The Murderer's Daughter

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Chapter IX

The life she had taken felt natural. It felt like a weight had been lifted from her shoulders as Lena placed the scalpel aside onto the table, looking at the now dead vessel stabbed in front of her. Jacob's body looked swollen, and larger from his blood solidifying. It was impressive to watch the reaction happen so quickly, fascinating as well. The blood was starting to crust along the edges of the gash on his throat, the smell was getting a little strong yet Lena and her father said nothing. they stood watching his body slowly decay. The birthday wish brought a true smile to her face, not one of malevolence, but one of honest joy.

Inside, Lena's thoughts were stirring, moving in a thousand words at once, making it impossible to determine what one phrase was from another. She was glad to have finally begun her lifelong journey to learning her skills, and learning it from her father, the man who more the excelled at such horror, made her even more excited. her hands felt weak without the scalpel and she grabbed it again, seeing the red stains drying on the blade. Lena's finger tightened on the handle, forcing her thoughts to silence and focus on the pain when she caused a cramp in her fingers from the grip. For the moment, that hand went into a paralyzed state, offering Lena a lingering pain as the cramp ran its course and brought her back to her senses of being in the moment. Nothing felt more right, nothing felt more sacred and forbidden. Taking this life, one so wasted, felt like a gift that she did not dare to waste. So much she had yet to learn, so much time being wasted now to learn even more but she stayed still, even when her father slowly took the scalpel from her hand went went to disinfect it.

There was no sign of the kill on her body, only in Lena's memories were the recaps of the events so vivid, so perfect. No words could attempt to explain how she felt. No disgust, no horror for what horrible thing she had done. This was Lena's life now, her soul purpose in life and her perfect skill. A skill that needed practice to remain in her mind and actions. Once her thoughts were gathered, and she became bored of the pale and red body before her, Lena turned to assist in cleaning the room, scrubbing the floors around the tool and even the body itself. Lena was showed how to carefully stitch the wound on the throat so it was near invisible. A cream was applied that took the color of Jacob's flesh, making the one gaping hole, nothing more then a memory. A lovely memory, the action tingled in her fingertips.

Her father came up to her once the room was spotless and laid his hand on her shoulder gently, smiling softly down at her. "Wonderful work, now there is more you must learn of course." Lena nodded in agreement. She was quiet and waited for him to continue. The body was behind him, growing paler and decomposing more with each passing moment. She could see over his shoulder and the limbs were hardening with rigor mortis. "I can only assume that you know the next step, the body must be disposed of, properly." He let his hand move down to the small of her back and he joined her at his side to walk up the the hidden door in the room. The outline of the door was perfectly obvious now, at least to Lena anyhow. There were no hinges, meaning that the door would open upwards. Her father pressed a slightly smaller stone from the rest on the wall and the door was activated. Silently, the door opened, revealing more darkness that the light above her could enlighten so far in front of her. The same flooring at the room was shown but nothing besides that. There was no odor or aroma, nothing to give away any details until her father stepped inside.

The dark seemed to swallow him, blanketing him. Lena waited patiently for the lights to turn on but they never did. "What are you doing?" She called into the room, taking a step inside but his hand pushed her back from the opening. "Patience, I need to make sure things are set up how I left them..." His voice replied. Lena couldn't help but feel a surge of anger when he told her to stay put. Never had she been in that position. She was a part of everything and now she was expected to hold her tongue and let him do all the work on something she was not aware of. She crossed her arms and strained her eyes to make out some sort of shape but without success. Lena had to stop herself from acting like a child. She would put her trust into her father, she had to. There was no one else she trusted more and even though she wanted to begin a argument over a simple disagreement she was feeling, she would bite her tongue, even if she bit through it. This was not a game, the body needed to be gotten rid of and soon or the corpse would begin to smell and that smell would cling to the room and if they were not careful and did not hurry, it would go into the house as well.

After she became lost in her thoughts, her father resurfaced from the dark and extended his hand out now. She took it without hesitation and he led her inside, the new room cold and feeling small around her. Instead of asking questions, Lena waited for an explanation. She was rewarded when she stayed silent. "This is my personal incinerator or crematory. This is one a the methods that I use to get rid of the bodies." He started and turned on a light, leaving the door open so Jacob's body was n their views. The incinerator was built from floor to ceiling of brick. A metal plated doorway in the middle of the wall was open, a metal tray laying inside on a track to be pulled out. The ashes from the last use was gone and scrubbed clean. Again, no traces anywhere. Her father was careful with everything. Lena wondered how he kept track of everything. perhaps it was so routine that he didn't think about it anymore and it was like muscle memory. The door curves like a stretched upside down U, the handle, a twisted piece of more metal. The distance between Lena and the doorway to the flames was only about seven feet. If she remembered correctly, Jacob was about six foot tall so when the tray was pulled out, there would not be a problem putting the body on it.

Lena looked for the chimney, there needed to be a place for the smoke to escape and she suddenly realized something. The fireplace in the parlor was directly above them. There was a reason they did not use the fireplace for nothing more then display. It was a decoy to be the incinerator's way to release the smoke. She smiled at herself for figuring it out so quickly. "Shall I demonstrate it now?" He asked, raising his eyebrow at her. Lena replied with a nod and he walked out of the smaller room into the first room, standing beside the tool to unstrap Jacob's waist, his wrists and legs still attached. "I will want you to undo his wrists so i can catch his weight and then I will need you to grab his feet and we will carry him onto the tray. understand?" Lena nodded and once his ankles were freed, Lena went to her father's place beside the tool and under his signal, undid his wrists, the stiff body tilting forward like a sack of flour into her father's arms. As the body fell, the smell of decay hit her senses and she held back a gag. Ignoring her slight disgust, she hurried to grab his ankles once her father turned his body so the corpse's back was against his chest, her father's hands under Jacob's armpits.

Lena lifted up his legs and slowly they carried him from the tool and to the tray that waited for them. It had been pulled out at the last second before they left the room to retrieve him. Jacob's body was still fat from the blood, his skin cold against Lena's, pale like hers. She knew there would be only little amounts of glamour to killing, this was just one of the more necessary precautions that needed to be done. Each step needed to be done correctly and efficiently, every command she was given needed to be followed through with no question until it was completed. His body was laid face up, Lena even took the amusement of straightening his suit, remembering his jacket hanging in the closet, and his body straight. His eyes had been open when they first carried him over but her father took two fingers and closed them.

He walked towards the doorway and Lena followed so they both stood, side by side at the opening and her father pulled out a small thin remote from his front pocket. He pressed one button and the tray moved into the tomb and the door latched quickly after. Another button pressed and the sound of flames quickly igniting rang in Lena's ears. The final button was used and both of them took a step back as the door sealed shut until the chore was over and they could clear the incinerator out after. Lena turned to her father after he pocketed the remote again and looked at her as well. "How did I do?" She asked bluntly, her expression calm and composed despite her heart racing in her chest from the thrill. She did not experience adrenaline often, the sound of the flames fueled it greatly. In her head she saw the body burning, the skin blistering and ripping open, the insides bubbling and boiling, almost like it was reanimating.

She ached to see it in person but the answer to her question was what she needed to focus on now and she did once he started to talk. "You were wonderful. But I know how you like criticism to improve so I have a few notes." Lena nodded and waited, her expression not changing. "You need to be more forceful and I know you know how to be more malevolent. I give you full permission to terrorize your victim however you wish. Another note is to trick the victim more. Use yourself to your advantage. your voice, body, knowledge, anything." Lena nodded and a smile can to her. This was her verbal ticket from her father to be all she could be. Her heart soared. He smiled back and opened his arms out to her and without a moment hesitation, she went into his arms, feeling his hug embrace her tightly, his warmth coating her sudden chill.

They did not hug often, they didn't really need to. Each of them knew of the others love for another, so constantly saying 'I love you' and other words or embraces of affection was unnecessary. But this time felt so much more special then the other rare ones they shared. There was a connection that was built today, a bond that they shared now. And she had made him proud. She could feel that as his love filled her dark soul, reminding her of his commitment to her and their work. The embrace lasted for a few minutes, both saying nothing, lost in their own thoughts and feelings while the body of her first victim turning into nothing but ash that was be disposed of so he would have no chance of being found again. he was nothing now and they had every access to whatever they desired. The world was truly within the palm of their hand.

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