Ascension Book 2: The Duke of Earl

By Crystonist All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Action


Follow Robin and Melissa as they fight to stop Jack the Ripper from reanimating a Zombie army. To take the English throne


The auditorium is packed with on looker and reporters and diplomat from every country and every species Human, demon, Vampires and Werewolves alike clamored quietly hoping to glimpse at the man, sitting before a Judge. The man has multiple surrounded by armed guards. All had there weapons trained on his head. The Judge smiled at the man he looked down and began to read the Verdict.

“On today November 21 2299. You Jonathan Marian Thompson have been convicted of 157 counts of murder , conspiracy to Assassinate Her Majesty.You Shall be sentence.” the entire crowd leaned in anticipation “Death” the crowd Erupted in cheer ” Hang him!!! h burn him at the stack.” the Judge banged his gavel silencing the mass almost immediately.

He looked down at Jonathan. “May God have mercy on your soul boy.” Jonathan looked up at the the judge and his mouth twisted into a ominous smile. ” Your souls won’t get my mercy.” he laugh manically

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