gender differences irrelevant, the age and relationship meaning nothing when it came to having the same outcome. Lena handed him the remote, getting the scalpel and walking up to Jacob who turned his head in her direction but could not focus his eyes. She couldn't help but watched a little longer as he silently suffered. A few more minutes passed before her own sanity returned to her and she finally decided to end his pain. The information was already taken. her father never failed at that and would not have let her proceed other wises. The scalpel was put between her teeth, her tongue scrapping lightly along the blade as she unbuckled the strap on his neck, showing the swelling there too and Lena took the scalpel back in her hand, leaning over him and starting at the further end of his neck, dragging the blade deep along his flesh so a gurgling sound came from his lips and the blood peeked through the cut her stayed thick. He died anyhow on that tool, his body nothing now. Lena's father walked up behind her and admired her work. His gently touched her shoulder so she would look at him. "Happy birthday, my daughter." he said and they both smiled warmly at each other.

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